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  1. It took me 60 hours to complete my first and only playthrough on normal difficulty. I did all of the quests available to be and must have experienced at least 85% of the content. What are people doing who spend more than 80 hours on a playthrough?
  2. The breath RNG really is a bit stupid. I was hoping for an epic, climactic encounter but instead got frustrated and ended up spaming her to death with Maelstrom scrolls.
  3. As I have stated in other threads, I've never been a huge fan of the resting system in IE games and PoE. I find it breaks my immersion if I picture my party settling down for an 8h session of R&R, sometimes in some of the most hostile environments imaginable and with dragons and Vampires just yards away. I also don't like the "per rest" skill-limit because it doesn't make for interesting resource management. Instead you end up "conserving" them for the hard fights...that don't end up coming before your next rest. Ar you blow through all of them too quickly and end up having to rest des
  4. No, but why wouldn't there be? After taxes, publisher cuts, and other costs, I'm not sure if Obsidian earned enough money to fully finance their next game, but even if they did, Kickstarter is a great way to gain additional funding. With the stellar reviews Pillars is getting from players and journalists both, this new campaign certainly wouldn't suffer from lack of interest. While you are correct and crowd-funding has very little downsides, I do resent the idea of a well-established and financed studio resorting to crowd-funding. PoE did well enough to earn Obsidian healthy revenue
  5. Yeah I read that too. But it only seem to apply if you've triggered the "go to Canada" Quest. And even after running around for almost an hours, there's only two exists. Canada, which I cannot yet enter and the farm......but coming from the top I simply cannot fart the rats away. I've ended up having to restart the game. This seriously sucks.
  6. Hi, I got really frustrated yesterday. I accidentally ran into the woods. I don't recall how exactly I ended up there, but I did. This is before the quest to go to Canada. Now I can't seem to leave. The only ways out are Canada, which I can't yet enter or the farm, which is blocked by a rat-pack which for the life of me I can't fart on. I'm stuck....I can't get out and had to effectively restart the game unless you can help me.
  7. The unity engine is very accessible and makes content creation fairy easy. But he Baldur's Gate series has just had a remake and I have no idea why you'd want to do it again. The only gripe I have with the game in the AD&D ruleset , which is completely non-intuitive. But there's no chance of that ever changing. And frankly PoE doesn't look that much better than the BG series did back in 2000. And that ran on a 300 Mhz PC.
  8. Really? Discussing the location of a potential item that has no plot-relevance is now worthy of spoiler tags? Aren't we getting a little excessive?
  9. This is one of the reasons why the game-mechanics remain so opaque for casual players. Most buff and debuffs just affect the stats in some way or another. Very few actually have a tangible effect in game. That's disappointing.
  10. I don't get this obsession with min./maxing. There are more ways to spec a character than maxing a few stats at the expense of others. And frankly, you don't even NEED that many stats above 16 for dialogue. Withe the right gear and buffs, you can easily get good enough stats for every dialogue option.
  11. Random weapon malfunctions have NEVER been fun in any game I've played. And while gear degeneration has its uses it mainly serves to sustain demand in a player driven economy. In a single-player RPG I see no room for such a feature.
  12. Well I did most of the quests on my playthrough and, including all 15 levels of Od Nua, and ended up being level 12 with the entire party by Act 3. I think that the XP curve is basically balanced without Od Nua in mind, which iirc, was added as a stretch goal.
  13. My main reason for killing everything was to explore every nook and cranny. I hate the idea of missing something and stealth just wasn't reliable enough.
  14. I agree that the stronghold feels a bit like an afterthought. It was a stretch-goal iirc, which explains why it feels that way. That's one of the reasons I don't like games adding content as stretch-goals because they always end up feeling "tacked on". To be honest, I think the game could easily do without the stronghold. Being a lord of a castle would really change the way people interact with you, but it doesn't. Generally the life of a lord is very different from your typical RPG protagonist. Even Dragon Age: Inquisition, where the castle was always a central concept, has you doing a lo
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