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  1. FIXED! The console commands worked. Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.
  2. I can confirm that resting did not fix the issue. The console commands sound promising though. I'll give it a shot tonight and let you know how it goes.
  3. I just noticed that my player character (Debonaire/Beguiler) is stuck with a permenent flanked debuff. I unfortunately noticed this too late and no longer have any save files from before this problem. I've done some searching and permanent (de)buffs seems to be a common problem for years, but I'm struggling to find any threads that contain actual solutions. The only suggestion I saw was to reapply the same debuff, but this didn't work for me. I'm not really sure how flanked works with characters that avoid engagement, so my Debonaire's Cowardice trait may be causing issues. Is there any known fix for this? I'm perfectly willing to use cheats or even the unity console mod if that's what it takes.
  4. And keep in mind that he didn't even have the intention of imposing his view. BoW revealed he was trying to show people the truth of how the world works. But the Gods wouldn't let him show that because it would show everyone what they really are. There is no conversation. If you speak the truth of how Eora works down to the bones you get wiped out. Remember that the Wheel does not have to exist and is a construct perpetuated by the Engwithians to ensure the longevity of the Gods they created. It's also worth noting Eothas' knew the Godshammer was there but chose to advance forward anyways knowing it would end everything. Think about the reasons why he decided to do so and what that says about his character compared to everyone else. I just have one point to add to this. Consider the following from Josh Sawyer: The actions of Eothas are well intentioned but extremely dangerous. The wheel was unfortunately perverted by the Engwithans to sustain the gods they created, but a perverted wheel is very likely preferable to no wheel. The fundamental question is if the people and gods of Eora are willing and able to restore the wheel to its natural state (or some other modified, functional state). It's also worth noting that Eothas is the god of light, redemption, hope, and rebirth. It's entirely possible his nature makes him overly hopeful in his plans to redeem Eora and give its populace back its "true" rebirth. If this was the real world and not a video game, I'd think it would be just as likely that the shock of Eothas breaking the wheel would fracture the people of Eora rather than unite them in a common purpose.
  5. I really hope they don't make PoE3 an open world game. Open world games are a neat concept but rarely if ever pulled off successfully. The problem is that the sheer amount of content they need to be packed with stretches everything thin. This is incredibly obvious even in games as well received as The Witcher 3. The interesting quests and main plot are buried under a mountain of forgettable filler. The combat system has a solid foundation but is never built on in any meaningful way, so it quickly becomes stale. The skills/abilities you gain from leveling are with only a few exceptions very minor. Itemization is shamefully shallow, which is shocking since inventory management and crafting are such tedious chores. The poor itemization undercuts the fun of exploration because halfway through the game literally nothing you can find is a worthwhile reward other than plans for Witcher set items. The end result of most open world games is something designed to be played for countless hours, but is actually only fun for fewer hours than a more linear game. It's just a better idea to focus on doing a few things well so you don't end up doing everything poorly.
  6. Are the new items available in existing games? Or do you have to start a new character to be able to find them like with the Essence Interrupter?
  7. Does this patch include a fix for the crash/freeze when you initiate combat with a certain enemy in the Beast of Winter DLC? If not, is there a plan to fix this at some point? More information on the issue in the following thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104675-bow-spoiler-game-crash-screen-freeze/
  8. Was a fix ever found for this? Finally got around to playing the DLC, and I'm having this exact problem preventing me from finishing.
  9. Rewarding in terms of loot and experience, sure. Rewarding in terms of being an enjoyable way to spend your time, (IMO) no. It's annoying and frustrating until you learn the mechanics, then boring and repetitive after you do. I vastly prefer closing to board and engaging in the well designed standard combat instead of the tacked on ship combat mini-game. Even if the enemies and ship layout are pretty similar, at least I can mix up the party members and tactics I'm using.
  10. After doing some searching, seems it was a thing on the steam forums and twitter. https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/1734333281940473815/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/2572002906842811572/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/2572002906846716224/
  11. Alright, that's annoying. But on a positive note I figured out the item code. I forgot there was the FindGameData command. If you have cheats enabled (iroll20s), enter the following into the console to get the Essence Interrupter: GiveItem hunting_bow_u_animancer
  12. According to update #53 Henric in Port Maje sells it, but he's not carrying it for me. Does anyone know what I might have to do to make it show up? Or perhaps someone knows what the item code is so I can add it with the console? EDIT: The command to give yourself the Essence Interrupter (only works if you have cheats enabled with the iroll20s command) is: GiveItem hunting_bow_u_animancer
  13. I ran a single class Fury on my first playthrough (Veteran difficulty). I definitely appreciated having earlier/additional access to powerful spells. Great Maelstrom in particular was pretty much an instant-win to any fight, even with level scaling. Not sure how a single class Fury would hold up for PotD difficulty where it is so much harder to actually hit anything.
  14. I believe they can be purchased at The Treasure Trove in Dunnage (Radiant Court). If there aren't any emeralds for sale you may have to wait a day or two for the vendor's stock to refresh.
  15. For my first Deadfire playthrough I imported my PoE save, and there were some definite downsides to the choices I had made. I didn't have access to the Devil of Caroc Breastplate and at one point Wael made me lose all my scrolls. I have no complaints about this, and in particular found the loss of scrolls highly amusing. But going forward I would like to understand the optimal choices so I can strike an appropriate balance between power-gaming and role-playing for a given run. I would greatly appreciate some insight into which choices impact gameplay beyond merely altering plot/conversations. A list of no-brainer choices that are pure upside (e.g. Devil of Caroc spared Harmke) would be fantastic. Opinions on the choices that offer mutually exlcusive benefits (e.g. Aloth's Leaden Key decision) would also be helpful.
  16. I respeced Herald Pallegina and for some reason I now have multiple versions of chant A, B, etc. I can still setup and pick the chant I want, but in combat Pallegina always switches to a version of chant A that is only Blessed was Wengridh, Quickest of His Tribe. I checked and she has no AI behavior set, and the problem occurs with AI script off anyway. Please let me know what, if anything, I can do to fix this. EDIT: Oh, and apparently I'm not getting any phrases from chanting either.
  17. I hate to say it, but the ship combat is just embarrassingly bad. It's unintuitive, tedious, repetitive, immersion breaking, and just plain pointless. There reallly needs to be the option to disable it and have every encounter be an auto-boarding without penalty (and without requiring modding).
  18. My guess is that this is due to changes to the classes, Racial bonuses, attribute bonuses, and skill system. If you made your choices from a power gaming instead of role playing perspective, it would be awfully annoying to have to choose between a potentially sub-optimal character or forgoing an import.
  19. I'm leaning towards running a Shifter / Stalker for the flexibility it could potentially offer. Any advice on what sort of race and attribute distribution might work well with this multiclass? The new affliction resistance racial bonuses look interesting, but I have no idea which ones would be most useful to different character types. I'm also uncertain of the value of the Island Aumaua's immunity to slog zones (how common and debilitating are slog zones?). And is the Boreal Dwarves gaining graze against primordial/wilder still accurate (I thought I heard that graze was added back into the game for everything)?
  20. Why does berserker seem a poor fit? The bonuses should apply, and help the shifted forms hit harder and have more DR. Mage slayer seems very bad- from the way people have talked about it (and videos), mage slayer decreases the duration of everything, including barbarian abilities and probably shapeshift. Corpse eater seems... thematically interesting but impractical. The eating and recovery time seems problematic. If I understand it correctly, all the Berserker's attacks and abilities damage both friend and foe when frenzied. I would guess that carnage is a manageable issue, AoE spells problematic, and storm spells in particular unusable. Shapeshifting will certainly be the focus of the character, but I still want the flexibility to drop out of Shapeshift and cast spells as needed.
  21. My first playthrough of Deadfire will be with a Druid, and I'm particularly interested in the Shifter subclass. The Shifter seems like it would greatly benefit from multiclassing with a martial class, but I'm not sure which pairings would be particularly effective. I'm hoping that beta players can help provide some insight. Some specific combinations that I'm considering: Shifter + Barbarian - Carnage and Frenzy should greatly enhance the Shifter. Berserker subclass seems a poor fit. Mage Slayer also seems questionable, depending on what is categorized as a beneficial spell effect. Corpse-Eater definitely fits thematically, but I don't understand the mechanics of Rage well enough to know if this is worthwhile. Default Barbarian could be the way to go if this is a worthwhile multiclass. Shifter + Monk - a Shifter will likely be taking quite a bit of damage and can presumably afford to with the innate healing from switching forms. Utilizing this damage to generate wounds would be a natural combo. Helwaker looks like the most promising subclass by far. Shifter + Ranger - I'm definitely intrigued by the so-called Beastmaster multiclass. If it works how I'm imagining, it could be a neat jack of all trades multiclass, switching between spell casting, ranged combat, and melee combat as needed. But it also might just be bad at everything and too boring while shapeshifted. Stalker looks the most promising while Sharpshooter is an obviously poor fit. I'm guessing it's not worth having to take the time to summon your pet with Ghost Heart for this multiclass. The other classes didn't immediately catch my interest for a Shifter multiclass, but I'm open to hearing about any good options. Any other related advice for a Shifter such as recommended Race, attributes, gear, and tactics are also welcome. Hopefully I can put together some semblance of a plan for my character so I can hit the ground running when Deadfire launches next week.
  22. There's so many fun multi-class possibilities to try. I'm particularly eager to play a Shifter/Mage Slayer (Druid/Barbarian aka Tempest). Carnage, plenty of Spiritshifting, spell resistance, and heals every time you shift back? I'm sold.
  23. I personally think that locking the companion attributes is vastly preferable, but only for the first play through. This is primarily to ensure that players have easy access to companions that can properly fulfill all needed roles. It's hard enough for beginners to figure out how to distribute attributes for 1 character let alone 5 (or 6). It is also arguably helpful to keep power gamers in check (assuming they aren't crazy enough to use generic companions on their first playthrough). Without the ability to fully customize all party members, power gamers have less of a chance of trivializing content for their initial experience. But once players have completed the game I think its time to stop hand holding and let players customize away to create the new experiences they find enjoyable. Full freedom in distributing companion stats is a no brainer. But I'd even go so far as to allow total freedom for class and race selection. It might be a little immersion breaking if Eder is a Wild Orlan Cipher, but in my opinion this is still preferable to forcing players to use boring generic companions to craft their optimal party.
  24. For some reason it seems like the Adra Dragon is much less likely to use its devastating AoE attacks if you immediately close into melee range. This usually is enough to buy you a brief window to properly buff/debuff in preparation for landing CC on the Adra Dragon. Between Prayer Against Fear, Devotions for the Faithful, and Scale-Breaker your attack roll (attack accuracy minus the relevant Adra Dragon defense) will be a whopping 52 points higher. At this point landing CC should be little trouble for a decently geared level 13 party and you're well on your way to victory.
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