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  1. That's not even a fair fight. Superman has NO way to resist force powers and the match would be over before Revan could even draw his sabers out.
  2. Anything a wookiee says is the worst line. Ever.
  3. I'd be Saul Karath. Admirals are always the coolest characters to me. For someone who doesn't actually *die*, Atton.
  4. Damn, that DS pic of Visas is terrible. She's probably in her late twenties or early thirties and her skin's already cracking! Thank god that didn't happen to Basty. :D
  5. I found all answer choices "B" to be the ones I'd choose, except for the last one which I'd pick C.
  6. lol Can't say I disagree with you there. "Who needs persuasion when you have choke?"
  7. That's too bad. You don't know what you're missing out on. I mean, is the ending really all that it takes to keep a game from being enjoyable? And I'll just add that for Xbox, there are hardly ANY bugs. (For me at least anyway) If your PC is good enough, then like my friend's game it won't be buggy.
  8. Darkside. Ahem, even though I much prefer the post RotJ darkside.
  9. Well, they haven't been added *yet*. The KotOR 1 characters were added well after the game's release and is probably the same deal here. Regarding to grown people, I think that they *had* to accept adults because with all the darksiders popping up, they can't just send kids to battle these guys. After a while I think Luke will go back to accepting the bear clan, however I don't know much of the post RotJ events other than the Jedi Knight series and Yuuzhong Vong deal.
  10. I've wondered this myself too. Never saw anything to indicate it though.
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