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  1. Revan: brunette with the loose ponytail Exile: asian with side plats Although I usually pick a different face each time I play.
  2. Minsc & Boo (w00t) Jaheira :cool: Anomen Mazzy Viconia
  3. For anyone interested here is a preview of 'Dungeon Siege 2' http://www.shacknews.com/extras/dungeonsie...iege2_handson.x Looks better than the last, but I'll be in no hurry for this one, no hurry at all.
  4. *sigh* <_< I sense another battle of the sexes approaching. Have you got the original Trilogy DVDs and the extras DVD? Because it may be of interest to you to know that there were many intersting stages in the development. One of the early concepts of Luke had him as a midget, another version had the female twin as the hero/jedi. Just because father and son Anakin and Luke were males, it does not dictate that all leading jedi roles post films "should be a man". Keep in consideration that we still live in a male dominated society, this also influences the entertainment
  5. Awww, what a cute little villan! (w00t) It probably fights like Yoda in ep2, in which case Revan beware.
  6. Exactly. I don't really care too much (although I'd prefer to have Revan as male) about alignment or gender. What I do care about is them screwing up the levels. I know balance issues are already kind of out of whack, but dropping Revan's levels down just to suit being able to play him/her as the PC would be silly. I honestly think that IF they want to bring back Revan for KOTOR3, the best way to allow it is to have Revan show up, at most, as a NPC party member who joins near the end of the game (ie. helps out in the final battle). That way Revan can conceivably keep their high leve
  7. Who do you play as? Gordan or someone else like with Opposing Force? I wonder if we will get to see Adrian Shepard again, since the G-man locked him up as well.
  8. Looks around empty dark room, wonders where everyone is. Um, hello? echos
  9. Handsome Guy, Comic Relief, Secretive, Pilot, Hero, Damsel In Distress OR DID for short, Victim, Tough Guy...errm ...I can't think of anymore at the moment
  10. Yes, he does seem to enjoy seeing Revan, Carth and Batila in their undies. And it's not like it's some sith rule to torture ppl in their underware; since when Malak tortures Bastila she is fully clothed. I think this says something about Saul, especially since he focuses on Revan. Not only does he set out to make Revan suffer by making Revan watch his/her love interest suffer, but afterwards Revan gets tortured the most, as stated by both Bastila ans Carth. :ph34r: Now, either Saul is one of those types who has been waiting to get even with his old boss because of some old grudge, o
  11. I agree. And while I would also agree that KOTOR III needs to be epic in scope and with an epic PC, I'm hoping for a less epic story beyond KOTOR III. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i agree kotor 3 need to be a story. they should use revan if kotor 3 is truly the end of this current storyline. only fitting i think <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, if the player character is Revan again it will will settle all the arguments about Revan's gender and so forth, and solve the problem of a cameo that could upsets some ppl. But then there is still the Exile to deal with.
  12. I find this hard to picture since my revan's were all female. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Revan approaches true sith, readying for battle. True sith: Are you sure you want to fight in your condition? Revan: huh? True sith: Well, you are pregnant Revan: what? I thought I just got fat! Revan starts cursing at Carth Nah, that's just too insulting to Revan. It makes her sound like a complete ditz. My Revan was always female as well. Besides, they have so much technology in the Star wars universe, surely they must have contraceptives also.
  13. Heh, when I first watched that bit I was wondering where she got the vibroblade from. I checked my Exile in case she nicked it from her, since the exile was the only one that had one at the time.
  14. Congrats! You'll have heaps of fun with Half Life 2, it's one of the most fun games. (w00t)
  15. If there are handsome jedi men I might consider watching a few eps! :D Seriously though, if the writing and character development is decent it might be interesting to see what daily jedi life is like. Actually I'm kinda curious about the jedi trials, I would like to see that. Maybe it could be about padawans training to become jedi or something?
  16. Wow, now I can see why it was on sale. Heh, it got a really good review on gamespy: http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/dungeon-siege/545....html?fromint=1 So after checking the review I thought, yeah might as well get it while it's on sale. It had one of those deal things where you get the original and expansion together for a bargin price. I still have fun when I play it though, I just don't have any motivation to keep playing; like with those games that have cool characters and really intriguing stories. Since I didn't have pay full price I'm not complaining too much though. :cool: And
  17. I didn't realize before that Atton and Mandalore have such similar lines. Just an observation.
  18. I guess I'm even more of an optimist, because I actually like the final dialogues. I could do without the boring action bits, but the dialogues are worthwhile enough. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sure the dialogues were mostly pretty good, I can agree there. But the last segement of the game itself, leading up to the final battle is kinda a lonely experience in comparison to the rest of the game. Your companions don't even give you so much as a pat on the shoulder. You just go off and fight your way to Kreia all by your little lonesome during what I hoped would have been the climax o
  19. It might be for criticals coz he doesn't say it every time he attacks It's so annoying when he says that. Does anyone else find Disciples voice and dialogue irritating?
  20. Yeah, I was looking for the part where someone with some sort of authority was making a statement. I guess there wasn't one. Anyways, the fact that nobody is in development on this game yet means that it will at least be a year before we even see KOTOR III, assuming it gets made. Does this bum anyone else out or just me? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Someone will make it, there's too much money involved and far too many potential buyers for Lucas arts to bail out now. I doubt KOTOR 3 would get turned down now that there is an eagerly awaiting audience, who have played at least 1
  21. I've been playing Dungeon Siege for a little while now and it started off alright, but now I'm up to about chapter 3 I'm getting continually bored with it. The action is nice and the graphics are great, but I'm not finding the story very intriging so far and the gameplay is getting rather repetitive. I was wondering if the game gets any better further in? Since the story seems quite typical so far. Also I was wondering if anyone knows of any good strategies because I keep getting killed and have to load game a few times before I can move on.
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