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  1. Well, I think that are actually good ideas. Especially leaving out HP inflation would give developers the opportunity to find more specific and intelligent ways to seperate power from weakness. And focus and skills and feats should be important in any good RPG anyway. However, I don't share your opion on power limits. It's already sure that there will be soulpower in the game as a supernatural element anyway, so no need to discuss this.
  2. @Trashman I wonder if you actually enjoyed the IE-Games, given your preferences on power-levels. What you're proposing sounds almost like some Half Life game, where you only gain strength by collecting new gadgets.. sounds boring to me, especially in a fantasy game. In any case, PE is supposed to be a game that resembles the IE games, so I'm afraid you have to look for another game that better fits your expectations on that matter. For me a very important thing would be to have really powerful magic in the game. I just loved the crazy powerful mages and spells in BG (especially tha
  3. I wouldn’t find this so bad, if the mage can make up for this with crowd control or massdamage spells that have an impact on even more powerful foes. I also found the explanation in earlier D&D solid , that mages need to travel with fighters and other group members in the wilderness because they require protection, as they would use up their spells alone rather quickly and are fragile as well. But yeah, giving the mage the potential to kill foes one on one to greater extent would be perhaps more dynamic, if made good, that is. I only know that for example in Dragon Age, I didn’t find it v
  4. Which people have stated it is more fun? I don't know, I have yet to see a game in which I find this "homogeneity" fun. It rather strikes me to be artificial that everone must have the same power at every time. Guaranteeing that every member can contribute in an equal way is perhaps more important in a MMORPG, but not so much in a single-player party RPG imho. A great part of the fun I had with these kind of games was to create strong and rather weak characters. And in a system that allows a great difference in power there will in most cases be party members who are more important than the r
  5. That's true. But if you had become immune against normal weapons in hell, and posessed the big metal unit, things would turn out differently :D But that's just the philosophy I like in games: You don't become all powerful just because you're high-level. You need more than that. As for powerlevels in general: I think classes should be differently powerful for different levels. A mage should be rather weak in the beginning but at high levels a force to be reckoned with. Fighters should be able to wield certain magic, but that shouldn't be something every fighter can. It should depend on y
  6. Sounds awesome, but the advantage should be limited. Like when the level difference is 5, after 15 rounds the advantage should be at maximum. It's generally an interesting idea to let the fighting prowess fluctuate against a certain opponent depending on certain stats, skills etc. Although it can become unnecessarily complicated that way. Sounds awesome, but it's hard to tell how it would play. Maybe the stances should have greater advantages and drawbacks, to make them tactically more significant. Another idea would be to introduce somekind of paper-scissor-stone mechanics. For ex
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