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  1. On another webpage: Link It is said that "it will most likely have an MMO component to it". All it says, at least from my point of view is that they are working on it and that's about it. I would hate it if it were an MMO as much as anyone else but for now we will see what happens shall we?
  2. Are these threads still going? Wow, I mean, they should really work on this game and I think they will. Everyone I have heard talking about Kotor III says that you will hear about it after the force unleashed is launched. Well, we have been waiting now for.. uhm 2 years, 3 maybe. About time something will be done. But about the rumours that it would be an MMO? Well, if that were the case, that would be one very bad decision. It would piss off everyone, not only the people who like to have MMO's. It would also piss of the people who have played Kotor I & II who liked the storyline. MMO's do not have a good storyline. Simple. What Kotor III should have: 1) Make the option to select YOUR Revan / Exile 2) Make a new character 3) Let it take place within 10 years from Kotor II, less is perfect, maybe even start it during the events of Kotor II but not a long time after to make a cheap and easy solution to get rid of all Kotor I & II main characters and party members 4) That's obvious, It should be a single player game
  3. Honestly, I think the fact that it has been such a long time ago since Kotor II was released many people have lost interest in both this forum and the game. I would no doubt expect that if you want to buy the game now,you can get it for $5,=. I could be wrong but I think it's like that. However, if Lucasarts makes a good marketing campaign about Kotor III it would no doubt regain a lot of interest from the gameplayers. I have left the game and this forum for some time mainly because I was busy and I moved to other games. Waiting for a Kotor III to be released and coming up with idea's? I have done it and maybe will do it again but it's not like there is anything more left to say. If dev's are smart, they will listen. If they are not, they will just create their own fantasy and still make millions because uhm, everyone will still buy the game anyway because it is called Kotor III.
  4. Surprise, surprise, I am back. Space battles may seem good but they shouldn't come as a requirement for Kotor III. Many people hated the fights in space in Kotor I, some people sayd that they couldn't complete it because they are handicapped. Others simply wanted to get a drink when they were travelling from one planet to the other to not sit there and await loading times. The space scenes didn't offer anything either, no xp, no loot, nothing. Don't get me wrong, space is part of star wars and without space it the game isn't complete but I think you should be able to do like Kotor II / onderon battle or maybe tell some of your companions to man the turrets so they can take out the fighters, off course you would see a cutscene when your companions take out some fighters. Yeah, I definately hope you are wrong, on the other hand they might "go canon", you know that I don't like that idea but it might be the other option. Hm, sometimes you can ask yourself what's better, a canon storyline with a LSM Revan / LSF Exile or one in which they are both dead. I hope it will be one where we can customize our Revan / Exile but it might be wishful thinking. The "problem" is that people will still buy the game.
  5. Two good idea's about a story top read. I like it. Let me comment on it. The thing about "cutting of from the force" has been done before. I do say however that I rather have a good game with a "believable" story which has elements in it that has been done before rather then a game that "tries to evade things that have been done before" with a lot of plotholes, killed of Revan and the Exile to keep it cheap and simple which at the end leaves you with the idea of "what did I exactly do here?" A question about your idea Zaxx? Do you wish to have a "space battle" ability in game. If so, to me that is a good idea. However, it does mean a lot more work on the developers front but we have a game that has both ground and space battles from lucasarts (Star wars Galaxies) so who knows.
  6. @pantherus I like all your idea's, except for the idea of a prequel game. Because really, we know what happened then. Revan and Malak will win the mandalorian wars and will fall to the DS, you can also read a comic book set during the mandalorian wars and there isn't really much opportunity for an RPG IMO. For a new actiongame? Sure, I would like to play a JK game set in the mandalorian wars. @brdavs Actually, the more I think about it, the more it makes some sense. Now that I think about it, how about a game in which you have a 1 hour intro where you play as (yes) the Exile. You fight alongside Revan and you defeat the True Sith. Revan and the Exile are, no matter what their alignment, heroes of the republic. But have they defeated the true sith? No, off course not. That's when the game takes you to a 100 years later where your new main character have to finish what Revan and the Exile "forgot". No doubt the developers will come with some very unoriginal concept in which you play the grandson/daughter of Revan, who knows? @Darth Mortis Yeah, that's right. On one hand, you have those LA dictators who set a deadline where you simply can't finish a game. And on the other hand, you probably have some fans demanding that "their" characters will be back in game.
  7. Hm, a release in 2107 or placed a 100 years after the events of Kotor II. Well, in 2107 we will all be dead. And placed a 100 years after Kotor? It means all the characters we know are all dead. Except perhaps for Zaalbar (if Revan was LS) since Wookies can become old. Both options? No, no good. I would like to see Revan and the Exile appear in Kotor III again rather then the cheap "kill them off" option.
  8. Just his guess I suppose and I hope it isn't true. My wish? Kotor III and JK IV!
  9. If there will be two new game announcements between 24-28 th of may we'll just have to wait what they will be won't we?
  10. I think we all agree to it that Kotor III MMO should never be made. If it would help I would suggest a website where we could vote against this terrible idea. If there are people who would like to see this I guess they should simply build new SW galaxies content to set it in Kotor time. That's not a lot of work really. Put away the stormtroopers / rebels, all those VIP's from that time and put the characters we know from Kotor in there. Set it during the JCW or Mandalorian wars and Lucasarts is all done. The company probably only cares about money anyway.
  11. Well, yes anyone can edit wikipedia which means that anyone can delete these lines as well, right? That's the best thing I can think off. So, if it true? Well, we will see either Lucasarts or Obsidian making an official announcements in the near future whether that be months, weeks or days doesn't matter, does it?
  12. Then I am glad that I don't upgrade to Vista. Everything works fine on XP so why should I upgrade? It has always been my philosophy.
  13. Of paramount importance: Revan and the Exile were: 1) LS or DS 2) Male or Female 3) Please select faces That's all I ask for customisation of my previous characters.
  14. Not to mention that I want to play Dark side for that matter. Well, I don't know if you can decide whether Revan romanced Carth or Bastila, depending on Gender off course. And some romanced Juhani. No matter. Also, you could decide in Kotor II whether or not you train Atton, Mira, Bao Dur, Handmaiden, Disciple to become Jedi. Some decisions are simply made for you. You could have killed Bastila if you were LS in Kotor I, Obsidian however decided that you didn't do that. You could have redeemed or killed the spirit of Ajunta Pall. Obsidian however decided that DS Revan had slain Ajunta Pall and LS Revan had redeemed him. You could have left HK-47 in Juka Laka's shop. Obsidian however decided that you bought him. I agree with you that you should be able to make choices but I think it is unlikely that a developer would provide you to go into depth that much as to whether or not you romances with Carth or Bastila. I think it is assumed you did. But nevertheless we should be able to choose Revan's and the Exile's alignment / gender and face. Lightsaber setup and color, (Revan) romanced with Carth / Bastila, Jedi training (for the Exile), selection of robes etc. are good additions but I doubt they would let you select these.
  15. Don't you see? It isn't hard at all Alexa Kun. Some creative writing and it can be done. Here No, I didn't write it and there are some parts that I didn't like about the story but as you can see it CAN be done. We CAN choose both Revan and the Exile's alignment and get a decent storyline. If Jediphile / The Architect and myself can do it. We are all amateurs, then a pro writer can certainly do it.
  16. After reading half your story, I didn't read any further. Why? Because we shouldn't base Kotor III on a canon storyline. I, and a lot of others would want to decide both Revan and the Exile's: Face, Gender and Alignment. My DSF Revan killed Carth and Bastila wouldn't form a Jedi Order. Similarly, DSM Exile's companions wouldn't form a new Jedi order. I am sorry if I sound harsh but going canon storyline isn't what I am looking for. Some elements of your story doesn't sound bad but please, do keep in mind that we played as Revan and the Exile. My Revan is simply not the canonical LSM Revan. And my Exile isn't a LSF either. This quiet possibly also rules out your idea that the main character is Revan's son. I am sorry to say, but no I don't like your idea that we have to go Canon storyline.
  17. Well, Wookies can be force sensitive: Lowbacca But as said in the wiki, it is very rare that a wookie is force sensitive. 1 in every century they claim. I guess that's why they didn't want Hanharr be force sensitive either. It would also have made Hanharr to powerful I think.
  18. Yeah, working for the bad guys could be considered Evil but do some really have a choice. Are the clone troopers evil in ROTS because they had to kill Jedi? No, they had no choice.
  19. What if... episode I, II and III were made before episode IV, V, VI. I think that should they have done that, they would have a lot more freedom for a better story. I think the movies could have been much better then. Okay, maybe we would have different ANH, TESB and ROTJ which most of us love but at least we wouldn't know beforehand what would happen. Episode I, II and III were so very predictable. Episode I: Oh, evil guy here. He will probably die because we don't see him in the other movies. Ah, Anakin Skywalker. Oh, he probably wins since he becomes Darth Vader. Obi Wan lives because we see him in ANH Episode II: Ah, off course Anakin falls in love with Padme. We would have known that from the start. So Padme is the mother of Luke and Leia. Oh, she will live until Episode III since she gives birth to Luke and Leia. Obi-wan and Anakin off course live as well. Episode III: Start, oh yes Dooku again. We have to get rid of him. Oh, Anakin is chosen one, he probably kills dooku even if he later get beaten by Obi wan who loses from dooku the second time. Oh, off course Anakin falls to the DS because love blinds him. See, the Original Trilogy is far too predictable. Had we not seen it Episode IV, V and VI it would have rated a bit better and it would have had more freedom. I do hope that in Kotor III, when we can buy it is build well since, yes, it doesn't have a lot of freedom keeping in mind that we have a whole bunch of characters from previous games we have to either see in the game or know what happened to them.
  20. So far, I have yet to see good explanations as to why the Star Forge was better then Malachor V or vice versa off course. When you look at the Star Forge, you have 2 possible ways of doing it. DS or LS. With LS, you must battle quickly to find Bastila to stop her from using her Battle Meditation against the Republic. With DS, you must battle quickly to leave Bastila in her chamber so she could use her Battle Meditation against the same Republic which would otherwise destroy the Star Forge. On Malachor V, apart from a battle scene with Mira against Hanharr which IMO didn't add much atmosphere, the planet was exactly the same when you played DS or LS. You didn't feel any rush, you were just slaughtering beasts, assassins and dark jedi till you met Sion and Traya which is probably why we have to wait until the TSLRP is completed.
  21. Reserved? If Kotor 3 is made, the domain name will most likely be www.kotor3.com or perhaps www.kotoriii.com To see who reserved it: Whois kotor3 Whois KotorIII So many people try to claim domains and hope they will sell it for a lot of money. They never succeed.
  22. Last I heard, that is 2. Not one. Jim (Darth) Ward, introduced the rule of 2 sith at one time.
  23. I know I am strict about it but in that case you can see their faces.
  24. Then I think you should assume that if you choose Revan and the Exile followed the Light Side in Kotor I & II that they fell or sacrificed themselves to the DS in the unknown regions. Could you imagine a Darth Nihilus figure helping someone who has a bounty on his head?
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