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Hottest KotOR female NPC?

Who is the hottest KotOR female NPC? There can be only one!  

216 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is the hottest KotOR female NPC? There can be only one!

    • Bastila
    • Mira
    • Visas
    • Mission
    • Juhani
    • Handmaiden/Brianna
    • Yuthura
    • Atris
    • Other (please specify)

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Atris. Which is why I use her as my avatar on the forums.

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As usual, I stand by the firey lil' redhead, Mira. I proudly defend her digital honor against the numerous fiends that would vote for -VISAS- *grumble*


Great, and Bastila's in this one too. I predict Mira will settle in at 3rd place in this one. *sniffle*

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Too many choices! I prefer Bastila and Atris, as they both have internal conflicts with the main characters of both games.


I think that Visas and Handmaiden would make great apprentices, and Visas would make the better lifelong mate (all the Love at first sight :().


Bastila all the way, though. :wub:

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How can anyone like Atris. It's good that you can call her a pretentious schutta but I really wanted to call her BITCH every time I had a chance to talk to her.

She is also the worst Jedi I have ever seen. How does someone like her ever get a place in the Jedi Counsil with that kind of attitude who also never trained a Padawan?

Some wise masters of the Jedi Counsil???!!!!

The worst council I have ever ever seen in any Star wars book, movie etc.

Not a complaint to Obsidian.

Master Vandar lives!

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I'll always be partial to Revan myself, but since we're talking NPCs, I had to choose Visas.


Mira was a waste of space on my ship skill-wise, and after jumping all over the Exile simply for trying to be friendly, became little more than "that woman in the corner who refuses to leave".


Mission was sweet, but I think she'll always hold a "little sister" kind of position, which doesn't exactly lend itself to being "hot".


I loved Juhani. She was great, but in my opinion makes a better close freind than sexual interest.


Brianna and Atris are alike in that I really had no strong feelings for either of them, good or bad. They were just kind of...there. Could be because I almost exclusively find dark hair attractive, though I hate to think of myself as being that shallow. Still, the general feeling towards Handmaiden and Atris is indifference.


Yuthura was surprisingly likable. While I wouldn't put her at the top, I'd certainly call Yuthura attractive. What can I say, I've always liked Twi'leks.


Ah, Bastila. What is there to say about Bastila? I think I summed up my feelings on her on the Bioware boards when I expressed my desire to see her "disemboweled with a wooden cooking spoon". Granted, that may have been a little extreme, but in the end, I found nothing about the character enjoyable.


That leaves Visas. She's strong, but devoted, and pretty much throughout the game has the Exile's best interest at heart. From the very first meeting you can tell she's fighting against her nature. I'd compare her to an ROTJ Vader in that she tracks the Exile down with the intention of delivering her to her master, but in the end, is part of the effort to destroy him. I don't know if I'd call her the "hottest" NPC (seems kind of objectifying) but I'd certainly call her the most attractive, physically and otherwise.


In the end, though, Revan's my girl. :(

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I choose Juhani because she has passion the others are missing except Mira. Bastila and Atris would be boring behind doors and probably be correcting you all the time. they are just to bossy. Brianna might be fun but she would be to worry about doing it right or worst be distracted at the wrong time. :lol:


Visa sweet which is fine and I like but Juhani would just be wild. ;)

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Atris does indeed look hot on the various KotOR II art around - however, in the game itself I find her looking and sounding too old...


Bastila is my #1 vote hands down.

Atris would be my second - but I agree, only in the fan/concept art. That white angelic look really does her wonders.

Heh, kinda like the opposite of Bastila (good ingame, less out of it).


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