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  1. Age of Wonders 3 has bearded females however their beards aren't nearly as impressive as the males'.
  2. From what I gather 'paladins' in PoE are merely individuals who are especially devoted to some kind of course so it'd make sense for their to be hundreds of thousands of potential paladin organizations that different people could be dedicated to. E.g. (In RL terms) Liberal paladins, Christian paladins, Communist paladins, etc.
  3. It was certainly inferred. You pointed to arguments that "feudal societies were sexist" as an example of a poor argument to justify why the Witcher setting is sexist. It seems natural to assume that you must find depictions of feudal societies as sexist is a negative thing for games to do. Just because it's a fantasy setting that doesn't mean the creator can't allow the setting to conform to the material realities of the real world. Of course, if one wishes to avoid settings that attempt to tackle depicting feudalistic societies accurately one could always turn to the various 'R
  4. My responses. I was far more interested in gauging the reasoning behind why you believe depicting feudal societies as sexist is somehow negative. It may have been implied but I hadn't accused you of it yet.
  5. You completely avoided the point. For reference, I agree that the Witcher's depictions of sex are immature more often than not, I just find the arguments you provided to be quite poor.
  6. But for someone to make that point they'd have to be arguing against the claim you have made, i.e. that depictions of feudalism that show negative social attitudes (e.g. sexism) are in of themselves bad. People that usually complain about the sex scenes in the Witcher 2 usually hold the opinion that they should be handled more "tastefully" like ME1 supposedly did. I personally don't have too strong an invested interest in the existence of sex-scenes however I do loathe the puritan attitude that demands depictions of sex either be forbidden or completely sanitised. I haven't playe
  7. The implication here being games must whitewash the ****tiness of feudal societies? And yet still more realistic then the sex scenes that are labelled "good" e.g. Mass Effect.
  8. Yeah, I can sort of see that. Shame the concept art didn't translate over. Oh well, it's probably set in stone now anyways.
  9. Bah, turns out there was a class/race thread just on this side of boards. Anyways, like I said before, I'll probably roll aumaua first. I usually like to give the new races a go and the portrait in this week's update looked pretty cool. As for class I think monk has been the most interesting looking class shown thus far so I'm probably going to go with that.
  10. Looks pretty gender ambiguous to me: Sure it has a mane of sorts, but it doesn't look like lion nor does its mane look like that of a lion's so you could pass it off as an attribute of both sexes. To be honest it looks more like a werebobcat than a werelion.
  11. I can't be certain what it means but I did stumble across this: Source
  12. Just your standard "what x will you play as?" topic where no one reads the posts as you're only here for the poll. Doesn't make for interesting conversation but someone had to do it. I'll probably be rolling aumaua as I usually prefer to play as one of the 'unique'/non-standard races and I thought the aumaua portrait in this week's update looked pretty cool.
  13. I'm going entirely off memory here so anyone can feel free to correct me. The human race is split into three playable ethnicities: - Meadow: Not explicitly stated but do appear to generally look 'caucasian'. - Savannah: Visually they look 'mestizo' with a native culture that looks Balkan. - Ocean: Visually black with a native Renaissance style culture. Elves are split into two ethnicities: - Wood: Know nothing about (at least visually) - Pale: Tall, albino, with some having epicanthic folds (Asian eyes). Dwarves have two: - Mountain: Know nothing about. - Boreal: Nothing exp
  14. Great update. I'm curious, is it possible to configure one's class in such a way so you can play as an 'animancer'/necromancer type character?
  15. Play as dwarven scholar Korl Morx and his Godlike companion Friedrich Angels as they travel across the world distributing pamphlets on Commodities, Wage Labour, Surplus Value and so on all the while avoiding the curs├ęd Aedyr and Vailian bourgeoisies. Hardcore mode has gameover result in National Security storming your house and arresting you as a potential communist insurgent.
  16. Sadly there isn't that much information yet. From the wiki: In my thread "Would You Want Polynesian inspired Aumaua?" J.E. Sawyer had this to say: They were not. There are two major aumaua-dominated cultures in the world, one that is closer to the Dyrwood (but still not that close). Their clothing looks very different. When Polina made her first full-scale aumaua illustration, he looked so out-of-the-ordinary that the physiology combined with the outfit and equipment made him seem like he wasn't part of a fantasy setting anymore. Personally, I thought it was pretty
  17. Good. The last thing this game needs is to be degenerated into Biowarian schlock fap-bait. Truth. I was particularly excited by Sawyer's promise of exploring themes of institutionalized racism, class struggle and religion.
  18. Those advocating personalities for the custom companions are completely missing the point of their existence. Custom companions allows the player to have complete freedom in determining their thoughts, histories, personalities and so on. Those who wish to have more 'defined' companions or companions with personalities will be able to recruit the companions crafted by Obsidian.
  19. I'm playing through BG:EE now and I can definitely say I had missed the voiced incantations. The OP said "it would be cool incantations like these were used in this game" not that he wanted them replicated.
  20. In my opinion it'd be inaccurate to describe it as a "spectrum of grey" and I imagine anyone who perceives morality as completely subjective would think the same. When it's "grey morality" it simply means it's all grey. There is no objective right or wrong and all have their own subjective positives and negatives. I disagree. You have clarified that you believe morals and motivations to be distinct but interrelated thus there should be actual, coherent motivation to be "an evil character" rather than simply being evil for the sake of being evil aka "ferr teh evulz" (or something
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