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  1. Hi, as I am new to the community of stick of truth I had an idea for the sequel of Stick of Truth I have recently beat the game for the third and it was such a pleasure to play such an amazing game. Although the gameplay is sometime quite linear, for instance when choosing elf or human I personally thought there would be certain quests and different endings but it turns out in my second play-through there wasn't any. Nevertheless I did play it once more to sort of refresh, mean while I had the luxury to re-watch some of South Park seasons especially the ones that included the Coon and Mysterion. And since I am new to the community and all, I am just posting this thread to make a thread for ideas for the sequels. Again, I am hoping this wasn't done before, and I really never bothered to find out either so I am doing it regardless So what I had in mind was sort of the revamp so that say of the kind of Lord of the Ring-esque themes(as shown in the one of the episodes where the characters for the most part had the exact same outfits and such) and instead have a superhero themed sequel instead. Personally, I really enjoy Batman and the Flash, especially those superheroes from DC since most of DC heroes tend to be gritty and brooding except for Flash XP. Anyways, its just a thought to have a like JLA or Avengers group and the villains, similar to the human, elves, and clyde thing. I tend to be shy in forums and in gaming communities but I really had this lightbulb moment and wanted it to share it with you guys. Besides the episodes that included the Coon and its friends were so entertaining to watch. This isn't related but the Bane reference for the UPS man episodes absolutely killed me. So to summarize, I made this thread in hope to serve as a thread for new ideas and to discuss them, as well as to share my idea for the sequel to have it to include the Coon, Coon and friends, especially, Mysterion. Thanks again!
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