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  1. Some info: Vista vs XP Pro Skulltrail supports Quad SLi Intel to stop single core production 512GB Solid State drives
  2. I don't think the makers actually ever even used an old typewriter, or don't remember what it was like. "Touch-typing"? I'm all for NOT using a standard case, though. I can't wait for the consumerisation process that will spawn the generation of IT technology that integrates the geek-ugly into the disposable-income-chic (for an example of which see the transmogrification of the PC into the PVR).
  3. Actually, CPU brand has a bit to do with it, too ... Intel's is locked down tight with Rights Management, whereas AMD has left their products open (to be used with other OSes, for example, like *nix), so that an AMD system can be configured to stream multimedia around a site via any "toasternet" equipment, such as any old router not purchased specially for Windows-Centrino compatibility.
  4. 1. What, exactly, is invalid about the logic behind attributing the causes of lung cancer and nuclear explosions to smoking and nuclear weapons? 2. The difference (in terms of burden of proof) between scientific sufficiency and epistemic proof is not as large as your arguments make it seem. (After all, if scientific sufficiency was such a poor standard for understanding causes then it would not be fit for purpose.) You are guilty of a fallacy here, definitely, by equating the quantity and quality of evidence required for people to be able to ACCURATELY predict (to a stipulated level of precis
  5. So how are you managing to balance your studies with all that jazz?
  6. But one can have never too much Deus Ex (the original; not IW that is)... +1
  7. Are you trying to convince me ... or you? "
  8. Have you connected to the router via an ethernet cable? (You have to configure the router first, after all.)
  9. Is this some sort of racist commentary on Mexican-US cross-border fraternising?
  10. You might want to ask a mod to edit this post to remove your email from plaintext sight ... you can configure your forum settings to send an email to this (or any) account WITHOUT advertising it on the forum (where unscrupulous people might be tempted to feed it into a spam-mailer ...)
  11. Go go Chaotic Evil. Isn't that "Chaotic Stupid"? Or should that be "Chaotic I've-got-a-deathwish-and-have-to-attack-everything"?
  12. Just finished Bad Monkeys, which has a brilliant dustjacket and beginning, but unfortunately it descends into a mediochre mess before it's halfway through. Still worth a read of the back cover and first chapter (which is what triggered me to buy it).
  13. Floor-sleeping backache! Cheap bed, linen and mattresses should be available (retail) for less than a couple hundred Euros (at least in normal parts of Europe ... not sure about those forgotten corners ...) ;p
  14. I don't think it was claimed by anybody that causation must be proved to be used. Certainly, it is used everyday by most people. What was claimed is that causation must be justified to use rationally to form conclusions that are rational. For prediction, see problem of induction (certainly a greater epistemic threat to science then the problem of causation). Ignore Hume's expose (not doing the strength of the argument justice), go to Salmon's work in The Foundations of Scientific Inference for a more cogent discussion related to science itself (he takes a sympathetic view towards scie
  15. I was talking about the diagnosis for the personality that wanted to murder everyone, as apposed to a diagnosis for the entire mind mess. (They could all have their own psych eval, and then -- for fun and giggles -- they could all compete for dominion over the person!)
  16. Almost as sad as the poor, sad old Kiwi team not even making the quarter finals, after being seeded first AGAIN. "
  17. Sounds like a great idea for an NwN2 module ..!
  18. Does this evil extend to callous disregard for others' curiosities?
  19. What it looks like is that it did start off as a spiritual successor to SS2, but extensive focus testing led them to axe the system shockyness out of the game. Yeah, System Shock 2 had the forethought to make progress as difficult at the beginning of the game as it is nearer the end ... just making another SS2 would be as difficult to sell to audiences as, say, it is to attract masochists to Bondage by beating up random people on the street. Is the engine easily configurable, so that the user community might change/add content?
  20. There's no doubt I'd get more than my investment from the Orange Box; it has Portal AND Team Fortress as well as all the Half-Life 2 games ..! I might even like TF enough to play online. Purchasing a console would be compared against purchasing a cheap PC (of about the same price) ... at the moment I have no game-playing platform at all.
  21. Agreed. I think if they are going to keep the influence system, stop with the "Influence Gained" messages. Just put your influence level on the character sheet and leave it at that, then if you really want to know your influence level, you can find it, but it doesn't interrupt gameplay with numbers. It should be configurable, ideally, just as the messages of damage (hitpoints) can be toggled on/off, for example.
  22. Different personalities fighting for dominion over the mind of the protagonist.
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