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  1. It depends what you consider information, it's a loose word, especially in this context, define what you consider the proper formula for writing up a piece of information, and what is or isn't information, whether an equation, the result of the equation with certain variables, both, or neither, are information, and it'll almost certainly be obvious whether the answer is finite or infinite. If you don't do this this thread is just gonna be people arguing whilst not understanding their opponents arguments due to using different definitions for certain words and ideas.
  2. I live in a majority Muslim area, people I've heard talk about it or talked about it with disapproved heavily of his actions. I do live in one of the better Muslim neighborhoods though. Pretty sure I also read on the front page of a newspaper that one of his relatives thought he was about to do something horrible, and thus likely disapproves of his actions, this however, I cannot at all guarantee.
  3. As a person who doesn't use hotkeys, and always clicks and drags for select all, there really isn't that great a time difference, nor does it take a major hand movement, if you flick your mouse right.
  4. Write up a couple detailed examples of what you'd like to see (complete with a couple reference photos of specific things if you feel they might be beneficial) and I might (can't guarantee I'll ever actually do it) try cooking some up for you.
  5. I'm generally not that big on U style UIs, but the later mockups in this thread have been fantastic, love it. I'm not even saying it looks like a great UI compared to the PoE UI (which is downright horrible, I mean why would you go and put a log there?), I'm saying it looks like a great UI overall, on its own two feet. Definitely hope something like this gets modded in soon after release. btw: You might want to update the OP with some more recent pictures.
  6. My main issue with combat only abilities is that it's being applied way too widely. What should be combat only: nonmodal buffs (it's really ridiculous that things that are always active should somehow turn off outside combat) summoning spells What shouldn't be combat only: everything else Following this simple design philosophy you get a nice and easy system that prevents prebuffing, and doesn't have a ton of horrible sideeffects. As for the issue of using per encounter abilities outside encounters, either add a timer of some arbitrary length after which, provided you don't enter an encounter, you're able to use the ability again (ideal), or, make the ability count as used until you enter an encounter regardless of how long that would take. In regards to the OPs ability, you shouldn't be able to flee from combat with a bunch of knocked out characters without them being killed by whatever you were fighting, a cool way to deal with this would be allowing knocked down party members to be picked up by party members who aren't knocked out, but it's way too late for new stuff to be implemented.
  7. Is this real? It's almost pure propaganda. Well, what can you expect from the anti defamation league...
  8. Honestly, besides the excessively antigg tone I didn't find much wrong with the article, it never really claims those people aren't lying, all it says is "The people are denying it.", and the article doesn't include any writing that strongly implies that they were obviously telling the truth and that Pinsof was making stuff up. It then goes on to IndieJournoPros, downplays it a bit, then says that whether or not it was abused is pretty much impossible to prove or disprove, and that we'll never know. Finally it goes into the Fez stuff, provided the guy in the interview actually said what's being claimed he said without a gun to his head, that pretty heavily discredits Pinsofs story about Fez, and Pinsofs reliability as a whole. Quite frankly, seeing as that guy didn't get the idea of the 3d/2d system himself, and merely forwarded it to Fish, I'd say I don't see any wrongdoing here, sure it sucks for the guy that Fish got Fez out first, but stuff happens, of course with the indie scene and game journalism the way it is, a gun to his head, even unintentionally, is a possibility. I really don't get what's wrong with that article, the people in the first portion of it are obviously unreliable narrators, but seeing as there's a good chance Pinsof heavily exaggerated the story about Fez, I'd say Pinsof might not be the most reliable narrator either. Oh yeah, the title is quite loaded, didn't read the title before posting...
  9. But Anita isn't a female gamer, your point is invalid...
  10. Are you under the impression I have any sympathy for the Chinese state? They too are an imperial power, who follow same market logic and too continue to slash their workers pitiful wages in the pursuit of cheaper labour and greater profit. Well much like NASA, Mr. Piketty and the latest Oxfam report state churning through our natural resources with a continued system of unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution is simply not sustainable and is only going to continue to create greater poverty and greater wealth divide. Nothing short of a complete societal restructuring that abolishes the pursuit of profit, the funneling of wealth and the recklessly self-destructive exploitation and unequal distribution of our natural resources will fix this continued wealth gap and eventual societal decay. Of course the cynic in me doesn’t expect such a thing to happen any time soon. Instead wealth inequality will exacerbate; wages will be cut via “austerity measures”, the far-right will gain greater societal influence; some scapegoat will be found to pin societal woes on (e.g. Muslims, Jews, what have you); the West will continue to recklessly gobble up eastern markets meanwhile the east (Russia) will fight tooth and nail to maintain economic hegemony over the former eastern bloc; Africa and the ME will continue to be a playground for the imperial powers; and I will continue mutter bitterly about the whole damn thing. Or at least that's my crystal gazing prediction. I happened to misread your point then, sorry. I have been struck by the same cynisism, however maybe not as much. I do believe in liberty and the self-realization of the ego that comes with, but i sadly i cannot see it implemented without a bloody revolution. Hopefully i am just too dumb to understand how that would be done peacefully. Any kind of major change requires bloody revolution, the vast supermajority of the elite as well as the lower classes believing in it, or someone high up forcing the other higher ups to stand down. There is a very slim chance you'll see what you view as necessary change without bodies to bury, but on the other hand what we got going now will either naturally lead to some form of revolution or a loose mixture between 1984 and Brave New World, though there's also the extremely unlikely option that spacetravel, and the medical innovations required to utilize it emerge before states start forcing brain monitoring technology on people. Bloody revolution seems like the best likely scenario, and while it includes a very decent chance some guy in power declares "If I can't rule, no one will!" before pushing a nuclear button, it still seems like our best bet.
  11. One of the names i got was Wrd, pretty cool thing though.
  12. It should really be a ticking clock of nonpercentile health loss, that way getting your character out of the way ahead of time, and healing your party members the second you're capable of doing so without them just going straight down again will be far more important tasks.
  13. Nah, it was Rick Santorum http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/post/euthanasia-in-the-netherlands-rick-santorums-bogus-statistics/2012/02/21/gIQAJaRbSR_blog.html , didn't read the article, just posted to show he said it.
  14. The Mormon guy and the guy who claimed that stuff about the elderly in the Netherlands were two different people. Whilst Obama doesn't say as much stupid crap as Bush policy wise I'd say he's worse, he appeals to different emotions in his speeches, and he targets a different demographic, the liberal side of the US is a lot closer to Europe than the conservative side, so of course you news aren't going to show him nearly as bad, and of course the statements he make aren't going to look nearly as stupid from a less religious conservative perspective. Policy wise I'd say Obama's been even worse than Bush, although he's been moving down the same road at close to the same pace.
  15. Personally, I like facing hordes of weaker enemies on one occasion and a few strong enemies on another, and on a third occasion facing a mixture thereof, I will say that I dislike that every single lower level boss type enemy just turned into a horde enemy later on, and I don't feel like I've really had a good boss fight with fewer but much stronger enemies yet, the filler combat has however mostly been very fun and engaging so far though(minus a few recent exceptions I hope won't become the rule).
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