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  1. I'm away for a month and half from release! I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not but it will be frustrating seeing all the Let's Play uploads.
  2. These videos are great for 'designing' your initial playthrough character.
  3. Every theme I can remember started off seeming quite mellow and uninspiring. Take the LOTR theme tune, its well put together and has a nice melody but isn't necessarily revolutionary. However, I know exactly what is going on when I hear it and I can hum that tune no issues. I think the PoE tune will fall into this bracket. In contrast, the song played on the Two Towers trailer is EPIC (something by Clint Mansell I believe) but I tired of it very quickly after thinking it was the greatest tune ever.
  4. Yes, and there were some gravestones in a livestream that had entries from backers.
  5. I saw this on the livestream. Really didn't like them being there. I feel like they should have worked with backers to come up with names etc that fit the lore. That way everyone wouldn't be switching them off immediately after installing. Seems like extra work that won't be appreciated in order to bring in more cash.
  6. I had a 100+ deflection Paladin the other day. Makes for a serious tank, but suffered from debuffs due to poor fortitude/will rolls.
  7. If anything that reads to me as though there was a chance other people would get access to the beta and keyholders simply got access to the beta earliest.
  8. It's give a bonus to deflection (not sure how much). That's how it reads atleast, maybe it means it ignores a certain amount of enemy deflection?
  9. No, I don't want an early access release. And you are far too late to the party if you think you can sway matters on this topic. If you want to help, keep testing the beta snapshot, give opinion on mechanics, balancing and report any bugs you find.
  10. Don't get your hopes up. It's highly probable. I don't care for VIP resets, but 'other' developers have been protecting gamers from themselves far too much these days. It's highly patronising and also symbolic of the shallow RPGs we have been attuned to lately. For example, ditching deep, strategic combat in place of the ability to have sex with a transexual because 'feminism' isn't how to create a good RPG. Must have missed all those deep, tactical RPGs that swapped out strategic combat for transgender sex as a talking point on the back of the box. What the ****? On topic, respec doesn't work in a game like this. Too easy to move your character into different roles as the situation requires (say, swapping all of your skill points into mechanics to pick a tough lock then switching back). Better you have to stick to your decisions. And I never like respeccing NPC companions; they should be unique individuals who join my group, and their stat/level-up choices is part of what makes them unique (even if Morrigan did waste her points in shapeshifting). Somewhat hyperbolic, but have you played Dragon Age, Mass Effect etc? They target a sexually oppressed audience, the kind that donates hundreds of pounds to Twitch girls for the chance of boob, instead of producing a compelling game that immerses you in the depth of its story and combat.
  11. He means non-adventurer's hall companions (ie. storybound).
  12. As I will be building a character based on roleplaying rather than what is best suited for the game mechanics, I'm keen to see how my 20 points in resolve leads to an insane amount of misses. Then I can berate the character for a being a pitiful excuse for a paladin.
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