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  1. So in other words, it would be great if Bethesda would add their catalog to GOG, so all of this garbage about DRM would be unnecessary. In other GOG news, they've added Rex Nebular to their catalog. That's actually one I've missed back in the day. Was it any good?
  2. I just hated the mountain scaling with the Mako. Other than that, it was the part I missed the most in the other 2 games. That's also why I really loved Overlord for bringing something like that back.
  3. For Fallout 3:GOTY, I remember having to link GFWL to my Xbox account, then putting in my activation code from Steam. After that bit of a pain in the butt (I had to go out of my way to look for things. It wasn't all just one step and done) I put it in offline mode and that part of Fallout 3 was never an issue for me again. I'm almost certain the activation code was for the base game itself, because isn't all the DLC handled the same way as mods?
  4. Just, everything about Butters. Especially after you friend his dad on Facebook. Also: "Oh, and let's see. Who do we know that can turn really small, and can perform abortions?" I watched that for a few minutes.
  5. Personally, I was just expecting a Paper Mario game, but with South Park instead (which it basically was, so I was happy) instead of a more sandboxy type of game. I know they had to cut some content to finally get it out the door (the crab people it seems for example.) It sounds like if there is going to be some DLC, it will just be more costumes and missions. We'll have to see though.
  6. It will go away, and then come back in another (edit) 3 months or so when either some really over-the-top game comes out, or when someone(s) does something really stupid (perhaps at one of the upcoming conventions.)
  7. The Hoff? I require a screenshot. I'm playing on the XBox360, so I'm not sure I can even do that? Maybe one of the PC folks could. You can get "The Hoff" at Tom's Rhinoplasty with the 360 version as well. It's really funny when various women around town tell you that can have their body any time you want David Hasselhoff.
  8. They should have just done a survey beforehand like they've done before about DRM, MP keys, DLC and episodic games. Explain why they think that allowing regional pricing would have helped them bring more games on board then let the customers decide. I like that idea. It would be nice to get the Bethesda games DRM-free if it was regional pricing that's really what's holding back their decision to make them available in that manner. Of course, would that then mean that when their contracts with Ubisoft, Activision, ect. come up, they'd rather have them there instead? Of course they could make the argument that people would be less likely to buy their games there. Oh well.
  9. She can bring up some good points and can bring in some good research to back it up. A lot of the time, having a male-only protagonists, or selectable character adds nothing to a game that a female skin doesn't do anything to hurt it, and at worst adds some minimal costs to having a VA saying some lines to reflect the gender (i.e. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Half-Life [you could make Gordon a Greta and it wouldn't change a dang thing]...) I think a lot of that blame goes to marketing who have waaaaaaaay too much influence in how games are made, versus just trying to sell what they're given. That is a big reason for the divide. She mentions a fair bit how marketing/advertising effects that gender divide. A lot of tropes are tired. It's hard to be original with everything one does in a creative setting but I see no problems with pointing out basically lazy storytelling. I also think when she doesn't do as much research into something, (like all of us) she is more prone to making mistakes, as pointed out in that Destructoid piece. All of us can suffer from getting points mixed up by our memories if we don't say, get a refresher first. Also, it's alright for there to be sexy looking characters in video games, including women with whom you can see in fact have breasts that shape their clothes or are underneath their armor. It's also alright to call the creators out for say, only diversifying the men, while every woman is unrealistically proportioned and/or 10/10s {except for maybe the odd stereotype (like the one fat "comedy relief" friend.)} All the women don't need DD/G cups, but they also don't need to all be flat, or A cups (there's nothing wrong with any breast size.) Everyone has their own preferences. There's also some who have taken this stance that is basically not sober sex=rape that I strongly disagree with. I think she's said something along those lines with a Dean Martin song (or that one was about pressuring, and then she gave in after a few drinks.) There's a huge difference in my opinion between having regretful (yet consensual) sex because you had let your inhibitions run more free that you probably either wouldn't or have less likely have had if you were much more sober and thinking about the consequences, vs being incapacitated (involuntarily drugged or passed out.)
  10. Uninstall and reinstall? It can get corrupted like any other program. And of course, make sure you move your games to a neutral directory outside steam first before uninstalling it, as it wont even give you a heads up that it will delete them as well, or give you the option to not delete them in the uninstaller. Although in my case, uninstalling/reinstalling steam did not help at all when it came to the 2 week bug.
  11. I found Jesus the other day, in the church. The next day, he killed a bunch of homeless people for me with his AK-47; as predicted in the book of Luke, Chapter 6, Verse 23.
  12. I think on my 3rd or 4th attempt, I was hoping for the crying koala. Once I got past aiming the needle right, it was a bit easier in the more forgiving sense. I was still expecting to get shot for how long I was taking with the other parts though.
  13. It's been just about a month now since I've taken my computer back home, and it hasn't lost my login info yet as of yesterday. Hopefully it's still good to go. If it makes it to next week, it will be its longest run yet.
  14. That's fair enough. I wasn't sure of Campbell's end of things. I knew that Warhol didn't seek permission from them, so my assumption was that you couldn't use Campbell's design on a can, but a painting of a can of Campbell's soup was fair game. Personally, anything I've ever done that was based on someone elses work (like a fanpic, or slight parody piece), I couldn't care less what happens to them because I don't really consider them to be my own. (Also, 32 bit graphics exceeds my artistic ability, so it's usually not a problem for me.)
  15. Did Tammy create Princess Daphne? Does she own the rights to her? Does anyone know how artist's rights work in regards to fanart? Can artists re-draw another persons IP and then sell it/license it? I ask, not because I think it's cool that Anita used the art without permission... I'm just wondering if the artist has a leg to stand on. I have no idea how the legal implications work out, but it is very bad form to just yank an image off google images and use it for your own marketing material. Sarkeesian should at least recognize the artist. It would seem to contradict feminist ideals to take advantage of this female artist in the name of open source art. I don't see a copyright notification anywhere where the picture she made was. It's probably safe to assume that she hasn't registered it. If she is looking for compensation, she will probably be very limited to how much she can collect, if anything. To what degree presumably a claim of fair use could be used would be best determined by lawyers. The potentially most damning thing that Tammy could use against Anita if she so chooses, is that the symbol in the top right hand corner would had to have been taken out which might go to show that this was original artwork, and not something by the copyright holders of Dragons Lair - and thus fair use couldn't be applied. Somewhat related, I designed a logo that was used for the Climb For Hope motivational speaking tour almost 19 years ago featuring a yellow sun behind a mountain, with a little mountain climber at the foot of it. A few years ago, a store opened up that used a slightly modified version of it (the sun was changed to red, the mountain climber was cropped out) on its storefront sign (without asking me.) I didn't register it (I was a teenager at the time) but I should still have some physical media left that has it on there, crediting me as the creator. Anyways, rather than go all out and either demand money or try to make them change their sign; they just don't use it in any promotional material (you can't see 1 foot above their door in any remotely promotional storefront pictures.) I guess the kid who designed the sign for her thought it was a stock image. That's the problem with a larger-sized small local business. Lots of turnover over the years. At least now it won't happen again. Or they can pay me. I'd be more than happy to accept money. EDIT: Oh and this - Did Tammy create Princess Daphne? Does she own the rights to her? Does anyone know how artist's rights work in regards to fanart? Can artists re-draw another persons IP and then sell it/license it? I ask, not because I think it's cool that Anita used the art without permission... I'm just wondering if the artist has a leg to stand on. Where you might run into problems, is if you say, draw an image/picture that in itself is copyrighted. See George Zimmerman's problems with the AP regarding the painting he made of Angela Corey http://www.businessinsider.com/ap-says-george-zimmermans-painting-copies-photo-2014-1
  16. I think a funny thing he could have said was that HL3 is his favorite game, and he likes it so much that he's keeping it all to himself.
  17. When it finally gets released, Wasteland 2 might give us a more accurate reflection of how an isometric Fallout game would have done. In this argument though, the 61,290 backers is more important than the $2.9M they raised. Also, there is Wasteland now for our isometric post-apocalyptic game needs (plus other indies.) Hopefully they release more than just Wasteland 2.
  18. EA is doing another charity bundle to fight cancer for the weekly sale. This time it is for the Pop Cap games. You get Origin & Steam keys for: Peggle Bejeweled 3 Bookworm Escape Rosecliff Island Feeding Frenzy 2 *For $6 or more you get Plants v Zombies Peggle Nights Zuma's Revenge https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly
  19. Basically, if your computer is good enough to run a typical 360-era game, it should be good enough to run this.
  20. Nothing. However, I now know that Dota 2 is Gabe's favorite Valve game, Mario 64 is his favorite non-Valve game and he spends about 20 hours a week playing games. Also, he likes machining and motorsports. What a coincidence! I'm a machinist, and I love auto racing too, as well as Mario 64! None of that will let me play my games though when it bugs out and loses my login info.
  21. Gabe et al are doing a Reddit AMA. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1zkfmv/wearea_videogame_developer_aua/?sort=new Hopefully they notice and are responsive to my very respectful request about overhauling their offline mode before doing anything else with Steam. EDIT: I'm finally getting positive votes (by that meaning it was in the negatives. Fanboys!)
  22. There is the advantage of saving a chunk of download size if cap limits are an issue for you. It's the only reason why I still do it.
  23. Hmmm.... I wonder if the Spaceman content is tied into one of the other keys. I know for Deus Ex: HR I had no idea for certain in the beginning that the pre-load packs I purchased were in there or not for Steam. I'm just speculating. Hopefully someone else here has a more definite answer.
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