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  1. Hi, I don't come here very offten (only after each updates), but, how the "game" is going ? The release date is still in 2014 ?
  2. Hi Obsidian Team, I regisered on this forum ages ago, but have courage to post here only now. Everything I write may be biased, as I'm a French guy but : - I do like the american accent you put in her mouth, it gives the same feeling as the atmosphere : dirty bar with a bad mouthed bartender - For the UI and the dialogu, I'm not a pro, but the remarks make sense ... And I'm just a LaTeX user so... Like the text to look pretty well too. Furthermore, the jewel need both the gem (in your writers we trust) and the golden claws (the typo) to be awesome... I'm really excited on the Stronghold part ... And hope it will allow us to : - get familiar/mounts/Dragon Eggs/Griphin/Orcs gards/Animacy dark magic lab ... whatever to make it feel real - Give us revenues (like the keep in BG2) and cost some too (Gards etc...) - Make us able to use some teleporting stones to defend it by ourselves - Be something NOT necessary for the whole game BUT being the place where our 2nd and illimited inventory goes ... Keep us informed !
  3. Hi, I don't know if it's possible, but will the opponent be able to set traps ? Create ambushs? Kill us while we sleep (maybe it's a bad idea), be "alive" ? Will you design a new type of AI or will it be the same as the one un BG ? I mean, will you program it from scratch ?
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