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  1. It wasn't bad ... O'Rourke is writing on autopilot, nothing like his earlier stuff in quantity of quality stuff (like arresting metaphors and paradigm-shifting summaries). Still, I applaud the returning to original material to mine it for more information.
  2. They have many McDonalds in India. (They predominantly serve a vegetarian menu.)
  3. I am slowly working towards something, like Middlemarch, by Eliot.
  4. More a diary than creative writing. If only there were a special place in hell for him.
  5. You misunderestimate me, Tale ...

  6. The train in India is better maintained than the British rail system. Even if it were to derail (which isn't likely), all the passengers riding on the roof of the carriages will cushion the crash. " Traffic is dangerous in any country (Italy has twice the automotive fatalities of any other European country, for example); it's just that in a developing country the back-up system is less robust. I.e., if you get injured or ill, the hospital system is very hit-and-miss. (Private health cover that pays for immediate transfer to your home country is worth the expense.) As for what to see,
  7. What do you mean if he runs for president? "
  8. I would have thought there would be more countries trying to join the Union. Interestingly, the EU is mid-decision about the admission of Turkey. As Michael Palin pointed out in one of his recent tv visits there, Turkey is a vast country (larger than any other single European nation in the EU). More interestingly, her neighbours are Iraq, Iran and Syria ...
  9. I think the example you are mentally in denial about is Red and Black Xenomorph colonies!11!!!one!!1eleven!!!een!!!uno!! Gary Oldman's Dr Smith character in the 1998 Lost in Space film is a good example of meaningful evil ... he even gives a little speech about it. Edit: the Paladin trilogy (well, he only wrote two) of modules for NwN featured the "I am a Paladin doing good -- oops I just did evil" mechanic.
  10. Dirty Harry is strong on Chaos ... meaning that he serves Law by any and all means possible, including illegal and unlawful ones (like torturing Scorpio in the sports field to find where he hid the body of the teenage girl he kidnapped, killed and raped, for example). The end (smiting evil) justifies the means. Law believes that following the law at all times is the best way to spread good (sort of a rephrasing of Buddha: There is no way to happiness [goodness], happiness [or goodness, for this metaphor] is the way). The stereotypical Paladin will always follow the rules, even when evil ma
  11. Keep your dirty little ends out of this. :-"

  12. I understand your reluctance to shed blood for a fascist social convention.
  13. thingies = grommets my name is meta and I am obsessive-compulsive about my smudges the Raptor is no longer the fastest drive; the model that beats it is one of the latest generation high-density platters, so it also brings the dollar-per-GB ratio down to about a third, too, so you can get a bigger (half a TB), faster drive for less $/GB.
  14. I would like to point out that building a custom kernel is rarely needed. In fact, it is often recommended to stick to default kernel version that is shipped with the distribution. Security updates are be distributed automatically by the distribution vendor. I am not quite sure what exactly do you mean by "configure the security" when it comes to the kernel. If I get you correctly, this is also a non-issue. Kernel upgrades do not affect user-space programs settings, and the kernel itself needs little configuration. I was referring to the configuration process. People used to autosetup
  15. That sounds like a bountiful opportunity for learning lots about your PC. Did your cure work?
  16. Just a quick "hear hear" to this thought ... the laws of physics only start to show their limitations at their limits ... hence super-massive stars, etc. Not sure either, though I am pleased to have some more data (even and especially if it doesn't agree with existing theories). The recession speed of galaxies sufficiently distant from us start to stretch the whole "expanding space" model to its breaking point, methinks. The most distant object seen (a QUASAR) must be travelling away from us at better than a third the speed of light ... again this is the fabric of spacetime stretching, so t
  17. Did I mention Education and the Social Order?
  18. ... Or we could have a "spoiler" forum for a few games (or even films or whatever else).
  19. I always buy books that interest me as soon as I see them in a bookseller (in addition to any that I am recommended through friends or literature), so that I have a collection from which to choose when I am ready to begin a new one. I can have many open at once, though this is less likely now than previously owing to the speed with which I now read (which is due to my renewed focus on reading through dedicated time during a typical day). I do have a couple open at the moment, though. I just finished The Five Families. Suffers from a lack of clarity and accuracy (there are frequent self-con
  20. The demo is out, and it is possible to play as each member of the squad. (I haven't got time to play it, so someone else play it and tell us all about it.)
  21. You're right that it's too early to be making definitive statements about the end of quantum relativity ... though the caveats you (rightly) mention are less probable than the dramatic conclusion, I feel.
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