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  1. People could PM me their answers; the first correct one I pick out of a hat wins a date with Pixies. (Second prize is two dates.)
  2. The treatment that thousands of parents voluntarily send their barely pubescent (male and female) offspring into, when they offer them up as sacrifices Washington DC interns is more disturbing than what a bunch of people want to do in a public convenience.
  3. That pig didn't get tired of hanging to the ceiling ..!
  4. i think the major point of the article, at least those scientists that contributed to it, is that this void is larger than they expected even considering statistical variation. whether or not this is a valid concern is beyond my understanding of astrophysics, however. There was no mention of the void in my (pretty well up-to-date) physics text book, and (without this observation) we are left theorizing how the universe became so uniform ..! I have a better concept for you, though! *runs around the house looking for long-protected glossy brochure* it is a small booklet (almost a
  5. Oh, as I'm expecting to be around for a few days, I'll re-open the topic.
  6. Doesn't the universe just reboot and start again? (I'm not convinced the Mayans would be able to give a satisfactory answer to that question.) I'm not hostile to religion, per se, but I AM very short tempered with stupidity. (Nb, I am not calling people of faith stoopid, merely clarifying why I may respond slightly differently to someone arguing about cheese flavours and another arguing about who I should believe in and what I must do to show that I am pious.) (Also, it is pretty annoying to compose a serious response that encompasses several replies, references many other factors and ma
  7. Ubisoft do the Splinter Cells and Ghost Recon games.
  8. Phantom of the Opera. Emmy Rossum has the most sublime voice (and is that a seven octave range?) I have heard for a loooooooooooong time.
  9. Cant, I was actually expecting something a little more serious in reply, though I understand how uncomfortable it must be to have cherished beliefs challenged in such a way, so I will continue to expound some thoughts so that you may digest them and perhaps reply in some meaningful way. If I repeat myself it is only because what I have said seems to have fallen on deaf ears. You can use any terms of denigration you wish, the fact remains that I refuse to base my life on something that someone else SAYS is true, regardless of the source. Like it or not, science is about predicting accuratel
  10. I am for smaller government for one BIG reason: the principle-agent problem (translated to a political scenario): the further the distance between government and the people, the less effective, more costly and greater the abuses.
  11. Same. Interactions carried by massless quanta between objects travel at the fastest possible speed. According to Coloumb's Law, electromagnetic forces travel at the fastest speed possible, the speed of light, owing to the fact that the quanta (photons) possess no mass. (At high ambient energies, the em forces "combine" with weak nuclear forces, to produce the "electroweak" force.) Gravitational interactions are still so small and remote that they remain much of a mystery. Like electromagnetic interactions, the quanta (tentatively named the "graviton") has no mass (certainly nothing tha
  12. Actually, as has been said previously, any scientist (atheist by another name in this thread) would purposefully and joyfully adopt WHATEVER hypothesis that answers the questions we ask of it. The problem is that religion doesn't answer questions meaningfully, it just gives a hollow "because God did / said / willed it". And the proof is not much more complex than the fact that explaining the universe with something even more complex, like a creator, is just ADDING to the complexity and improbability, not reducing it. (I'm paraphrasing, though I'm sure you'll ask me for more details ... whi
  13. I would just like to register my shock and amazement, as well as add my unreserved congratulations to the Chancellor ... it's not often I'm surprised, and even less so because of how well a person behaves ..!
  14. I've got System Mechanic Pro 6.0 (partially) installed (I had to disable the anti-hacker application as it kept crashing NwN2), so I can customise the boot process with a high degree of granularity and control.
  15. Oh the irony. When I want a worthless opinion from a loud mouthed know-nothing, I'll be sure to look you up though. They've been working on this since April of 05... it's over half way through 2007 now... how much longer do they expect people to wait? Seriously how much longer are you going to wait? I have other things to do in the meantime rather than just moan about a voluntary modification to a game that was released years ago. If and when it is released I will install the game and the mod, if only to see how the team have implemented their ideas. As I have already played the
  16. There are innate concepts of "fair play" (morality) in all humans (and possibly other species) that belie your logic. Given a conundrum, 98% (i.e. everyone as a first approximation, and allowing for the special case of psychopathy) will respond the same way to ethical dilemm
  17. I'm assuming you are trying to be funny by being as rude as you are. All the same, I'll thank you for not insulting the team. (Illiud Latine dici non potest.)
  18. I think you know more about the subject(s) than the author of the test.
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