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Found 2 results

  1. I showed the HoloLens E3 demonstration to some friends, and we started going on about "Augmented Boardgames" (We were playing Dead of Winter), and then spun it further. Eventually we came to the conclusion how awesome a Marvel inspired XCOM game would be with AR (when it comes out). "Iron Legion", concept: control Tony Stark or your own equivalent leader from First Person through the eyes of a HoloLens or AR device, controlling and managing the Iron Legion (the arsenal of Ironman suits/drones), with all buttons and controls around you, instead of mouse and keyboard you'd use hands, fingers, movement. The basic idea: X-COM base gameplay, Xenonauts turn-based combat gameplay (other inspirations: Battle Brothers, Invisible Inc, NEO Scavenger, Valkyria Chronicles, Mordheim), but Iron Legion and Tony Stark. In simplest conceptual form: This. Or this. With the Iron Legion :D
  2. I hated the original XCOM: UFO Defense that came out in 1994. (I played it in 1998.) However, the new reboot, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and its expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within, are one of my favorite games of all time. The new elements that were introduced in the Enemy Within expansion, MEC (Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuit) troopers and gene mods, which were NOT in the original classics, are actually the best parts of the already-superior reboot. I've clocked in over 1,000 hours playing the new games (mostly Enemy Within) on Steam. I hated the original Tomb Raider that came out in 1996, (which I bought and played in the same year in came out; I still remember it came in a triangle box and included a triangular talisman trinket.) Since then I have generally hated puzzle-platformer, both in 2D and 3D. I had never bothered with another Tomb Raider game since then. People, who knew I hated Tomb Raider, have been telling me to try the new 2013 "re-imagineerin", which rebooted the series with a younger, totally different Lara Croft who has no connections to the old Lara Croft or any of the old Tomb Raider games. I've just recently started playing the new Tomb Raider and absolutely loving it. It is drastically different from the Tomb Raider I remembered. It has almost no puzzles in it, which I love. The new Tomb Raider also includes a healthy dose of RPG elements, (i.e., Lara now has HP and earns XP to select and upgrade her various skills,) which many old fans hate. Obviously, I as a RPGamer love the new changes. Most importantly, I love how the developer has shifted the focus from puzzle and platforming to the character development and storytelling. I am already looking forward to playing the sequel, which is actually a direct continuation of the story of the first game: Lara Croft, who in the last game was an inexperience young girl shipwrecked with friends on an island infested by pirates, criminals and cultists, and then having the learn how to survive and watch her friends die, will be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Which I think is a very interesting twist for a video game. The newly release trailer focuses on character development more than action, which speaks volume for the game. So, in my experience, the "reboot" and "re-imagineering" have so far been superior than the old originals. Which is why I also think nowadays games are so much better than old ones.
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