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  1. Nintendo will be fine they seem to find their way into every hotel rooms. Plus it will be cheap and parents will more likely buy it for their kids.
  2. Halo doesn't do one thing great but they do everything well which makes it a great game. I like the story and the game play good. Though Halo 1 saved the xbox and XBC and other tunnel programs made it great by playing online.
  3. All the profits are down with console makers. I think the main reason people are saving money for the next consoles to come out.
  4. http://gr.bolt.com/articles/violence/violence.htm nice read.
  5. What happens if this guy wins the case does that mean I have to go to a Adult bookstore to buy the game? :D
  6. Why send it to the people who probably agree with you? Send it to your local newspaper call talkshows.
  7. Mothman I think your using the wrong word. You really can't disagree with the homosexuals lifestyle and still think its ok for people to live that way. You can say in your beliefs its wrong but thats just your opinion. You claim to be alright with people who choose that life style for themselves. I don't like faith group lifestyle but think they have the right to pray to superman if they like.
  8. Last I check Michael Jackson was never found guilty to having sex with kids. Was it unatural a 100 years ago when 30-35 year old men where marrying 12-13 year old girls? You claimed you disagree with the homosexuality lifestyle but what does that mean and what parts?
  9. many straight people end up being gay.
  10. Is really a good idea to attack hackers? I thought the supreme court decided digital images of kids where legal because no child was actaully hurt. If people need to get there kicks off kids I'd rather those kids be fake. I can't believe somebody worries about the sims being bad. I also find it sad that so many people hate the naked human body and turn it into something dirty. I just thought of the reason for going after a game like the sims. If he can win againest the sims he will have a cake walk with other games.
  11. I played alot when I was teen then stop playing. When I try to play with somebody again alot of rules changed so I just quit. I still have big box of cards.
  12. Maybe there the only homosexuals you notice.
  13. Since the topic is about human sexuality whats up with adult babies.
  14. http://my.webmd.com/content/Article/107/10...tm?pagenumber=1 I couldn't find percentage but many reports of the increase about HIV in women.
  15. Do people choose to be straight?
  16. My gay roomate never had any of those problems.
  17. Then why do so many kids born in africa have HIV? People having unsafe sex are more liking to get STD then anybody. We should not let ignorant people to have sex. maybe we can make certificate and only allow those people to have sex. :D
  18. xbox-scene.com I went there to learn how to modded my xbox.
  19. http://home.alltel.net/jls31/saves5.html If your box is modded you can ftp and drop it in your save file. Action replay might work also.
  20. Thats why its going to be half the machines Ps3 or 360 will be Nintendo will get the hotel contracts and the price will be half of the other consoles. Is that because publishers don't like make games for the gamecube because the smaller market share? It might be when the gameboy came out but now Nintendo gets most its profits from its handheld. How can you not compete in portable video games market when they both make them? unless sony doesn't think much of the DS. I believe MS would at less try. Lets put it this way you don't make the money MS does with luck. Even if sony says its not rival to the DS system they are making the some products and people will choose one handheld over the other. Nintendo probably knows these and would want the biggest market share they can get. So Revolution owners and 360 owners will be interested in the DS. Revolution probably going to be cheap and I'll probably buy one but i will have either PS3 or 360 even before it comes out. Revolution will be cheap but the games should be well made.
  21. Nintendo will be the cheap second console. Its will be a nice second console but Nintendo main market is handheld. Having two consoles being able to hook up your system is better then one for handheld. Nintendo gives 360 owners a reason to buy the DS. MS pervents sony from making more money in the handheld market. win/win for both companies.
  22. I can see MS and Nintendo working together to attack sony in both hand held and console market.
  23. http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/product/243602.asp http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...9042861-7386361 This is the best one http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=210572 its worth more used then new
  24. I never been able to get sky but I made dawn star very controlling. Did anybody notice the quick price drop in jade empire?
  25. Is it more disrespectful then war games on bloody battles in the in U.S./world history?
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