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Hello Watchers!


Today, at 10 AM we are launching our v2.1 Patch on Steam, GOG, Origin, and The Apple Store. Below are the new features, updates, and fixes for this patch. A special thank you to all our patch beta testers for helping us get this update out to you all!


New Features & Updates

  • Shroud of the Phantasm - A new community-designed cape, the Shroud of the Phantasm seems to grant the wielder the favor of Wael, though the will of the God of Secrets is all but impossible to discern for certain. Wearers gain the ability to manifest illusory duplicates and are rarely, if the God of Secrets is watching, struck with bolts of understanding capable of turning the tide of battle. You can find this magical item hidden within Berkana's Observatory.
  • Ability Tree Preview - Thanks to our programming team, the Class Ability Tree can now be viewed outside of the level up screen! This can be done from the Inventory/Character Sheet UI, or when recruiting a new companion.
  • New Magran's Fires Challenges added - New challenges and old favorites have been added for players that want a difficult experience with a twist.  These challenges can be found by clicking the head of Magran at the bottom of the Title Menu.
    • Skaen's Challenge
      • The Fog of War is greatly reduced around the Player's Character.
      • Torches can help increase the vision area.
    • Abydon's Challenge
      • Weapons and Armor now degrade during adventuring.
      • Weapons and Armor can be repaired for a price through the Enchanting Menu.
  • Enchanting UI Update
    • The Enchanting Menu has received a visual re-work. Enchantment progression paths are now much clearer, and it should be easy to tell if a new enchantment will replace or rework an old enchantment.
  • Steam Workshop Mod Support - Mods will now be supported through the Steam Workshop page. Check it out to see what unique changes the community is bringing to the world of Eora!
  • Audio Combat Remixing - Our audio team has remastered in-game combat sounds, resolving a suite of bugs and generally improving the game as per community feedback:
    • Combat Chatter now provides more critical feedback and is easier to understand during combat.
    • Creatures have been tuned to spam sounds less
    • Ability audio has been tuned to react to other sounds (i.e. gets softer when combat chatter is playing)
    • And much more!
  • New Backer Items and Pets - Additional Backer Pets and Backer Items have been implemented to the game including:
    • 5 Backer items added (Locations in spoilers):
      • Amra (Battle Axe)
        • Sold by Ramaso in the Radiant Court (in Dunnage).

      • Karaboru (Great Sword)
        • Hidden in a Wahaki treasure vault on Ori o Koiki.

      • Outworn Buckler (Small Shield)
        • Stashed behind a painting in the Vailian Headquarters.

      • Harmony (Ring)
        • Set before an altar to Hylea on an uncharted island (Overgrown Island).

      • The Mung Bean's Mouth Organ (Neck)
        • Stored and forgotten somewhere within the supplies of the Rauatai on Sakuya.

    • 14 Backer Pets added:
      • Names and Locations in Spoiler

        • Chloë found in Tikawara
        • Sheba found in Sayuka
        • Dude the six-toes cat found in The Hole
        • Levin found in Queen's Berth
        • Pes found in The Brass Citadel
        • Epsilon found in The Radiant Court
        • Cajux found in The Brass Citadel
        • Misty found in Crookspur
        • Noah found on Luminous Bathhouse Balcony
        • Rex found in Crookspur
        • Zorro found in Lifter's Refuge
        • Ludde found in Fort Deadlight
        • Hati found in Fort Deadlight
        • Ulk found in Junvik Village

  • The following were added last patch, but missed the patch notes:
    • Items
      • Cog of Cohh
        • In the lair housing the giant grub in Old Town

      • Magran's Blessing
        • Dead center of the map of Sacred Stair.

    • Spells
      • Jernaugh's Equalizing Burst
        • Zandethrus' Dragonscale Grimoire is in Spindle Man's store

      • Zahndethus' Draconic Fury
        • Jernaugh's Careful Calamities is in Dark Cupboard store

Resolved Major Issues

  • FPS degradation over time that was introduced in v2.0.1 no longer occurs.
  • Party companion portraits are now saved after restarting the game.
  • Items are no longer duplicated when using the Quickload feature during item transactions.
  • Modals appear when a weapon is copied into a character's main hand.
  • Pillars of Eternity 1 saves are now recognized across all supported languages.
    • Players now leave Bekarna's Observatory as expected.
    • Players now leave Fort Deadlight as expected.
    • Pre-Ukaizo save data now allows for DLC completion.
    • Players that obtain the submarine can now leave Nekataka via port icon.
    • Players can now read the Harbinger's missive with no issues.
    • Aloth and Konstanten will now appear as intended in Party Management.
    • Players no longer get stuck in combat when boarding the Deck of Many Things while a hostile ship is nearby.

AI/UI Changes

  • Auto-attack and Swap Weapon set AI actions now properly adhere to the cooldown value set in the Behavior Editor.
  • Auto-Pause feature for Spell Cast no longer triggers for Passive or Modal abilities.
  • The Behavior Editor no longer displays two different layers at once.
  • "Daily Wages lost" will no longer appear multiple times after a game load.
  • Money qualifiers are now always displayed in dialogue choices.
  • Ornaments will no longer shift when looking at UI Menus.
  • Fixed scrolling issues when selecting abilities and conditionals in the AI Behavior Editor UI.

World Map and Ship Changes

  • Extra unusable ship supplies will no longer show up in personal inventory.
  • Crew members no longer spawn in the same space in the scene. 
  • Hitting Cancel when naming an island will no longer set the island name to default.

General Changes

  • The correct Hollowborn choices from Pillars of Eternity will be reflected if the player chose to return the souls.
  • Ranger Pets no longer teleport next to their owner on loading a save.
  • Having higher intellect no longer penalizes effects that apply over time.
  • Spearcaster displays correctly in German tooltip.
  • Berath Blessing skill with Rogues now properly grants Sleight of Hand.
    • Xaurip Champions no longer get stuck when attempting to use their abilities.
    • Enemy Wizards looted while in Form of the Helpless Beast no longer become giant corpses.
    • All doorways in the Imperial Command can be used as expected.
    • Using the Bluff option on Cathwenna no longer shows a copper loss value of 6000.
    • Brawlers in the Undercroft no longer start conversations mid-combat.
    • Emeini will not bark continuously on scene load.
    • Xoti's romantic end slide options will now display correctly for all paths on new games.
    • Ydwin's initial conversation no longer allows for infinite negative rep with Pallegina or Serafen.
    • Odirisi's body no longer respawns after reloading into the Arena Sub-level.
    • Doors in the Hanging Sepulchers no longer clip with the environment.
    • Atsura now has the correct pickpocket range.
    • The skiff at the secret entrance of Fort Deadlight is placed in the environment correctly.
    • Players will now receive negative Slaver reputation when killing Crookspur slavers.
    • Badema now has a vision cone for stealth checks.


    • The Lighted Path quest now triggers correctly in all scenarios.
    • In Sealed Fate, Degnos will now properly disappear Degnos will now properly disappear from Queen's Berth when fleeing from Avetta.
    • The chest in Uto's Gunsmithy can no longer be lockpicked with no repercussions. 
    • In the Lighted Path, Bosc and crew states will not change after Bearn has been rescued.
    • Killing Fleetmaster Wakoyo will now fail the three appropriate bounties.
    • Flaune will now contain dialogue options in the Skipping Ahead quest line as expected.
    • Two-Eyed Pim can now be given the voucher any time you speak with him.
    • Director Castol or Alvari is correctly referenced when the player chooses one to banish to the Gullet.
    • Rauatian Arquebusier no longer remains in-scene after being intimidated.
    • TheNPCs outside of Biha's house now bark correctly.
    • Badema's speech is correct if she is freed.
    • Can no longer repeatedly gain Might reward in Derelict Ship quest.
    • Vela does not appear in game if she was sacrificed in Pillars of Eternity 1.

Beast of Winter DLC Changes

    • Players can return to Neriscyrlas' Lair without getting stuck.
    • The Twin Eels Item no longer displays 'Missing Strings' in its stat block.
    • The Frosty Pet has its description resolved for typos.
    • Vatnir correctly refers to Aevar instead of Hadret in his dialogue.
    • Frostfall's "Dispersed Suffering" enchant increases hostile effects duration by 20%.

Systems Updates

  • General
    • Enemy rangers will not cast "Marked for the Hunt" indefinitely.
    • Characters with the Blinded affliction are no longer susceptible to gaze attacks.
    • There is no longer an Accuracy vs. Reflex check on the self damaging effect of Sacred Immolation.
    • Characters with max perception cannot detect hidden items in the Fog of War.
    • Allied Chanter Summons will no longer be Charmed if the Watcher is Charmed.
    • Weapons now return to their correct state after Summoned Weapon effects end.
    • Wild Orlans no longer have duplicate racial abilities.
    • Berath's Blessing Skill bonus wording adjusted to mention bonus skills (not double), and Rogue now properly receives Sleight of Hand skill.
    • Triple Crown challenge now explicitly states (albeit redundantly) that Path of the Damned is enabled. Now displays all three states and justifies its name "Triple" Crown.
    • Costs will now show for abilities in level up and AI customization.
    • Damage Shield effects now update their remaining health values when an affected character is damaged.
    • Full Attacks made while dual wielding will now receive a -35% penalty to the damage they deal.
  • Creatures
      • Naga Flame Marauder's will no longer spam Stalwart Defiance.
      • Fampyr's Retalitory Charm and Dominate Gazes now have the Gaze keyword.
      • Xaurip AI will no longer spam Marked For the Hunt.
      • Guls in the Old City target correctly.
      • Ironclad Constructs no longer get their animations stuck casting Furnace ability.
      • Fampyr's Domination Gaze is no longer used when hit with a single target ability.
      • Spirits and Wisps are affected by Weakness: Perception Afflictions as intended.

  • Unique Items
      • Eccea's Arcane Blaster's "Fractured Bullet" and "Bullet Time" no longer remove Runestone Flint.
      • Eccea's Arcane Blaster's "Fractured Bullet" no longer applies to all ranged weapons.
      • Static Charge from Legendary Pollaze now applies damage correctly.
      • Cabalist's Gambeson's armor stat is now a consistent armor value of 7.
      • The Red Hand's "No Rest for the Wicked" does not retain stacks when switching weapon sets.
      • The Red Hand's "Twin Slugs" effect only knocks back enemies within 4 meters.
      • The Red Hand's bonus damage from Blood Stained Hands (and its upgrades) now correctly only applies to The Red Hand.
      • Poisons now clear their display effect after they have been applied.
      • Removed a chance for Orishia to grant a display effect instead of a combat bonus.
      • Thundercrack Pistol Charged Field effects should now display as hostile effects.
      • Thundercrack Pistol "Conductive Blast" ability will now properly deal all of its hits over 1s (instead of 2 hits over 0s).
      • Thundercrack Pistol unintended minor accuracy bonuses have also been removed from Conductive Blast and Storm Rune Shot.
      • Spearcaster is now correctly unfit for melee combat, the same as other arbalests.
      • Dragon Gizzard Stone recipe no longer doubles its ingredient cost for 2H weapons.
      • Blackened Plate Usher's Visage no longer removes Death's Visage and no longer deals damage to nearby enemies.
      • "Silence of the Dead" now lists its effect as "Removes Whispers of the Dead" to be more clear about its function.
      • Concentration from Potion of Spirit Shield is no longer a hostile effect.
      • Removed Survival Scaling on Mohora Tanga's Penetration bonus.
      • Removed unintended +10 Accuracy from Pukestabber Vomit attack.
      • Casita Samelia's Legacy no longer clears its Confrontation bonus on combat end.
      • Watershaper's Rod Ondra's Wrath Frost & Water PL +2-> +1. (This was mentioned in an earlier patch, but wasn’t actually changed)
      • Watershaper's Rod Ondra's Wrath no fires an unnecessary ranged attack to deliver its AOE. (This was causing recursion)
      • Watershaper's Rod Ondra's Wrath no longer removes Master Shaper.
      • Magran's Favor Burning Burst attack now properly triggers when killing an enemy with the axe.
      • Last Word Silence in Death no longer removes Quieting.
      • Kahua Hozi Glass Walker now removes Feather Light.
      • Duskfall's Devious effect now works for all ally targetting cases.
      • Duskfall's "Drawing Cut" and "Drawing Parry" are not reapplied when swapping weapon sets.
      • Duskfall's effects no longer remain when swapping weapon sets.
      • Caedebald's Black Bow now contains the "Acid" keyword to benefit from Spirit of Decay. 
      • Cloak of Greater Deflection and Bracers of Greater Deflection now properly stack their effects.
      • Raised crafting cost of Luminous Adra Potion from 1k to 3.5k (This was intended to be a rare and limited item).
      • Bronlar's Phalanx Sentinel mod now states it removes the Stand Guard Immobility effect.
      • Veilpiercer Purging Volley should now properly strip off all hostile and beneficial effects.

  • Classes
    • Barbarian
      • Barbarian Lion Sprint now properly clears its accuracy bonus after attacking and its effect will display on the portrait.
      • Barbarian Crushing Blow now properly clears recovery on kill when wielding a ranged weapon.
      • Berserker Spirit Frenzy now properly applies the Berserker self-DoT effect.
    • Chanter
      • Chanter Dragon Summon now has a proper string description for Tail Lash.
    • Cipher
      • Cipher's Wild Mind miscast damage per Focus has been halved.
    • Druid
      • Pollen Patch now heals for the correct values
      • Tekehu's Watery Double Spell will now properly copy Tekehu's equipped weapons.
      • Tekehu's Watery Double will now cast watershaper spells in select situations.
    • Fighter
      • Fighter Take The Hit Discipline cost reduced from 2 to 1.
      • Fighter Inspired Discipline Cost from 4 to 3.
      • Fighter Power Strike Bonus Damage increased from +100% to +200%.
      • Black Jacket no longer loses Constant Recovery, but instead receives less healing from Constant Recovery's effect.
      • Fighter Penetrating Strike Bonus Penetration reduced from 4 to 3.
    • Monk
      • Blade Turning only affects hostile spells and does not negate abilities like Greater Lay on Hands.
    • Paladin
      • Paladin Sacred Immolation (and its upgrades) base self-damage reduced from 43 to 32.
      • Paladin Reviving Exhortation (and its upgrades) Health lost reduced from -150 base to -100.
      • Paladin Reviving Exhortation (and its upgrades) reduces from 4 zeal cost to 3.
      • Paladin Hastening Exhortation (and its upgrades) reduced from 3 Zeal cost to 2.
    • Ranger
      • Ranger Revive Companion (and its upgrades) Bond Cost reduced from 3 to 2.
      • Ranger Takedown (and its upgrades) now also receive +25% Bonus Damage.
    • Rogue
      • Rogue Sap and Perplexing Sap now use the Pommel Strike animation and their interrupt has been upgraded to Prone.
    • Wizard
      • Kalakoths Freezing Rake now has the correct ranged radius at the caster's feet.
      • Llengrath's Safeguard now properly triggers when the caster's HP threshold is below.
      • Wizard Eldritch Aim cast time reduced from Average to Fast.
      • Characters permanently petrified by the 9th level Wizard spell "Petrification" are destroyed when combat ends.
      • Two Unique Backer Spells have been added and are each contained in a unique grimoire:
        • Zahndethus’ Dragonic Fury (PL7)
        • Jernaugh’s Equalizing Burst (PL6)
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Does this patch include a fix for the crash/freeze when you initiate combat with a certain enemy in the Beast of Winter DLC? If not, is there a plan to fix this at some point? More information on the issue in the following thread:



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> FPS degradation over time that was introduced in v2.0.1 no longer occurs.


Is this part of the bug that affect NVidia cards?

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Having higher intellect no longer penalizes effects that apply over time.


Does this also fix the problem where high resolve would increase power of DoTs affecting you?

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Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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Dave, could you confirm whether community-reported typos are still being addressed?

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i like to ask.. the infamous random encounter bug in neketaka not triggering. has it been fixed?


Tested, and nope.


Seriously, devs... I know you guys have a long list of bugs to swat, but I'd think this particular one should be right up there at the top. :getlost:

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There still a bug with 2h weapon and infinity animation loop, even after it was reported in beta ;( it is very annoying thing

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Here's hoping some of these will be fixed in the 3.0. It's likely they couldn't get them in this patch but couldn't delay the patch itself any longer

I assume that they hurry up for winter sales or something similar... so I will wait for 3.0 and will hope that infinity loop and missing string bugs will be fixed

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Solo PotD builds: The Glanfathan Soul Hunter (Neutral seer. Dominate and manipulate your enemies), Harbinger of Doom (Dark shaman. Burn and sacrifice, yourself and enemies for Skaen sake)

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