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  1. A game breaking exploit occurs when your fire godlike has less than 50% endurance with his "increased damage feat" ... All around him, all enemy takes 20+ raw damage and just quickly die ... Does it occur for anyone else ? (not yet tested by myself, but done by my brother)
  2. Same + them turning against me during a manually solved assault of bandits. Right now, my keep was only a money sink even if it gave me tons of ingredients ... I mean, auto resolve with 8 hirelings still made "you lost two buildings" (???), hirelings being always unpaid and, during fight, They turned against me, and, then, were hostile in my keep (and I had to kill them all, even not hireling guest... To find him ressurected afterward) ... -> Escape of prisoner even with high security ... Right now, the keep is quite annoying, as a long travel make you miss any quest and lose reputation even if you COULDN'T react to the new mission ...
  3. Hi there, after playing around 60+ hours, I encountered not so many bugs, but a few which forced me to reload (and, I'm pretty lucky I didn't play in Trial of Iron) - Character stucked, after combat, (or even, once, IN Combat) down, without any possible action. In combat, I won but couldn't unstuck the priest. It seems to happen when prone + paralysed. - Typo in one of the loading screen : Disengagement is written Disenengement or something close (I forgot, may edit) - Castle completly BAD : -> The hireling attacked me when my caslte is attacked -> Even at max defense, with 8 hirelings, auto resolve means ... Loosing ? WHAT? -> Hireling seems to be unpaid, even if I got the message, and ... I can't do anything to change it ! -> It becomes pretty fast something quite boring, as it doesn't work ... Would have loved to see it expand, who knows, make us the leader of the North (GOT reference intended), we may be able to change the tax level (as we don't get anything ... I mean, less than 1k when I am maxed ... Youpi...) -> Prisoners are useless ... And evade even if you have a full upgraded castle -> No Castle related quest EXCEPT the Master Below Here they are.
  4. There may be some special Godlike helmet (flower crown or whatever) you could get in the game ... Who knows ?
  5. I think you don't have to scout where there are traps, and you don't have to find traps when you need to spot enemies... Your ranger could be the stealthy and your rogue the mecanist ...
  6. It's more something you cooked home and bring with you... Then, pic nic before destroying huge amount of spiders. I can agree with this.
  7. That's an option. But I would rather see similar prices with different attribute choices. Or a mix of the two. The problems I see with that are that I can't imagine some random inn in the middle of nowhere would have super expensive rooms. Also with this game we are going to end up with a ton of money. Even 720 copper after awhile will be a joke. And you are back to square one. In the end I just want there to be a decision to make besides "do I have enough money?" This was in my mind too : you will have an incentive to visit city, Inn, and, your castle. It's not the cost but rather the strategic value. Furthermore, in the early game, the cost seems to not be something we can laught at... Later on, we will be lords and lords can afford the big rooms, can't they ?
  8. Aint Lore values used as a requirement to use scrolls? Depending on scroll frequency/gold value, it could be vital to Hybrid spellcaster builds like Fighter-Mage. In fact, it is (if I remember well, you can use a scroll of Lore/2 level... So, it is useful. And, we love some roleplaying too.
  9. To me, it's not such a big deal... And I explain why : In BG etc, resting in super top rooms was not usefull (or I missed something, as I had a cleric to heal me). Here, you have an incentive to go rest in an Inn... before a big fight/other. Furthermore, this same bonus will be applied when you rest at home. And it won't be the case when you camp. So, you have the bonus only for the first encounters in the dungeon, and not for the boss ... They aren"t a problem, even if they cost nothing. (Please forgive my bad english)
  10. Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say here. Without healing spells you can't die? But with healing spells you die in one fight? Yes, exactly : without regen, you just "black out", and can finish your fight with the tankier characters... But with regen, your squichy fighter (why not) will just see his resistance oscilliating ... until his health begin to get low and he dies... Falkon, what is your kickstarter ? For the record, I can understant why my first question is not implemented ... and as their skill can be used in scripted interaction, they are still relevant. It is just stange ... but understandable.
  11. So, this is exactly my problem (for the first one) : For a knowledge check, if I choose to have a mage with high knowledge with me, I hope he will help me with it. But, I understand why it's not done. For the second part, I have to try something else, but found it quite silly with regeneration spell + hard combat to be killed
  12. I have two questions, quite different : The first one : During conversation, my MC has low perception and didn't catch something. Could one of the party member with high perception say something ? Should we change the used guy for it ? This is particularly true with "knowledge" or "survival" ... Why shouldn't our ranger say "it's poisonous" when our MC doesn't know ? I'm sure, for a balancing point of vue, it's pretty bad (as we easily get all the skills) but it feels strange for Knowledge and survival... The second : It feels strange to be killed when you use healing spells ... What I mean here is : without healing spells, my durability is low (that's the point) but my characters can't be maimed or die... With healing, and particularly regeneration, I can get killed on one fight... I don't know if something can be done (especially 10 days before release) but it feels weird...
  13. So, it's comming ^^ Only one regret : not getting the book even after paying 140 usd ^^ but ... This is it, I just have to learn to control myself better and not be hype too much. Eager to test the whole game now, and 20 days to wait.
  14. I'm one of the people wanting (badly) to see another arcanum game ... With updated map, a multiplayer (I know, I'm daydreaming) which could include parties up to 10 people, a better AI, more spells/techs, a gigantique wold, sandboxisher ... Yeah, Dreaming is sort of fun... But, they announced they want to make a Pillars of Eternity 2, if the first do well...
  15. @Sky_Walker Hi, I'm against this "clear comparison" as I want to be able to roleplay the game... And they promised they wouldn't give us some "+1 sword, then +2 Sword) ... I prefer to take this Shining sword which allows me to burn my foes etc... On another ground, I think that the character sheet should be easily reached through inventory too (like double clicking one of our character => character sheet => lvl up possible...
  16. I think tons of great class free games are on the market (D:OS am I speaking of you?) and this one shouldn't ... All the classes will feel special ... I hope And, right now, I like the mechanism of most of them (Chanter/Cypher are really different and nice, the monk is interesting, even if I would rather he didn't take so much damage and its abilities could make him stay longer/its ratio to its health should be smaller etc ... ) and would just like to enjoy playing with any character. Right now, only the Wizard and the Rodeur (the guy with an animal companion) doesn't make my day.
  17. I read it and, think it wouldn't have a place in this game (but is great for another, like a STR) ... Because having multiple time the same people seems to be quite diminushing for the group... If it's not synergie but rather "We designed it like that"... I would love to hear from the dev what they think of the wizard ,if they are satisfied yet.
  18. Hi, I think I will just say again what everyone already said ... But anyway, let's try to "save this class" too : First of all, I don't care if it's not exactly (or even close) to the experiment I had in BG I and II, Icewind dale etc ... Why ? Because every class are here different, and with some flavor ... Except the Wizard I tried it, again and again, and, it just didn't hook me... Playing a Lvl1 mage in BG 1 was terrible, but you knew it was going to be better, here, it's just "hey ... I'm already mid power and ... Just not fun at all". I don't care if he is not overpowered, or anything like that, but right now, I feel it to be unenjoyable. I didn't try all the classes, as I pretty much know how the Fighter or Barbarian felt, but I spent time on the wizard and priest classes. And, concerning the wizard, I don't find its role, or any mean he has to make its contribution "nice". Two things strucked me : First : I don't have enough spells, and as I don't want to be always resting, I don't spam my spells ... And so I only use auto attacks, so, less micromanagment than my fighter ! Second : Ok , now is the big fight, use your gun man ... WHAT... a Beetle is NOT killed by my fireball even if I can only spam two of them per rest and resting is really not encouraged in this game ... So, I hope the (next?) improvement being made to this class would create something better out of it. Changing book and having versatility (less than priest) could be fun if playing our spells (and having some variety) were a right and nice option. So, I remember what was told "Tell us if some class just aren't appealing to you" ... This is done
  19. I would like to get this feature too. Maybe the loot could be needed for our gards in the castle (I mean, changing loot => money to loot => defense power) I love this idea to take it, and, if you play smart, to be able to get this frozen sword which make your heart slow down some other used against you. Nevermind, thanks for the clarificaton sir ! (I juste failed without reading it to the end)
  20. I think it can be "only a nice touch" as it could grow and shapeshift like nature wants and not like his frail body would.
  21. Hi, first of all : great update ... But some inquiries indeed ... we only get the hight damages a rogue could give ... But can he conceal his soul and body, and THEN strike a deathly blow (at high level of course), or lurk in the shadows or ... Anything "roguish" in the old way ? I like your idea for him, but I hope it will be someone discrete too ... And that he could make by himself Text adventures where stealth is needed ? (or maybe "adventures in game engine" ?) I hope there won't be any problem with it ... (I know, I dream a lot) For the ranger, me too, I hope there gonna be different animals with different skills and not only skinns : a bear can't go in a city, even if it can destroy some mens easily, a weasel could grab keys or small jewelry ... Cut the purse of the passing guy or anything like it ... Finally, an hawk can check the sky and give a potential "impossible" embush state for the whole party ... And, there are other creatures, a mighty boar we could ride (hell yeah), some "epic companions" may be a great idea too ... I mean, we gonna fight dragons, right ... I would like to hear about the Leaders in th next update.
  22. I'm into it too. I mean : CLUAconsol was awesome ... The famous ctrl+J allowing you to skip boring parts (or simply avoid the "Your group is stucked, you can't move on" ... Or resurrect Gorion ... Or fight multiple times Sarevok ... Or allowing freedom to the player. But, I don't want it if it means "ok backers, we will make a buggy game for you, BUT you will be able to deal with it alone" (I know it won't be the case). and, finally, it should allow another playthrough ... crazier and funnier (but with less empathy with your character).
  23. Hi, I went to the before may post without finding a subject about mount... But i'm pretty sure it already has been discuss in depth. What I'm asking is more something "for the eyes" and something in the gameplay. As we will get magnificient "quests", without animations (I forgot the right name and am not a native English speaker), some reward could be "pet" creatures or mounts. Why else would we climb a mountain and steal a Griphin eggs ? That's great, and maybe some "training" thing may be done, and now, we do have a griphin/Dragon/Snake/Bear (without the eggs) / strange creature which is well disposed to help us. Then, I think it would be awesome to make them a lair in our Stronghold, adding defensive bonus and visuals. Furthermore, I would love to be able to play a "true" knight. And, who know, the druid (or paladin) may be better at it, riding a powerful bear (or his mighty horse, I know, that's less sexy). Anyway, to summerize : - Will we be able to keep some beasts ? - Are mount a "bad thing" or is it something still in discussion ?
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