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  1. This is the way developers should give updates to their backers and fans. Very good work guys, very pleased.
  2. So you don't think decent voice acting and music adds to the immersion at all? What music did you listen to when you were playing through BG1+2, PS etc?
  3. This is exactly what I wanted the game to look like. Well in Obsidian lads and ladies!
  4. Well now we know that there will be an old English accent or feel to one of the regions I wonder how that will shape the other regions.
  5. "Her Aedyran name is Woedica, which evokes the “Old English” feel of the Aedyran language. (Maintaining a distinct sense of national/ethnic language and culture is important to us – more about that in a later update.)" Very pleased
  6. I don't see a problem with Vampires being in PE, have some faith in the Devs if they are in then they will be done in the correct way.
  7. I think for anyone who doesn't really like BG2 that much then this probably isn't the game for you, I'm not sure what you are expecting from PE? Out of all the RPG's I've played BG2 was the best for me and should be a benchmark for PE. I liked PS quite a lot to but that game had a lot things wrong with it which people seem to ignore, I wonder if it's becuase it's going against the grain to dislike BG2?
  8. I think it's in safe hands and Obsidian will make the right call here. What I wouldn't like to see, which I have seen in some of the users posts, is a race portraid as being totally peacful and noble. There should always be grey areas. For example nomads for some may be simplistic and in tune with nature so seen as a good people, but for other be seen as raiders and thieves.
  9. I enjoyed the romances in BG and I don't get the people who are so against them, you don't have to do them they are optional.
  10. Well done everyone 3.5 million+ is a great achievement, I'd like to thank everyone on this thread for their updates and statistics, in particular Loranc.
  11. Guess what guys, I've finally pledged! And trust me when I saw I'm the last person you'd normally expect to pledge, so just imagine all the others who are about to come out the woodwork! Does anyone know how I get my pledge badge onto my profile?
  12. Well a major selling point for this game was that it would bring back similar gameplay from the great IE games of old, so for them to stray to far from this would anger a lot of people.
  13. Yeah my today ends in roughly 2 hours, either way there are still people hanging back who want that big city, the closer we get to 3.5 million the more people who would be willing to take a punt.
  14. I think 3.4 million on kickstarter and 100k on paypal has a strong possibility.
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