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  1. Unfortunately I need to get a new oil tank because they're disposable from all the corrosive salt water atmosphere and whale bites that might occur in other provinces and for insurance purposes we need to be put in line with those, so no kickstarting for me for a while. Otherwise I'd have been all over this. Maybe they can re-imagine it as more of a Dark Sun atmosphere. Those will always be my favorite SSI games.
  2. The game should automatically patch when you start it for the first time on Xbox Live. Perhaps your patch data is corrupted. Go to your storage device and go to South Park and delete the South Park SoT Title Update file. Also, clear your system cache before trying it again. Here is an old post about a work around: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65464-freezing-xbox/?do=findComment&comment=1426667 EDIT: Also, apparently if your hard drive is almost full, it can have performance issues.
  3. No, start a new PC. My buddy Josh started a Jew character, the game applied a new patch and all of a sudden it wouldn't save properly for him after that. It also started deleting some of his old saves. He then made a new character and it ran perfectly fine for him after that.
  4. What system are you using? That's pretty early in and creating a new character and starting over might help. Also, try an older save if you have one.
  5. How far along are you? If you're near the beginning, try a new character. Otherwise you could try an old save before you had the issue.
  6. It's kinda funny. I bought it day 1 and the worst thing that happened to me was a camera glitch that worked itself out when it went to the next characters turn. Someone with the same model of system as me can then have game and save crashing bugs while probably doing nothing really different. You could try a previous save just before Canada. Yes, I hate backtracking too. I almost quit Fallout 3 the first time I played it after getting a game crashing bug in Fort Constantine. I lost a lot of exploring in the N/NW quadrants from the save I had to go back to. EDIT: Of course, I can assure you the ending is well worth it.
  7. I assume that engine can't handle mult-core processors that well, and would almost need a remastering to be able to run well enough on them - assuming good emulation doesn't exist. Doesn't FO3 have the biggest problems with that?
  8. The insomnia sale is back. This time they're doing 2 at a time. Why they would start it at the same time as trade deadline day is beyond me. Bad Mojo & Driftmoon are the 1st 2 games.
  9. I play local MP only. 1 - there isn't good internet for gaming where I live. 2- Stupid kids who have nothing to do but play a particular game and know where I will spawn have all but killed it for me online anyways. It took me the better part of a week to get my first airstrike in COD4. I aignt got time for that. Not to mention the last time I played Halo online and got the controls mixed up with COD. Star Wars TOR was fun though when I played it last.
  10. It was slightly better on my tv vs. my sisters. I thought her 2nd tv was basically the same as mine. As it turned out, I could read the bigger text like the menus there (at home.) Basically, it was just like Stick of Truth, and that's not a good thing. They still should give a text size option. How long could that possibly take to implement?
  11. This is a brand new pathetic in text sizes. For pete's sake, offer SD text sizes as well. I can't bloody read the menus. It's worse than Stick of Truth. Why are all developers so bloody stupid now when it comes to this? There was nothing wrong with text sizes 5+ years ago. Just because you can make them smaller doesn't mean that you should. Or if you do want to, offer bigger text sizes as well. If you make a game on a console, you have to expect people aren't going to play it 2 feet from their face, or that everyone has a 50+" 1080p HDTV, and sit 4 feet away. I was expecting bad, this was worse. Everything is basically Stick of Truth's worst text size. -------- I guess I need at least a 37" HDTV to read the text just fine from a couch 8 feet away as I have just found out. If someone is willing to pay my child support for a month, I will pick one up.
  12. Basically for the most part, I'm sick of zombies in general. I can't get through Telltale's Walking Dead because of how zombied out I am, and my dislike for QTE's in general. On the other hand, it's Brian. Is it good enough to get past the whole "it's another zombie game"?
  13. Did you get it figured out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im32tcZ-Fo8
  14. I grew up on Sierra On-Line, so I have lots of very fond memories of text parser driven games and even I don't think I'd want to play a text parser driven adventure game right now. Nothing was more frustrating at times than trying to figure out the correct word for something. Especially in the AGI games that didn't pause. Yeah, I prefer P&C with icons myself.
  15. I'm getting the 360 version for Christmas (I'm waiting for Win10 to change OS's from XP.) Silly question: Have they changed, or allow you to change the size of the text/subtitles back to the nice big size of DA:O/ME1? Murdered: Soul Suspect is frustrating as hell. I can barely read a dang thing.
  16. I'm snowed in. Does anybody know how big Loghain Mac Tir's role is if of course you did the sensible thing and let Ferelden's biggest hero live? I assume he single-handedly takes over the Orleasian throne and renames it Sub-Ferelden, then he goes on to slay the 6th archdemon to prevent the next blight.
  17. Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick of Maniac Mansion fame want to make a game that looks like Maniac Mansion. Thimbleweed Park It has a goal of $375,000. It's raised just over $9.6K so far. It's gone up $2K in the time it took me to get over here and type this out. 29 days to go. EDIT: $20 gets you the game. $25 gets you the game and absolves you of all guilt for pirating their games when you were younger.
  18. I really don't want the store anywhere near my operating system unless I want to install it 100% voluntarily and separately from when windows is installed on my next desktop and laptop. That is a big part of why 8 is really bad for real computers. I just want a flippin' operating system to run the crap I want on my computers.
  19. I would be very surprised if they recoup that. Obviously after Notch finishes the game he's been working on, I can't imagine Minecraft 2, 3 ect will do close to what the first one did. I wouldn't mind a version for my phone though.
  20. Maybe this whole thing got started when someone working at Barnes & Noble accidentally put a copy of this in the Non-fiction section instead of Humor.
  21. If Activision, under the Sierra banner, winds up funding and publishing the game Jim Walls wanted to make with his failed Kickstarter, not a FPS bastardization of it, I'll take back every single one 50% 25% 10% 5% of the bad things I've said about Activision over the years. This is 100% if what I want from the new Sierra logo. I assume the first game will be the GK remake though, which can't be a bad thing, right?
  22. Exactly! They should have been Ferrari's or Fiat's.
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