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  1. That game just screams Castle of the Winds to me.
  2. I just hated how you had to find the right spot to scale a mountain to get an obscure thing or reference.
  3. Shadowgate on the NES kicks my PC with a Hercules graphics cards' butt. HGC: NES: #PostsFromAFewDecadesAgo
  4. 'Tis what it 'tis. People prefer different things. I can understand why people don't want to grind and earn their stronger abilities. It's why you should be allowed to cheat in games and just say, give yourself max abilities. Of course, thanks to multiplayer everything they've cracked down on people being able to do that for their SP games without modding the game itself vs say a Game Genie type temporary deal or being able to access the /console.
  5. Leveling up is a role-playing mechanic. If you do 100 pushups a day & run a few miles everyday, shouldn't you get stronger, faster and have more endurance over time? Deus Ex was one of the first games I remember outside of the traditional RPG to add it in and make it better because of it (although the story certainly didn't hurt if they made it a straight-up shooter.) You're free to ignore leveling up to a large degree in Mass Effect, or turn on auto level up. SPECIAL made Fallout 3 that much better. Otherwise, Rage or other just straight-up shooters would have kicked its butt. Even then, doesn't it have an auto-level up? I've never got into the ES games, but even then, those have always been straight-up exploration RPGs in a traditional setting.
  6. Also, Ubisoft is the publisher and also make the decisions on DLC. Even still, the origins of the decisions about the costume packs I think were made by THQ. Ubi just continued with them. But yes, I agree with you that DRM does suck. I wont buy a game on Steam if it's available DRM-free elsewhere. Steam does have an offline mode, but it has been extremely buggy over the years. It's actually worked for me since January, so I refuse to hook my home computer up to the internet for the sole reason that I'm afraid that it will become buggy again when Steam updates and it won't let me play my games after a couple of weeks or a month again. That was the reason why I got it for XBox over the PC.
  7. Torchlight's free right now if you didn't get it last summer, or whenever.
  8. Murdered: Soul Suspect for 33% off already seems a bit...
  9. When I heard that I thought that they were blowing it out of proportion. I'm pretty sure they can get investors on board, and they will get more support if they change their subscription plan. But if Nintendo has managed to make terrible decisions and stay afloat so can Crytek too; although that's mostly due to competition being dead.While Nintendo has certainly made some bad decisions, they've also hit some massive home runs. Past runaway successes, like the DS, have given Nintendo quite a healthy cash reserve to fall back upon during hard times. I don't know if Crytek has ever had that type of crazy money making success, or if they'd been smart enough to sock some money away for a rainy day.Quite frankly CryTek seems to be one of those companies that you don't hear a lot from, they just seem to disappear for a while.Still, I doubt that one blunder(Ryse) is enough to make them go under. Plus they still have a few major contracts (Ubisoft for example) they don't make enough games that would justify a massive expenditure. Its quite possible that they are able to break even. Did Ryse suck? It was literally the only next gen launch title that looked remotely interesting, so I'm surprised it bombed. You need to remember that we live in the age when not selling 800 million copies is considered bombing. All I know about Ryse is that it has a next-gen amount of DLC, and with all of that crunch time they couldn't remember anything about real boob physics.
  10. Moebius is still $15 for the next hour.
  11. Here's the list of what's still left: http://www.gog.com/forum/general/special_promo_spring_insomnia_promo/post6946 Democracy 3's still there. EDIT: Apparently Papers Please is next.
  12. It is, and is supposedly still due up for round 3. It must have went slow last night. http://www.gog.com/forum/general/special_promo_spring_insomnia_promo/post5531
  13. Aarklash on now
  14. That was pretty sweet, I just got Dragon Commander for free!
  15. Missed Aarklash As a head's up, Aarklash hasn't been up in the second round yet. http://www.gog.com/forum/general/special_promo_spring_insomnia_promo/post3543
  16. Ruh Roh! I just got Deadly Premonition for $1.50. EDIT: Their math is waaaaaay off right now. Entomorphs is 33% off right now.
  17. I got up, came in as Deponia 3 was finishing up. Missed it going to checkout.
  18. Here are the games, and prices (so far.) http://www.gog.com/forum/general/spring_insomnia_promo_tracker/page1
  19. Papers Please $4 right now.
  20. Now it doesn't recognize my browser.
  21. This will be fun now that I'm also streaming the hockey game. EDIT: MAN! Everyone on Canada except Reimer is sucking again. EDIT 2: Their only chance is that the Czech's don't have decent goaltending it seems. EDIT 3: A little over halfway on the 1st: 11 shots to 2
  22. Sam & Max S3 now, but you probably already know that.
  23. I think it's the sneaky one.
  24. Do they do it immediately at checkout, or do you have to try to pay first?
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