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  1. Deus Ex??? I didn't know! Deus Ex must had been cool then! There should be more Deus Ex Sequels or other games that play like Deus Ex!
  2. Players must sometimes improvise during plot-twists that changes mission objectives into another. MOST action-based RPGs are pretty straightforward; the Player knows what his task/mission/objective is and how he must complete them. Understanding the mission and its outcome is (most of the time) very simple. (there are hardly any plot twists) Very few times there are unexpected suprises or situations that switches the missions in which the panicked player will have to improvise in that situation to come out alive! NOTE: There mustn't be just one but MULTIPLE ways to come out of such si
  3. I would like to see an RPG in which you can switch to 1st person view and play it like an FPS but the game still has LOTS of RPG elements. Like buying (maybe stealing) books to learn how to use other weapons and other equipment. You'll have terrible accuracy or can't even use certain weapons if you haven't trained/learned how to use them. Same goes for equipment. Other things to learn: learn how to heal, lockpick, hack. Pay a visit to a "Bootcamp" and learn some more combat skills. (learn some new kick or punch/block moves for hand-to-hand combat) To enhance your character: Pay a Surgeon
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