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  1. yeah it's not like the Wii even tries to compete with the PS3 and 360's hardware capabilities. They're really completely different game systems; I don't even know if you can say one is better than the other, although you could probably argue PS3 over 360 or vice versa. And I think Nintendo does lose money with every Wii, but I think that's standard procedure. It's why there are so many accessories like controller sleeves, disk books, carrying cases, games, guides, so many different controllers, SD cards, etc etc etc. What a company loses on its console it makes back tenfold on acce
  2. we all know that a star wars game like that is going to have to come out eventually for the next gen consoles anyway, so just wait a little longer. personally, i'm waiting for a wii jedi game . . . really want to bash the hell out of enemies with my remote.
  3. yeah morality is definitely dependant on WHY you do things, not what you do. if you accept a noble heroic quest to rescue someone, but you do it because you want a reward, fame, etc, and want to ransom whoever you rescue, that would be evil to me. in my games i usually run light vs. dark and not good vs. evil. because some "good" acts are dark. the dark side meaning the quick and easy path. such as the jedi fighting the mandolorian war. it was an act of the dark side, but with a noble goal of protecting people.
  4. i think backwards compatability is one of the most important things a system has, actually. what's the point of having three system around one when can play all the games? also, there are some old games that never lose their charm, and i wouldn't want to hook up one system for one game and then another for a different game. i have a wii, and sold my gamecube to help pay for it, and the backwards compatability is a nice aspect. of course i don't have any other console, i guess if you had more switching between them isn't as big as an issue because you're used to it. i'm a big ninten
  5. the originals win by far. i'm 17, it has nothing to do with age. they're just better films. while people say the prequels have better visual effects, that's not necessarily true. while they have more POWERFUL effects, i noticed that much of Episode III was poorly animated especially in regards to light and shadow. The clone troopers in Ep3 look stupid and fake. I'd much rather have a plastic looking REAL stormtrooper than an xbox looking FAKE stormtrooper. the acting is terrible, not because they are bad actors but because it was badly directed. natalie portman is a great actre
  6. well i always thought of charisma as personal magnetism, command, and the respect that people treat you with. you could have an ugly general in war who you would never question, and whose battle scars and ugliness only add to his charisma. likewise, a really sexy person who is a brainless idiot would have a really low charisma. that's why i like the white wolf statistic set up more than D&D, the stats are less lumped together, since there are more.
  7. I completely forgot about the party selection thing. Wow it's been a while. Thanks.
  8. Started plaything KOTOR2 again, and I'm on Telos. I talked to Luxa who told me to find some Exchange thugs, and they told me to go to apartment B3 alone. I assumed that meant in solo mode, but whenever i go to the door alone they keep telling me to come back alone. Is this a bug? Or is there something I'm no doing right?
  9. Although really interesting the first time through, Peragus kills replays of K2 for me. I've made a few new characters only to get bored before they reach level 3.
  10. because he's dead long before battlefront 2 . . . and dead before a lot of the other games.
  11. Wii by far. ON one hand, they'll win just by the fact that they'll make the most money off of it. And two, Nintendo simply makes the best games. Period. I still play my N64 games. I still play the launch titles of my gamecube. Nintendo has never failed, and I don't think the Wii will be an exception to that. Xbox is just stupid; they push for graphics and a sexy, futuristic appeal and add in tons of useless features and all it does is make a console that costs far too much money and does too many things. Same with PS3. And most of the games are not good at all. Just typical killing g
  12. Well I was thinking antagonists like the replicators from stargate or borg from star trek, the kind of alien race that goes around killing and assimilating for survival, but that's overdone i think. it's hard to think of an antagonist that relates to the character. but maybe i'll try a rival pirate, or a federarion guy that's hunting down the PC, that kind of thing. thanks for all the advice
  13. well thanks for all that. i guess one of the problems is that i got to bogged down in details and such. right now i don't really have a straight antagonist. i'm used to running games where the PCs are either are all good guy killing bad guys, chaotic guys killing bad guys without noble aims, and evil guys killing other evil guys to get more power. so i guess i just need to craft a villain that will work well, since the whole point of the story is the struggle, and without a good villain there's no struggle. and i'm definitely not against the guy's character or anything. it
  14. yeah this is the fourth installment in the saming universe, so maybe i'm just lacking the drive and creativity. but i'll work with the players on them crafting pieces of their own story. instead of building something that i think they'll like, might as well have them tell what they want.
  15. So my new RPG is up and running basically. It's a futuristic, non-apopalyptic setting similar to the Dune, Star Trek, and Star Wars universes (yes I realize those three examples are the most different things in the world to clump together, but whatever). I made up original systems, stats, skills, races, worlds, etc. But the biggest problem is in the storyline, and an even bigger problem is in getting player's into what storyline i come up with. my attempts at making a story that wasn't simply "kill the sith" or "the chosen one" or "explore planets" kinda failed at character creation.
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