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  1. Speaking of which, it seems as though Civitas now has secured funding, so it cancelled its Kickstarter. On the topic of Dizzlike, i just can't see myself throwing any money down on any Facebook game. It just always blown my mind when I seen Disney, EA et al spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying out companies that made these free games. Hopefully the game works out for you, Kickstarter or not. I was actually pretty flabbergasted when I heard some of the numbers that the "whales" had done in the DA2 Facebook game (literally to the tune of several thousand dollars). It's definitely a segment where a small few contribute the bulk of the dollars. For some, it seems, their time is much more valuable than their money. Free to play is interesting because it reminds me of an article I read where an analyst told a developer/publisher that they should not worry about pirates using bandwidth (or even Tech Support) in an online game, because the mere presence of more people in a multiplayer game enhances the experience for those that have paid for the game. I can see the logic behind it, though I'm not 100% sure if the reality necessarily reflects that (i.e. I'm sure there are situations where doing so is not a good thing at all). (If I'm a bit all over the place - Sorry, I just got off my last night shift in this run.) It was a fun little game. Obviously I played it to unlock the DA2 items. But, dang, it was expensive. The top tier was about $100. I could get nearly 2 new full games for that price, or 6 months and change of WOW. WOW was worth it to me at the time, because with the different timed events that went on, it was like a different game every month to an extent. Even for $20 I could get a good budget title, and get more enjoyment out of it per dollar. Plus it was a promo for DA2, like Journeys was for Origins. It didn't make sense to me to spend money on what is basically an ad. But I'm cheap, and it has to be a game I really want in order to spend top dollar on it. The BioWare games were in that category. Hopefully Dragon Age 3 is as well. Back to real $ on Facebook games: I know there is money in it. A lot of the time it is people being stupid with it. Having their credit cards linked to their accounts, so they can instantly buy without thinking about it. Or in the case of some things like some aquarium game played primarily by kids, basically downright exploit it. For a grand and change, I could have a new PS4 and DA3 when they come out, and a new X-country bike to make up for the one that was stolen. That certainly isn't worth it to me to instead play a game that requires me to share all of my information to get access to it, and not let me own it in any way. This is why I don't like the micro transaction method of payment used by Facebook games Heck, I bought a couple of T-shirts off of Kingdom of Loathing 5 or so years back for $30, and it's as good as buying the game itself because after not playing it for years, my character is still there waiting for me, loaded with time, and some other goodies for actually giving them money in some form. If those Facebook games had something like that (I'm sure some do, but I don't bother looking to Facebook for games anymore unless I feel I must [DA Legends]) where if you gave them a few bucks, or bought something from their store to "buy" the game, to get more out of it without micro-transactions or inviting all your friends over and over again, I might have done it for a game as good as what Legends was. Let's take DA Legends as an example again. Let's say there is two modes for DA Legends: The free mode that it was with optional micro-transactions where everything you do cost "energy," and it can take a while to recharge your energy. That is the model that the game was. Or there might have also been an Enchanted mode for those that spent money on the game in any way. The difference would be the elimination of that "energy gage" where doing stuff like entering a battle didn't take those points away, companions didn't have wait times if alive and other little goodies. There would still be micro-transactions available if you wanted them, but there would be an obvious less need for them if you wanted to keep playing. Back then, I probably would have dropped a couple of bucks down for the Enchanted mode, or bought a T-shirt or something for it. Instead, it was a game I just played to unlock DA2 stuff for free.
  2. Speaking of which, it seems as though Civitas now has secured funding, so it cancelled its Kickstarter. On the topic of Dizzlike, i just can't see myself throwing any money down on any Facebook game. It just always blown my mind when I seen Disney, EA et al spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying out companies that made these free games. Hopefully the game works out for you, Kickstarter or not.
  3. Because he said "John Madden Football with all 11 players? That will never fly!" and got out after then. Or something like that.
  4. Delver's Drop is in its final 4 hours. It is a Zelda 3 type game with randomly created dungeons. As I'm typing, it is just about to reach its $150,000 stretch goal. EDIT: Dang dyslexia. It was at $144,9xx; not $149,4XX. Still, 3 hours to go.
  5. Ultima: Exodus for the Commodore 64.
  6. My main beef with Steam, is that it logs me out of Offline mode after a month, and I have to lug my computer to my parents just to log back in again. High speed in the sticks just isn't economically viable for me.
  7. Leisure Suit Larry 1 remake Hero U : Rogue to Redemption (Lori Ann & Corey Cole game) Jane Jensen's Moebius 2 Guys from Andromeda: SpaceVenture (3rd one down is the pre-order) Barkley 2: Revenge of Cuchulainn Tex Murphy: Project Fedora Carmageddon: Reincarnation Godus Shadowrun Online
  8. I liked Fallout 3. It was a really good game. I'm not an Elder Scrolls fan. I've tried to be. I just can't get into them. But it just really seemed to work for me with the whole post-apocolyptic setting. The Pitt, and Point Lookout were my favorite parts of it. There was enough questing to keep me interested. Of course, Fallout is not TES. They hopefully won't go all willy-nilly and lazy with the lore their next go around. Poor Harold. F Mothership Zeta. Even with the gap I had between playing 1 & 2 back in the day to 3, those two things ticked me off the most the first time I played 3. Hopefully they learned a lot from New Vegas. Except for the tunnelers. Hopefully they're not immune to e-coli, and they drink some tainted water underground and die there so noone sees or hears from them again. Superman never should have saved the mole people. Yeah, I said it.
  9. I totally understand. I already regret paying on a different KS but this one has me pretty excited. I wish they offered a tier that was the main game and DLC only instead of having to jump up to the CE to get the DLC. I don't mind this. It lets me take a look at the game before deciding to drop the cash on the DLC. How much more could that cost anyways?
  10. Apparently an MMO. Not interested. There's supposed to be a single player offline mode as well.
  11. Yay DRM!!!!! i just love lugging my computer to my parents once a month just so I can log into Steam and play the games in offline mode for another 30 days.
  12. I just pre-ordered Shadowrun the other day. It's still $15. The artwork from the game that Harebrained put up last month got me really excited. The fact that Jake, the PC from the SNES game is in it really put me over the top. I probably should have waited for the video of the walkthrough tomorrow, but screw it. The editor looks pretty good. I had never played a game like Shadowrun for the SNES at the time. It was my introduction to cyberpunk, and the story was stronger than any other RPG I had played previously. The Sega Genesis game wasn't as strong as the SNES one. However, to this day about the Genesis version, I still remember being pissed off at the time that Vigore & Jarl, the guys who were paying me the best were really (Insert spoiler here.) Outside of those 4, I really wanted Tom Hall's games to go through. Those early id/Apogee games were a big part of my early IBM gaming, outside of the Sierra/Lucasfilm Games adventures. Fortunately the LSL/2 guys/Cole's/Jane Jensen games got through (barely.)
  13. According to wikipedia it's SP, of course, the number of elephants has tripled in the last six months, so take it for what it's worth.
  14. Is it safe to assume there will be ANY real South Park characters in the game, or just the Palestinian equivalent.
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