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  1. That's only one strategy ... the "fighter" route. I can vouch that the "mage" route is ultimately more powerful -- if you are measuring power acording to how quickly and easily the Bosses are dispelled. In fact I rarely had to use my lightsaber. :cool: E.g. I played a Jedi Consular (10/14/14/12/14/14) and had final stats (level 29: Consular 24 / Jedi Master 5 13/28/18/17/44/17). Naturally, I also made sure I had the Lightsaber Finesse feat. " This was using only a singlebladed lightsaber (8-48 dmg, +3 to hit, +3/10 DS crit, Defence Bonus 1, Deflection +4, DEX +4, STR +3 and WIS +5).
  2. As mentioned above, the vitality/force progression was just silly: Traya had over 1000 HP in the final battle, and I had 600+ force points. I have always thought that restarting at a lower level/losing levels can be explained by lack of practice/gainful adventuring (i.e. the use it or lose it rationale.) I too found the battles very un-challenging. Buff with speed, cast a stasis and spam force wave -- repeat. I don't have a problem with loads of easy kills (look at the Jedi making short work of droids in early episodes), and some of the battles were quite well designed: I'm thinking sp
  3. Funny, sence this is how I would describe the storyline of KotOR II:TSL. And lets face it, If KotOR's Storyline was a copy from NWN OC then KotOR II is the bastard child of PS:T. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm impressed you actually implied that KOTOR 2's story is predictable and shallow...wow you must have been able to really anticipate: - The story of all the companions, EVERY DETAIL the first time through by maxing out the influence system. - How you got to Peragus mining facility and why - You must have predicted all to well that the jedi masters would try and strip t
  4. After KotOR2, I'm just hoping someone -- anyone -- makes a another sci-fi based RPG so I don't have to be completely disapointed with a sequel. Something as good as NwN. The fanbase for NwN is amazing -- some of the modules they have in the Hall of Fame, in my opinion, are better than the original campaign and both expansion packs. LucasArts, you've lost a fan with your cynical penurious attitude. I shall be very skeptical of all your future work. What was it the Exile said to Kreia in the cave on Korriban? -- Fool me once, more fool you; fool me twice, more fool me ...
  5. There are so many bugs -- of every magnitude -- that it is hard to remember them all. Some quick ones (PC version): - dialogue options that didn't disapear after they had been exausted -- e.g. "Let's fight" with Handmaiden after she has taught you everything -- on almost every NPC in the game - the HK-50 dialogue at the end of the abandoned base on Telos, before the polar cutscene, has the voice and captions out of sync, making it very difficult to follow the narrative - a lot (most? all?) dialogues scroll through with zero wait between screens after using the Force Speed power anytime n
  6. Or at least you should be allowed to chose which body type your character has. Not all Soldiers are muscle bound , and not all scoundrels are slender,like in KotOR 1. They should add some more body types anyway to give more options then those 3 that was in KotOR 1. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How about a character that gets fitter as you gain experience? (Y'know, like Mr Incredible's progress in the movie?) Oh, and I concur with a dark-side yoda-creature, that would be worth seeing/playing (even if it did contravene the rules!). There is a Zabrak in KotOR2, but he is an NPC.
  7. You can always use a Dark power, even if you are lightside. It just costs more ... at least that was the situation in KotOR (maybe that has been updated in KotOR 2 ?)
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