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  1. Also, I am a thief and all of the 'theif' armour seems pants compared to warrior stuff. Im wearing KK armour at the moment and have just been given a full suit of theif style armour. I dont see any benefit of using this armour if my KK Armour is gives me loads more buffs, even more buffs when using a 2H weapon and also more armour... Thoughts?
  2. I still think they should have a 'Gamer Hardcore' mode or something. People who don't play games but watch the show have the choice to play on easy. They should accommodate for hardcore gamers too and have an insane mode or something. Perhaps one where before a battle enemy are MUCH quicker to hit you so you barely ever are able to attack first?
  3. Yeah, I just stock up on tweek coffe and own every battle. Not using mongolian bow any more just to challenge myself. Also, I just did the first mission in the School which i enjoyed, felt like a proper mission. Are there many more of those type of quests? Also, I went off the map into the forrest for the first time at level 4... it was bad idea. Is there anything to gain from those areas other than dieing and getting lost?
  4. I find it way too easy at the moment. So long as I hit the enemy and attack first i just get both of my party to drink Tweak coffee for 2 attacks and can finish most battles without the enemy having a change. Mongolian bow just seems to own everything. Also, in regards to weapons - Can a thief use a 2handed weapon with his abilitiews like backstab and stuff? Im finding little to no theif armour/gear and loads of warrior stuff...
  5. Hi guys, So I'm playing on Hardcore and I am a level 4 thief and I am finding it WAAAAY too easy. I am using the and it literally killed ANYTHING i attack in one hit. Is anyone else finding this? I appreciate the game could do with some patching and balancing but its ridiculous at the moment.
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