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  1. Some level of variance might still be interesting, when you want to simulate such things as consistency and reliance. for example, if you have an enemy mage and it's crucial to interrupt his spells, you'd rather stick with a reliable fighter who's guaranteed to hit the mage consistently. If for some reason it's crucial to disarm a weaponmaster with a powerful weapon, you'd take your fighter with the highest potential to disarm, regardless if he's consistent or not, as he might still be the only one who stands a chance to suceed at all. Both cases don't necessarily involve randomness of co
  2. I don't think I care much about different xp tables. In general, I think it can be interesting if certain classes gain power faster or slower than other classes, at certain stages, but still, not a must have. However, absolute XP parity is something I'd consider as inherently bad (although I've become careful with such an evaluation, considering all the game theorists that roam this site). Just strikes me as boring and artificial. It's only natural that you encounter partymembers with different experience levels during your travels. At BG it was always nice if you encountered a wizard or a f
  3. Indeed, I take pride in making a contribution to the English language here! After all, it's hard for a native speaker to come up with something as dumb. ..still, I have to write that down.
  4. For a group of only level 1 characters, the beginning is indeed quite hard in TOEE, especially when you get ambushed by numerous tough monsters while travelling, or while resting, it's almost guaranteed that someone bites the dust. I also once tried Ironman, and died relatively quickly when a couple of giantspiders ambushed me while resting. My whole party failed their saving throw to their net ability, and was then finished of one after another. What is especially annoying there is that the monsters always spawn directly next to the first character, not with some distance to the party like i
  5. I'm actually a bit afraid that the game could end up to be "oversouled", since almost everything seems to have to do with souls. However, I really like the idea of different states of a soul, giving you certain bonuses, abilities, features, negative and positive, inside and outside of combat. Story-Traits sound also cool. BTW: http://www.scifimoviezone.com/imagecor/cor085.jpg
  6. I also thought that for me the name was rather unfitting at first. However, in the end I agree with Karkarov. Their damage probably relies more on their sneaky, elusive and cunning nature, rather than their actual weapon skill, so I have no prob with naming them "rogues" However, I think that some sort of extra defense against the "fighting style" of rogues could be nice. E.g things like alertness, awareness, readiness of mind, lack of special weaknesses etc. (or most simply, one of the four defenses) that make sneak attacks harder or reduce their effectivity. That way there could be op
  7. Actually, the power curve in D&D wasn't all that dramatic, especially in 2.0. An epic Level fighter (never even mind a thief) in mediocre equipment could still be overwhelmed by a group of halfway competent fighters. What really set a character apart from others (when it comes to physical fighting) was armor class. And it was often too easy to make an character almost invincible to even dozens of lesser enemies by simply raising his AC, regardless of his actual level. If enemies need a natural 20 to hit you so that they only have a chance of 5% to damage a character, that's obviously not e
  8. I'd like it if the Psychovampiric Shield had some sort of magical defense. Maybe there could be a feat for ciphers, that provides a defensive bonus for the psychovampriic shield against a special form of magic (that you can choose), that is otherwise hard to come by. Would also be interesting if Ciphers had some special means to defend themselves against other "psionics", like Vitharcs, or other Ciphers.
  9. sounds like a fighter with a special fighting style, who also happens to have a skill/ability set that you'd usually associate with a thief. I'd have prefered the damage-output to be more dependant on situational circumstances, but well. Perhaps in the end, it's rather the name of the class that's unfitting, and not the class itself. or whatever.
  10. yeah well, if the thief's superior damage-output is dependant on sneak attacks or something similiar, it's not really much of a change? Otherwise, if they also have the highest direct combat damage, I'm not sure if "thief" is a fitting name for the class anymore.. But if it's dependant on something like sneak-attacks, I repeat, it's not really that different from the IE games. In BG 2, I once played an assasin (still a thief) who had more often than not the highest damage-output in combat. One sneak attack made like 100 damage, often an insta-kill. Then I'd hide in shadows again (especially f
  11. If I throw 3 fireballs into a crowd of people, and there are still children running around after that, that just annoys me to no end, sorry.
  12. Definately think there should be both modes in the game. An "Ironman light" might prevent lazy gaming and savegame abusing, and you don't waste your time and attention on constantly saving the game yourself. The usual rule "save early, save often" just disturbs the flow of the game. And the real Ironman mode needs to be there as well, of course, because it's awesome! As long as you don't die..
  13. Indeed, I've recently discovered a whole lot of videos on youtube that compare our real world physics with the workings of a computer program (how we know it), and there are some pecularities. E.g, the speed of light = maximum "refresh rate" of the screen. Things like that. But in the end, of course it's all speculation.
  14. You could just set a certain maximum of magical items (certain magical items with certain effects) that stack. For example, you could either wear 5 magical rings, or you could wear 2 magical rings, 2 magical earrings, and one magical necklace. You could possibly equip more, but the effects wouldn't stack, and it could even come to some sort of magical overload with unpredictable consequences. The specific number of magical items that you can wear could also depend on the quality or power of the items. Or you could just do completely without limits, and wear 20 rings, 20 necklaces etc.
  15. The attribute-set is quite decent imo. Instead of inventing crazy formulas with dexterity, strength, speed, cunning and whatnot to determine your accuracy, you're just making accuracy an attribute for itself, and be good with it. In the end, no simulatist approach with just a couple of numbers will ever be fully convincing anyway, so you might aswell come up with your own reasons, why you're so devastating, accurate, tough, etc. Not saying that I generally prefer such an approach, but it's kind of a refreshing change. If I'll really like it in the game, remains to be seen.
  16. I wonder if it wouldn't have been better if they had splitted the whole attribute thing, like in primary and secondary attributes. Mages could then have a melee-power attribute, that would share a pool with other secondary attributes, or perhaps even share the skill-pool, but a different pool then the primary attributes, so it wouldn't be a dumb-stat.
  17. I was hit by nostalgia as well. Must be in the wood-skin of the interface, or don't know. Who understands nostalgia anyway? Awesome update, also Defiance Bay, the age of discovery, change, sounds exciting.
  18. It doesn't need to be unique advantages, just advantages and disadvantages. And it seems to me that you're proposing the exact same in you post. E.g elf rogue do more damage, human rogues are better with support spells. Versatilty rather than one race being absolutely superior in one class.
  19. There was a thread about this once. Just give different races different advantages and disadvantages for every class, instead of opting to make one particular race better for one class, try to make it play different. For instance one race could get a bonus to mana regeneration, while the other race gets a boost to maximum mana. That way you might still get stronger and weaker combinations, but not too extreme, and you get more versatilty
  20. You can only have finite causality chains. I think the trick is to make the "endings" of the chain as mysterious and exciting as possible. Although this might often mean to explain only the general idea of magic, and only very shallow. Sometimes inserting pseudo expainations, that are very vague, perhaps use a lot of metaphers and/or lead people to believe that magic works after some other sort of logic, that contradicts logic. You could say the maximum "enigma" in a magical system is when you only have the highest layer, meaning the effects that you achieve with magic, and leave everything
  21. Please no Arcanum system, where even in the game's lore magic is a predefined, limited set of spells, and magic users are basically some typos with x-men abilities. Can't think of anything lamer, really. I pretty much like the D&D system, Monte Cook/Dark Tower style is also appealing. Magic should be something you get through manipulating energies, both "inside" and "outside", from all kinds of different sources (weave, shadow weave, soul, elemental planes, surroundings, spirits, nature, some tree of life, artifacts ..bla), as well as utilizing all kinds of supernatural laws. Do
  22. I think the intent is to make it without traps, not make it foolproof. So there may indeed be corner cases such that you build a character with stats that completely contradict equipment, or you maximize penalties that the game explicitly warns you not to do. Like a fighter that equips the mage tome and robes, then stocks up on heavy armor mobility feats or something. Reasonable. If Obsidian refers to the IE games however, I wouldn't say that they had traps. Putting aside the point that in a game where you control up to 6 party members, your main character usually isn't all that importa
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