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  1. It's Comcast vs. Facebook right now in the WCIA poll. Is VR fan pissed off enough to vote Facebook in over the company that will probably be responsible for bringing you along the lines of Canada-like download limits and overcharges if they merge with Time Warner? http://consumerist.com/
  2. Anodyne is in my backlog. It's supposed to be a good Zelda-like game. Defenders Quest is my favorite tower defense game. Largely for the RPG elements, and the story. It's easily well worth the $6 alone. Evoland was a good, fun little game to play through. I voted for Eras of Adventure in this years Amnesia Fortnight because of this game.
  3. This weeks deal is pretty sweet. It features games made with open source projects. If you don't already have all the games for $6, it's a really good deal. Anodyne Defenders Quest (w/ GOG key as well) Evoland Incredipede (pay whatever for:) Magical Diary Neo Scavanger (Early Access) Offspring Fling Planet Stronghold https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly
  4. There's over 120GB free. Hard drive space shouldn't be an issue. I'm playing the disc version installed on the HD.
  5. Hi, i downloaded the newest patch for my 360 on Saturday. Things were still seemingly okay then. I played both my old character first achievement hunting (manually saving twice afterwards) and my new character after that for a little bit with whom I manually saved once afterwards. All of these saves are on my 350GB official MS HDD. When I got home (which doesn't have internet) and I loaded it up, all of a sudden I noticed some manual saves were duplicated (there was 3 of the new save with the old character when there should have only been 2. Also, some of my older saves were duplicated) while others disappeared (the last save I made with my new character as well as some of my older saves.) It was almost like it overwrite some saves and replace them with others. (Where I was in game - what bug meant to me - not really necessary for recreating bug) The big problem with this is that the only save that remained with my new character was one from just before I had to go rescue Clyde from the school, meanwhile where I was supposed to have a save right before I went to Taco Bell for the first time. The big problem with this is that it was once again a very thorough gameplay to get the 1 chinokomon I missed on the first playthrough, as well as the hording achievement and getting all the friends. I was doing everything I could at the beginning of the second day so I didn't have to fight nazi zombies along the way so some significant time was spent there. (end of that) I played my new character again but from the only spot I had left for a tiny bit. I decided to save over one of the 3 from the newest ones from the old character and quit the game. When I went to play the game again, the only thing that happened was the save I made with the new character dissapeared. Also, 2 saves of the old character at that point remained (as it should have been - but just noting it didn't re-duplicate again.) I never bothered putting my saves on the 4GB area, or on the cloud (because I can't access them from home.) I never had any real problems before the new patch. Thanks.
  6. I finally found a place to download it without Steam. IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/heroines-quest/downloads/heroines-quest-the-herald-of-ragnarok
  7. Here's a Let's Play: (EDIT - I guess I should say it's NSFW) Start at the 16 minute mark.
  8. Left Trigger? You're supposed to hold left on the left stick, then go right with the left stick when it prompts you to. I can't remember if you go back left again after that.
  9. The Xbox is the same as the PC when it comes to saving in this game, except where the save games are located on your storage devices. Just do a New Save in the Save Game menu. That will give your new character his own save game file. Make sure you do the same thing for your old character to make sure your new character doesn't overwrite him permanently.
  10. I played one of those back in the day. It started with either Stan or Kyle on the screen, but the game creator's voice (who was clearly some 12-or-so year old kid) saying "Oh my god, they killed Kenny." "You bastards" How he said "you bastards" was so dang silly. There was no anger in it at all. I never really got into the game. The kid who made the game was no Ken Silverman.
  11. m/d/y is a better way of dating things, because that is how we say the date. And kilos are for drug dealers.
  12. The training minigames shouldn't have been different from how you actually perform the ability.
  13. Apparently getting rid of your junk solves this. Apparently after you sell them it comes back. In my current playthrough, I'm see if putting all my junk in my toybox throughout the game triggers the 3 missing Chinpokomon bug including shoe. I'll know later this week as I'm still on day 1.
  14. That's not possible. ME3 had the added effect of having over 100 hours invested per Shepherd assuming you played all 3 games. If you count all of my characters up until the first (only) time I finished ME3, I had over 400 hours invested in it. I would have been satisfied with a DA:O-type ending telling me what happened to everybody.
  15. I'll have time to play tonight, I'll try that. I think it took me 'till the third or fourth thing I broke to actually figure out how I was doing it. I was dropping the right control pad a lot, or leaving it down.
  16. For those that got that bug, selling off your junk seems to help. Apparently it doesn't seem to effect things when going for the achievement first. I'm currently trying to throw all my junk into my toy box in my room to see if I run into that bug as well this playthrough. (360)
  17. I wish you could just be able to hold down "B" to skip those.
  18. I've finished all of the Dexter novels, and now I'm going through as many of the Jack Frost ones I can find.
  19. There's always a solution instead of an outright ban. In this case, it was Gretzky and the Oilers.
  20. Basically for the Nagasaki fart outside of the training session for everything for the 360, While Nagasaki is selected as your fart magic: Press down on the right pad, then hold up on it. While continuing to hold up on the right pad, move the left pad around to find the magic spot that shakes the cracked (rock in this case) the most and hold it there until it breaks.
  21. I'm sorry man, I don't know what to say. That's the same as my setup. I installed the game first on my HD, ran it and got the day 1 patch and never really had any problems with the game. I don't know if this might apply to you, but I've got a couple of controllers that sometimes would lose their connection with the battery pack, so I would have to hold down the pack and turn my controller back on. I'm sure it's probably from either my kids or I dropping them. As a fix, I've put some velcro on them to keep them held down at all times. Now that I think about it, a few times it acted like my control stick was not in a neutral position when it was. I would just move my stick in that direction and then release it and it would revert back to the neutral spot.
  22. I died more times against Al Gore and the secret service agents than I have in all the Paper Mario games combined. I still find all of them really fun. If I wanted the game to be more challenging, I could fiddle around with my equipment, not use or only use weak badges, don't block...
  23. Those dogs are pretty tough, especially considering they love to call on other dogs, and those ones can attack you right way so it's like they don't lose a turn to make a call. For that reason, I found them to be the toughest regular battles in the game. I had to end one battle by only beating them enough that they would lie down on the screen so there was no more room for a new dog could come into. As far as getting lost is concerned, I just used common sense to get to Canada, and so getting back was just as easy. I only went there and to the Christmas Critters via map from Stan's room (I think I just kept going south after I left there which worked), so unless there's something else there, I don't know what it is.
  24. Are you running with the day 1 patch? (I don't know if they've added another one yet for 360. I haven't had mine hooked up to the net since last Thursday so I couldn't tell you if it is a problem with a new patch.) If you haven't hooked it up yet, it could try the patch. Also, which model of 360 are you using? Who knows if something as strange as that could be part of the problem. i.e. something strange like it's happening with the original models vs the S and E models
  25. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-04-03-thief-dev-explains-why-it-ditched-original-garrett-voice-actor Perhaps it was originally intended to be a FMV game? They did change directions a lot.
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