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  1. So, it's Mashunt 3? Saying "no thanks" just doesn't suffice with the amount of "nope" I'm feeling.
  2. First day I had that I played through the first few Alien missions, getting pretty good at it. Then I realized it was dark out and was too scared to sleep for an hour.
  3. Dragon Age: Inquisition required/recommended specs revealed Kind of like other games they recommend 3 GB vRam, but it only requires 512 MB.
  4. A Myst TV program is in the works with a companion... video game? So a game about a TV show based on a game. Please don't make any jokes regarding movies that start with an I.
  5. Human Resources An RTS featuring an apocalyptic war between killer robots and eldritch abominations, duking it out for the rights to consume humanity and the planet itself
  6. Elegy for a Dead World Less game and more visual novel, only you're the writer. You move through the ruins of three dead worlds and at various points are giving a writing prompt, allowing you to give your interpretation of what you're seeing. They launched with a 20 day timespan, first time I've seen that.
  7. This isn't the only game to push for ridiculous levels of vRAM - The Evil Within has warnings to get at least 4gb vRAM. Other than that, after my mind rebooted about the Tetris thing, I did think of one possibility: The story of its creation and how it was all but stolen from the creator.
  8. They are making a live-action Tetris movie I... what? I don't even... what? Penny Arcade predicted it 11 years ago
  9. So, you know the stories about fans making games for defunct consoles? One of them, the RPG Pier Solar for the Mega Drive, is being ported to the PC. Yeah, I'm impressed.
  10. That Which Sleeps Cthulhu strategy game, where you're an ancient evil god/thing trying to free itself through subtle influence without catching the eye of heroes Low goal, but it's apparently for art assets primarily as they claim to have done most of the development out-of-pocket
  11. Sounds neat, but every time I see that low goal for non mobile game the eternal pessimist in me rises its head. The official word is that they've developed most of the game engine and such; most of the money is going to an outside artist to replace placeholder art.
  12. Metal Gear Collection 2014 is revealed to be a fashion line rather than rerelease of the series
  13. Oh what a surprise, a highly-anticipated game has a roughly equal mix of good and bad ratings with people who played for roughly two hours giving it a 0, a score you generally reserve for "not even a game" games.
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