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  1. ha ha Hume You're all a bunch of electrical interference in my neural cortex!
  2. It's good to travel with a friend, too. This allows the travellers to take a break (read: go to the toilet) without having to watch the luggage, which is something one has to do when travelling alone (no-one likes it when some guy invades the public toilet at the Hauptbahnhof with three suitcases and an articulated rucksack ...)
  3. WHAT? Where do I get the same vacations as choppers for my bicycle? Who you calling turkey?
  4. I think you're missing the point, my dyslexically illiterate co-dependent; it's not that Bok is some sort of special-purpose reserve for the Basketball Hi-Res shoot-out, but more that the world will enter into shadow once Bok gains an MBA for rendered output ..!
  5. Sounds pretty clever ... apart from the vintner who thinks she is a potionist ...
  6. The sun takes a little longer to rise in the Western Australian morning, it seems ...
  7. IIRC it wasn't THAT expensive; maybe because that's the largest drive they offer? The next size down might be comparitively cheaper? (I'm only grasping at straws as I read about it about three months ago and none of the details seem familiar now). Wasn't the higher performance compared to the 72GB raptor though? The 150GB Raptor is much faster than it's smaller siblings. Or maybe not much, but it's noticably so at least. Again, IIRC it was fastest versus fastest. Don't forget the Raptor is old technology now, especially for a harddrive. I'd expect a newer Raptor before the end of the
  8. Yeah, I get this when I boot up my laptop after it's been off for a while over night in the attic ... in other words when it is really cold. Seems to be a link between the (configurable) maximum rendering framerate and the speed of the processor(s). If it doesn't slow down after the laptop warms up (typically a few minutes of high-energy aerobic graphics working-out), you might like to check the Vertical Synchrony setting, because it locks in a maximum of 60fps and your GPU can probably do twice that, hence the NPCs all move with far too much alacrity. I guess you could also farm out s
  9. Kudos to Wu Lihong: Mr Wu, you are a true civilian of the world's society.
  10. Very much the same thing I've been doing for a few months now ...
  11. Nothing wrong with a voluntary oversight action ... seems to me that there was something similar during the depression in a number of European countries (including Britain), so they need to have no power except to report, so it's not much different from investigative reporting. ... hmm "Terror must be broken by terror" could be a good motto for the War on Terror ...
  12. Don't you have to configure the boot device order in BIOS? Also, if Windows isn't happy with your plan, you can always use a Linux distro (depending on the way the harddrive is initialized will depend if you can access the Windows partition from the Linux platform, though it isn't difficult to do, from memory).
  13. I think it was the Hitatchi, but I'm not able to check my magazines (and they've changed the layout of the website since I was last there, so it'll take some time to find it there, if I can). IIRC, you're right that it wasn't hugely faster, but it was the same or faster under almost every circumstance, and it is five times the capacity and half the price (okay, maybe not, but the price per MB is about a factor of ten cheaper, so a -- i think it might have been half a TB, or maybe the 700GB model? -- costs a about double a 75GB Raptor). Not sure when I can check these facts for you, guys, a
  14. ... Enter the external GPU farm linked via fibre optic to the processing farm of CPUs ...
  15. I believe the two sides to the argument are 1) Scientists and hippies, who say greenhouse gases are hurting the environment so we should stop using everything that pollutes right now. and 2) Businessmen, who say limiting greenhouse gases will hurt their profits, and therefore they don't hurt the environment. Business PAYS the bills. The most uncontroversial, least dangerous course of action is ALWAYS to do nothing, but that won't feed the world's population and improve their lives. Sure business is profit-centred, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily the enemy here. As h
  16. Any game that consistently ends with nil-all draws and resorts to penalty shoot-outs to determine the victor isn't particularly fun to watch, anyway. That's my largest complaint against the sport ... that and the professional acting that takes the place of talented play ... It's certainly an interesting final, though.
  17. I don't follow the criticism of developers posting comments ... developers should be free to interact with those of the fanbase who wish to interact ... if you don't want to read the (complicated or whatever) developer posts, then don't! For those of us who are interested in the technology that the games are built with, the dev comments are very illuminating.
  18. What we need is a plethora of developers' comments to read!
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