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  1. They're like a mean parody of Bioware characters.
  2. Must have fixed it. Friend of mine snapped a picture:
  3. Dragon Age: Origins is 125% off. So I guess you get money for downloading it?
  4. A bit of me dies inside every time I hear someone regurgitate the 'cock-up' theory.
  5. Chomsky in a nutshell: EDIT: Although the issues I take with Chomsky and the issues Monte takes with Chomsky are no doubt astronomical.
  6. Sometimes I forget just how right-wing Monte is.
  7. I know they aren't born of rape I meant is it rape that turns them into a broodmother. "Eighth day, we hated as she is violated." and all that. And like I said before, loltextbookbiowarethread.
  8. Curious. Are broodmothers created through rape (among other things) or do they turn through entirely non-sexual means? I'll stop.
  9. The series as a whole really has undergone a ridiculous tonal shift. It initially tried to be a cohesive Tolkien/GRRM style fantasy setting and now it's morphed into straight up pulp fantasy schlock.
  10. His companion quest will be a venture to the mystical realm of Hot Topic.
  11. Since it hasn't been posted, DA:I's emo/boyband party member. "All Cole knows for certain is that the world is full of pain and he must find his place within it."
  12. Ick. I'd rather they keep the über speshul protagonist stuff to a minimum. This isn't a Bioware game.
  13. Incorrect. Discrimination certainly existed, as did the underpinnings of modern racism however modern institutionalised racism defined by distinct racial categories, a pseudo-scientific racial hierarchy and so on wouldn't properly come about until much later.
  14. Generally speaking, although I have no issue with racism in fantasy settings I wish developers would explore other forms of bigotry. Racism (as we understand it in the modern sense) wasn't really a 'thing' in the medieval era. With that said I suppose it works for the Poe setting seeing as it's quickly moving towards colonialism.
  15. In the trailer the "impulsive", "anti-authority" elf was described as "reactionary". wat.
  16. Got me there. Happy coincidence for Bioware. They just love their asymmetry.
  17. To be extra nitpicky she's got those annoying asymmetric gloves Bioware loves.
  18. This "quote" almost gave me an aneurysm.
  19. I really need to find the time to play this series. Serious panda. If this happens I will just stop playing RPGs.
  20. And this is why 7 year old me quit Karate. I wanted to learn self-defence, not a glorified dance routine.
  21. Certainly an odd little test. Our top three guesses for your English dialect: 1. Canadian 2. American (Standard) 3. US Black Vernacular / Ebonics Our top three guesses for your native (first) language: 1. English 2. Norwegian 3. Swedish I'm Australian and I'm often told by Australians and foreigners that I have an "English accent".
  22. I believe I used a cropped version of this the last time I played Baldur's Gate:
  23. Admittedly I've only been skimming this thread but I'm not really seeing the point of contention. Any organized 'law enforcement' is going to be inherently oppressive because it is maintaining the domination of one class over another. The extent of this oppression will be dependant on the conditions of the time. To use a cheap and easy contrast the Cheka was maintaining 'proletarian' hegemony and was especially ‘oppressive’ because it was an embryonic state under siege from multiple foreign-powers and the previous ruling class, in contrast the law enforcement of your standard modern wester
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