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    [bastila gets on a ship to go find Revan and Her promising apprentice sneaks on board but she can't take him back. they go to planets looking for revan getting stronger than they find out revan is captured and in the middle the apprentice has to choose who to save Bastila or Revan .Revan leads to you being on the darkside though this is the middle of the game.you do missions and crap for revan than later Bastilla attacks revan base with jedi knights.when you save bastila or revan you first fight some strong guy and everything breaking and blowing up.and you can ask revan to help you or bastila and you ask bastila you go more to the light side and get a lightside special power same way with revan or you can do it byself you also get other characters when your'e looking for revan then if you save revan you found out the people you pick up are dark sithe that work for revan leading you to him becaus they couldn't save him by their self .The way they capture revan is they drug him and get uncousious but he can still talk to people useing his mind .and they have a lot of machinery to hold him down and keep him uncousious in the end you find out the apprentice is revans younger brother
  2. 20 years later after kotor 1 which is 5 years later after kotor 2 Revan has a son unknowingly to him " his son is growing up under the new jedi counsel form Kotor 2 Bao dur,atton.etc.the counsel sends him on a mission to find out what the evil force is lurking in the outer rim.befor he leaves his mom who is bastila tells him of his father who went to the outer rims and never came back and she said"if you find him please bring him back"Now that he knows his father is the legendary Revan the destroyer of the republic and then the savior of it .by the way the counsel doesn't kown that (well lets call him jaden.) jaden is the son of bastila even though he looks just like her.Oh yea and bastila was kick out the counsel for having a son.because their not supposed to love. the game needs to have movie clips like with real quality Oh the name of kotor 3 should be the awakening of the true sith lord
  3. alright you as a whole new person who is the son of bastila 20 years after revan left and you go out into a new galaxy to find what great evil was revan searching for. star off on in your bed because you keep getting dreams of your dad fighting some mysteries cloak evil guy and while the fightin all of a sudden revan head turn your way and said come "help me" then the screen all the way out back to your bed where you are alseep. please reply to my great idea and tell me stuff that needs to be added
  4. Revan is the god of war because at the end he borught endless suffering to all in the universe
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