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  1. I guess I'll throw my thoughts out there... Planets: Coruscant- It is the Republic capital, after all. Illum- Snow world and one of the secret sources of Jedi lightsaber crystals. Falleen- Before lil' Ani Skywalker pulls an Exon and contaminates a decent chunk of the planet. Nal Hutta- Come on, everyone loves Hutts. Tatooine- If only to pay homage to the OT's pattern. Kamino- Might be interesting to see what those crazy cloners were up to four thousands years before getting the ultimate government contract. Zeltros- Everyone loves Zeltrons. Literally... Ryloth- A subterranean c
  2. I won't even try to tackle all of those, but one in particular stood out for me: Why does Hanharr use the term "Jeedai" instead of "Jedi"? The answer? Jeedai is the Huttese word for "Jedi". I believe if you get Hanharr in your party you can ask him about it (can't recall for sure at the moment), but "Jeedai" existed long before KOTOR II, or even KOTOR. Not much, but hey, one answer is better than none, right?
  3. Visas, at least in terms of strength of will and overall confidence. I remember Bastila's little "sorry I can't go fight Malak with you because the pull of the Dark Side might be too strong" bit and I also recall Visas charging in against Nihilus without concerns of betraying her allies. Really, Visas has the makings of a great Jedi Master. She's calm, collected, humble, and has a, shall we say, unique outlook on the galaxy thanks to her species' gift. Bastila was spoiled and arrogant, not the best traits for a Jedi to have. Overall, Bastila always felt like a "follower", like some
  4. The most recent I've read on Miraluka was WOTC's 2003 Ultimate Alien Anthology which states that Miraluka have "nearly featureless eye sockets". It also lists Alpheridies as their homeworld. Aside from the colony mentioned in KOTOR II, it is the only world I've ever heard associated with the Miraluka. Where is it mentioned that Alpheridies is not their original world of origin? Always curious about stuff like that.
  5. I'll always be partial to Revan myself, but since we're talking NPCs, I had to choose Visas. Mira was a waste of space on my ship skill-wise, and after jumping all over the Exile simply for trying to be friendly, became little more than "that woman in the corner who refuses to leave". Mission was sweet, but I think she'll always hold a "little sister" kind of position, which doesn't exactly lend itself to being "hot". I loved Juhani. She was great, but in my opinion makes a better close freind than sexual interest. Brianna and Atris are alike in that I really had no strong fee
  6. I tend to be of the belief that Revan and the Exile (both being LS, of course ) probably wouldn't go into a massive Godzilla style showdown upon meeting, but if they did, Revan would utterly destroy the Exile. Don't get me wrong, the Exile is powerful and would put up quite a fight, but in the end, a unique ability (the Exile's ability to draw strength from her companions) would most likely not be enough against raw power. If, by some chance, the Exile does possess the Nihilus-like ability to consume the Force, I think there's a chance she may just choke on Revan. It is, at least to so
  7. I'd say neither. As has been said, Kreia was neither a true Sith, nor entirely evil. Malak, on the other hand, was simply the Vader or Maul to Revan's Palpatine: a brute. An attack dog or a weapon to use against one's enemies or to inspire fear. Say what you will about Vader and Maul, but its rather evident that they weren't the brains of the operation. I suppose Malak wins by default, seeing as he was an actual Sith Lord (as poor as he may or may not have been), but one of the only things the KOTOR games have been missing so far is a good, strong villain. Nihilus had potential, but r
  8. The explanation given in many guides for Dooku's odd saber hilt is that Dooku practiced an older, more classical form of lightsaber combat that "favors long, elegant moves and increidble deftness of hand" and that the curved hilt "allows precise crossparry moves". How well this would work in reality, I'm not sure, but that's the in universe explanation. Personally, I'd love to weild a single saber one-handed. It's been a while since I've watched AOTC, but doesn't Dooku fight one-handed like Vader often did? I think a curved hilt would have fit in well with the character I made my Revan out
  9. KOTOR 2's big twist is... You reach and defeat the final Sith Lord and then walk into a room where you are greeted by a Yoda-like creature in a white suit who informs you that this is the sixth time the Sith Lords have been defeated and that you must now choose twenty-three Sith Lords to start the war over again, thus ending on a cliffhanger that leaves you awaiting the release of the subpar and poorly acted KOTOR: Revolutions... <_<
  10. You all forgot the Farghul, another feline species. Poor Farghul... Also, sniggy, there are several "Green" Nikto in KOTOR (at least the XBox version). Redros the swoop racer is one, as is one of the pazzak players on Manaan. Quite a few of Brejik's Vulkars are Green Nikto too.
  11. What about Iridonia? Think of all the fun you would have running from giant carnivores and rampaging swirls of acidic water that destroy all in their path! Or Colla IV! Apparently, the natives are very friendly. No, wait, not friendly. What's the word I'm looking for again? Oh yeah, bloodthirsty. Well, there's always Dorin. Zero oxygen isn't too much of a problem, right? Hmm...maybe I should go take another look at the planet guide...
  12. Actually, there were a few Kadas'sa'Nikto in KOTOR, though I agree that there should be more, not only in quantity, but in variety (where are all the red Nikto?). Of course, nothing goes with Hutts better than the three way goon combo: Nikto, Weequay, and Klatooinian.
  13. I agree that Zabrak most certainly should be in the game. I'd also like to see more Rutian Twi'leks (only two that I know of in the XBox version). A Farghul might make a fun and interesting party member (especially seeing their fear of Jedi). Personally, though, I think a Colicoid would be the greatest party member ever. Who wouldn't want to hang around with a giant carnivorous insect? Not the party member I'd want to get on the wrong side of, though...
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