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  1. Hiya been having a blast with this game so far but...I encoutered a big which severly took out a lot of the fun I could've kept having with this game. After just coming back from Canada and finally recruiting the girls into the Alliance, I then took Timmys Fast travel to Kyles House. I made a save there just before the final part of the game began. However after making my save I tried getting the Chimpokomon in the sewers that you can only get with the Nagasaki... However the Chimpokomon was not there in fact when I break items around the world map such as atms, boxes, parking meters anything. Items will not drop from them any longer. Also the Chimpokomon Shoe was not there either. Thus I am not able to collect all the Chimpokomon and get all the friends because of this glitch/ bug. I also made a new save file and I can pick up items again but only with that new character so it would seem that my older save files with my first character are bugged and he cannot pick up items before during or after the final assault at the end of the game. Should also mention this happened on the xbox 360 for me.
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