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  1. As for me 2D is much more beautifull and imersive than 3D. And in good cRPG with tons of text it leaves place for our own imagination. PoE is beautifull game and I have no idea how much bigger budget is needed to make equally beautifull game in 3D. Really for good cRPG 3D is only a financial burden.
  2. I'm also against more VO. In fact there is already too much VO in dialogues (it's somewhat breaking imerssion). But I would apreciate more interactions between characters.
  3. And the same thing is with american movies: Violence? OK! Swearing? No way! Nipple? Blasphemy! I really don't get why are americans so afraid of showing nipples, there are so normal in european movies and games. And nothing happened with us. We are still normal people not sexual maniacs. The same goes to swearing It's so silly when I see even mouth is pixelated in some american productions. Somewhere along the way, the nipple went from being solely a nurturing tool for the feeding of babies, to becoming a very sexualized protrusion. The bearing of breasts in european cultures was not uncommon or considered risque', in fact the exposing of legs and ankles were more eyebrow raising than that of a nip slip. Cleavage on the other hand, which can be shown without any social hindrance or stigma, here in the USA, was always used to mirror that of the top of a female ass to attract men. The bigger and more full the better, which represented the woman's health, status and social position and potential for birthing and rearing a child, or in the mind of the onlooker, his child; subconsciously of course. Of course the nipple is sexualized. Or rather could be but does't have to. After observing polish political stage I came to one conclusion. More conservative people associate evrything with sexuality. Those less conservative have no problem with nipples (beacuse it's natural that someone is naked when is taking shower). Shorter dresses (heck she is not prostitute she just has beautifull legs, and want to show them. The same way boys would show their muscles). Probably the same goes to swearing (let's go back from this interesting offtopic) conservative people identify swearing with the worst things.
  4. Is Fampyr not like welsh or something? And Xaurips... Heck they are obviously Kobolds, for everyone who played D&D...
  5. I have the kickstarter version, i can change the language without problems. Yep, there is no problem. But anyway I play english version. Polish translation is so wrong, on so many levels. From the begining, Godlike - Boscy. Really? Really?
  6. And the same thing is with american movies: Violence? OK! Swearing? No way! Nipple? Blasphemy! I really don't get why are americans so afraid of showing nipples, there are so normal in european movies and games. And nothing happened with us. We are still normal people not sexual maniacs. The same goes to swearing It's so silly when I see even mouth is pixelated in some american productions.
  7. And I agree with both Varana and OP. The price system is absurd. And probably it have to be absurd. Same was in Tabeltop D&D. It was and is absurd. In Tabeltop RPGs you can always negotiate price system before playing though. Here You have to find some consenus that will be at least "ok" for hundreds of thousands players. I think It is ok. Xaurips garbage shouldn't cost lot of money, but I think grimuars and enchanted weapons are way to cheap.
  8. As for me (story focused player) it's not about "dealing" with combat. I can deal with combat on easy or normal. The problem is - I'm easily bored by combat. I know that for example Endless Paths are not for me, but I think there should be more dialog otions to avoid combat in main quest and some side quests.
  9. It's easy. this topic is also ""Swearing Discussion", so it's not only about mod, but also about swearing in game And that results in: OP complaining is kind of hypocrisy (datails was already told in this thread). it's naive to think that teenagers don't swear and don't know swear words.
  10. As I wrote already somewhere on this forum PoE is merge of IWD, BG and P:T. Fans of IWD focus on combat, so they are more about party that's good for fighting rather than about story.
  11. IE style game without pause? Now this is official. It's a troll. A good one, indeed, but troll. EDIT: I'm sorry, I failed my Will check and couldn't resist... And If there are calls for global moderator... Let's call it quit and end this topic.
  12. Well Wl2 turned up to be not so good game. PoE is good game, but expectations were much bigger, some people expected ultimate cRPG, which PoE is not. As I said erlier PoE is something between all IE games and fans of each could be slighty (or more) disapointed. I'm slighty disapointed but anyway PoE is biggest deal in cRPG since Witcher 1. I appreciate that.
  13. I really don't get this, leveling is one of the greatest things in RPG, and feeling overpowered in the end of the game is something that I really like. For me the only problem is the level cap. Just give as some skill points and more endurance on each level beyond 12 and it will be ok. For people that need harder combat, there should be harder hard mode and that's all. I like to feel that side quest means something, not only for the world, but also for my party. Characters are getting stronger and that's the reward for it, You don't have to be concerned about combat, beacuse of Your power.
  14. This is not a problem, this is a feature. It was promised right from the start of the Kickstarter campaign. So they promised. And so they delivered. 1. Josh said that this will be a mundane fantasy: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-02-10-pillars-of-eternity-interview-off-cuts 2. This is a matter of taste, in both cases (BG and PoE) 3. Not a combat guy either... Pozdrowienia. 1. I know that he said that. I like this world, it just lacks depth (as Monte Carlo sumarized)
  15. Meh I don't need those whole "balance" thing. I look for more story and more content. And more levels, maybe for combat lovers it's not good but I don't like my cRPGs after reaching maximum level.
  16. Well PoE is great game but it's main problem is trying to merge BG, IWD and P:T in one game. And it doesn't have as great story and world as P:T It doesn't have as great NPC's as BG And (as far as I'm reading forums) doesn't have as demanding combat as IWD (I don't know I'm not really combat guy) And as far as I'm more fan of PS:T than BG series I feel a bit disapointed, but I still can appreciate PoE as one of the best RPG ever (still nowehere near my great trinity: Torment, KotOR 2 and Witcher 1).
  17. What does auto-updater have to do with DRM? For some anti-DRM people any kind of conection to internet forced by game (and auto-updater is forcing such conection) is DRM-like device.
  18. I really hope that sequel will be Kickstarted despite those sales. I really don't understand people who don't won't it. It would be great to have some influence on the game and it would be grate to have it for 50% on the launch.
  19. I'm disgusted with this whole "oh I hate You know, I don't won't to play Your game anymore". It's at same low level as this twitter girl, which didn't understand the joke and started this whole madness. Maybe not evry one is smart enough to understand little silly limmerick. As for me Obsidian get yellow card. Censorship and political corectness is last thing I would see in games I'm playing, but I still trust them The new limmerick is quite good comment to whole situation. I'm courius if those girl would make same complains if there is a quest in which You can help, destroy or ignore LGBT person.
  20. As for me - person who finds fighting in cRPGs boring, stats are interesting, they allow one to make some interesting choices.
  21. Economy - just like it. Stash - Best thing in cRPG since... EVER! UI - I agree. Crafting/enchanting - really like it. Might - It's very interesting. At least cRPG in which one can build "talking - inteligent" character who is not a ****. Stronghold - It's quite OK but seems unfinished or just not complex enough.
  22. I really like stronghold idea (something like in AC series) but here it is a bit... unfinished I think. More things like taxes, quests and interaction with local villagers and it would be graet (Something like in AC III)
  23. It's really sad RPG is all about story and character development, and I hate when character development cease at some point. And for the fights, if they are to easy It's only better, I don't like when fights are to long and boring. Really preffer story.
  24. Well - loading times are horrible. SSD is not standard so it IS a problem. - NPC's are a bit... Flat for me nothing near BG2 living alone P:T - Main Story looks a bit uninterestin for now, but I just entered Defiance Bay, so there still is plenty of time for story to develop.
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