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  1. Well, I guess the sequel is going to feature Coon & Friends. At least with the backwards compatibility announcement that should mean those with an xbone will get to play SoT on there when it gets unlocked.
  2. I hope they get the extra cash, but they've already got my money from before.
  3. here's a question about fallout 3 What do the people on the capital wasteland eat? in fallout 1, 2 and NV you see farms with crops and brahmin in every town you visit... in 3 there is a single brahmin pen in the entire game as far as i remember. also, how can cars that were destroyed by nukes over 200 years ago, still have gas in their tanks? im too tired to keep making a list (plants, animals, mutant and so on) but i think i make my point non sensical world building at it's finest indeed Mama Dolce's fine processed foods of course! Like with all multinational conglomerates, you don'
  4. Actually, they're just revealing the shirt of the month: Punga Power. It's about time, I say.
  5. Well yeah, that's why many of them prefer to be called "illusionists" now. The only people going around calling themselves magicians are those crappy ones who can't perform without a group of actors pretending to be amazed for the cameras for their TV series. Err, I might be too opinionated on this. They can't all be Doug Henning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7U_oHL_vzg It's too bad the Natural Law Party didn't win it in '93. We could have had the GST disappear just like this elephant. Instead we got Chretien. That would have been better if I could find the actu
  6. I'm now at the age where I've decided it's probably a good idea to wear shin pads when I'm pitching. It's wasn't the game last year where I got hit twice in the same leg with one of the welts that took 3 months to completely go away. No, it's this one that could be mistaken for another knee.
  7. Block-Up-Up. Forward-Back-Back-Back-HP. MK's fatality's for the most part used to all be easy.
  8. Part 1 - wait a second for it to go left or right, then back to middle. flick down (or press A) Part 2 - just spin it counter clockwise as fast as you can... being gentle isn't what this game is about. Part 3 - just be ready to flick the stick in the opposite direction quickly.
  9. You should be fine as long as you keep going south, regardless if it's time for the O Canada quest.
  10. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA51wyl-9IE
  11. That's just another word for nothing left to lose.
  12. Why not just spend $100 or so and get a quality value video card? You should be able to find a 2GB Radeon HD 6970 for just under $100. It's not the best, but it's a lot better than integrated, and it should do what you want without all the bells & whistles added in to newer games. I assume that card should run PoE without any real problems.
  13. It took me quite a few deaths to figure out why I've fallen and couldn't get up.
  14. Kinda strange they didn't do another group of them. They still have a couple of more Monkey Islands, Full Throttle, the older Indiana Jones ones, more Star Wars games and possibly Maniac Mansion 1 - unless DF has access to the rights for that as well as DOTT. But who's keeping track?
  15. Because it's their reputation, any bug that occurs in one of their games is blown up under a microscope because people are looking for them. I stopped buying NCAA Football games (outside of '10 so I could have one for the 360) because they introduced crowd noise in '05, and when it would get "too loud" the game would crash. I couldn't get past Nebraska. 360 fully patched GOTY FO3 had a game-crashing bug in it for me that was worse than anything I experienced in NV unpatched vanilla. I had to go back multiple saves multiple times to get through Zeta, a DLC I hated more than just about a
  16. Blizzard and Activision are the same company. Blizzard was part of the Vivendi Universal conglomerate that owned Sierra. When that merger happened with Activision, they changed the company name. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Activision_Blizzard
  17. Arcanum: Call of Duty You've got to decide if you're gonna shoot with magic guns, or steamwork rifles.
  18. All objections I think should be done in limerick Just because it would be in the spirit of it Rather you think it's lame Or is relatively tame Personally I don't really give a lick.
  19. Unfortunately I need to get a new oil tank because they're disposable from all the corrosive salt water atmosphere and whale bites that might occur in other provinces and for insurance purposes we need to be put in line with those, so no kickstarting for me for a while. Otherwise I'd have been all over this. Maybe they can re-imagine it as more of a Dark Sun atmosphere. Those will always be my favorite SSI games.
  20. I assume that engine can't handle mult-core processors that well, and would almost need a remastering to be able to run well enough on them - assuming good emulation doesn't exist. Doesn't FO3 have the biggest problems with that?
  21. The insomnia sale is back. This time they're doing 2 at a time. Why they would start it at the same time as trade deadline day is beyond me. Bad Mojo & Driftmoon are the 1st 2 games.
  22. I play local MP only. 1 - there isn't good internet for gaming where I live. 2- Stupid kids who have nothing to do but play a particular game and know where I will spawn have all but killed it for me online anyways. It took me the better part of a week to get my first airstrike in COD4. I aignt got time for that. Not to mention the last time I played Halo online and got the controls mixed up with COD. Star Wars TOR was fun though when I played it last.
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