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  1. Oh it was, belive me it was. If it still was on the internet, i could have converted it for modern computers, since the games factory 2 could convert Klick & Play games. if we are lucky enough, maybe the creator himself, or somone else who still has it, could host it somewhere.
  2. As much as i enjoy South park: The Stick of Truth, i cant help but to be reminded of an amazing fanmade game of south park, called South park And The Magic Master. it was a Klick & Play made game back in the 90s or very early 2000s. The game was uploaded on HappyPuppy.com But since the website is now gone, the game is also gone in existance. The only trace that is left is this website http://www.bodo.com/game/q-z/magicmaster.html wich have 1 screenshot and a broken link. I can only recall how the game was by memory, but it is fuzzy for most part, but i can remember quite many parts from it. You are playing as Stan, going through some epic adventure of stopping a blue colored demon (Who becomes orange and get a extra pair of arms at the final boss battle). And the onyl way of defeating the boss, was to use some legendary sword. Many songs used in the game was from Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and some other games that i dont reconize(All in midi ofcorse). Does anyone remember this game? PS: I like to Apologies if this is the wrong section, but i coludnt find it myself lol.
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