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  1. Sam & Max Season 2 is on now.
  2. Alan Wake @ $6 could wind up being this sales Jack Keane 2 if they want it to be. EDIT: or Divinity Dragon Commander @ $13. Difference is, there's a lot of plus side to Dragon Commander for that price.
  3. I asked about this the first bloody day. The problem is developers of video games in general make their games on HD computer screens a few feet or so from their face, instead of even a low-end HD or SDTV 8 or so feet away. They don't see the problem. Just because HD allows you to make really small fonts, doesn't mean that you should. We don't all have 50" 1080p screens! At least have SD ones available as well, and as the default.
  4. Raiden Legacy is finally the first game that's come up that I kinda want. So far I've either already got it there, elsewhere, or don't want it.
  5. The insomnia sale is back on. The stupid one without the time limit. However, this time the freebees are done differently. There's a random chance you'll a free game when you check out. EDIT: Arcanum is the game on now for $1.49. 200 copies left. It's going slow, so people probably don't know about it yet.
  6. There's this game on sale on the Humble Store sale right now for $1.25 called Dominique Pamplemousse. It looks fantastic, I would have paid $5 for it in a heartbeat if I had even heard of it before this. EDIT: Probably because I buy grapefruit anything.
  7. I would assume that Carmack can claim that Zenimax does not own him 24/7, so his work for the Rift happened during non-Zenimax time.
  8. I just got it the other day. The last one I got was the interrupting channeling one with farts.
  9. Steam can such for not knowing if whether or not it downloaded DLC. It happened with me when it came to Deus Ex 3. It was there, there was nothing to indicate it was there in the beginning.
  10. I have no clue about anything Minecraft other than its DRM is the biggest reason why I never got it for PC. Can you save something like that locally so that way you can bring it back at any time, or is it in a perpetual MMO state and is destroyed forever until someone repair builds it? If you can't save it locally, then the whole thing seems like a waste of time to me.
  11. I should be evil and just start claiming other people's videos. Apparently that's all it takes for YouTube.
  12. Going through the main quest is the only way to go from day to night. It has 0% to do with real or game time. I honestly can't comment on the stone hammer. I've never had problems getting in, and the stone hammer isn't a weapon I think I've used yet. Do you have another weapon on you?
  13. Yet another reason why SP RPGs are the best for video games. Even if someone cheats; who the fudge cares? It doesn't effect anyone else. Was FF4 ruined as a result of the dupe? Nope. I beat that one a few times before I even found out about it. EDIT: It's also why the auction house never should have been a part of Diablo 3.
  14. It's kinda weird, the old LucasArts games on Steam (Loom, Dig, IJ LC/FoA) don't even suffer from $1=1 euro.
  15. I'm afraid to bring my computer from home into town because for the first time ever, offline mode is actually working properly for me, and I don't want to jinx that by updating it. EDIT: Plus at my house, WinXP is still in date.
  16. It would be great if they could add it as a side-quest after you befriend the goths.
  17. Pip died in the Season 14 episode "201" when Mecha-Streisand crushed him. 200 & 201 were the episodes when the celebrities had enough of South Park making fun of them so they threatened to destroy them unless they handed over Muhammad so they could get his goo to make them impervious to ridicule.
  18. I loved the Tiger Woods player creator. I've made some pretty funny-looking ogre people with that thing.
  19. They mentioned it once, but they thought they got away with it.
  20. Let me guess: MCA was talking about stretch goals Brenda was talking about how even established veterans need to be properly prepared for what exactly they're trying to sell Susan was talking about ways to maximize your income through crowd funding
  21. They're doing an IAmA for this bundle right now. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/220xfl/we_are_game_developers_of_anodyne_defenders_quest/ Related news: Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame is collaborating with Kevin and Level Up Labs on the Defenders Quest 2 theme. I'm kinda pumped about that. A lot.
  22. I noticed yesterday on the Xbox marketplace that they're now selling the pre-order costume packs, as well as the Super Ultimate Pack which contains both of them for $4.
  23. 3rd person action game where, instead of various weapons of mass destruction, you have weaponized dance moves. The guy from Depeche Mode is making a beat em up? Will this finally be the game that answers the age old question: People are peole so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully? This must be a new life for Vince Clarke. I just can't seem to get enough of the thought of a Depeche Mode beat-em-up. He wasn't with them for long. If this gets funded, and there is a follow up game, he'll probably leave them for Yahoo! games.
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