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  1. Sorry to be quoting you here two for two but... Thanks Obama.
  2. Because up until now the police had been maintaining a velvet glove policy.
  3. I'll try and give you a decent response in a day or so. About to hop on a plane.
  4. Those political objectives being liberation from a racist, colonialist power with a laundry list of war-crimes. I'm hardly a strong fan of Hamas but they are quite easily the lesser evil.
  5. What's that famous quote attributed to Goebbles "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself." Seriously, despite the fact that people keep repeating that there's no serious evidence to support it. The IDF on the other hand... That's a Palestinian child they're using btw. Actually Imperial Japan had already been negotiating a conditional surrender to the U.S.S.R (amusingly Stalin was the good cop to America's bad cop), unfortunately for the Japanese the Yanks wanted nothing less than an unconditional surrender to
  6. U.S media supports Israel. Who'd have thunk it.
  7. Props to Bioware for actually having a non-twitchy gameplay trailer (as degenerate as said gameplay may be).
  8. Monarchies are reactionary. Try and abolish that.
  9. Has this been posted yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zThxP55Cqeo&feature=player_embedded It's hilarious.
  10. This would make a pretty awesome movie.
  11. I doubt this will happen but this is what I'd like too. Something like Jade Empire minus the Bioware.
  12. Seems pretty ****ing stupid not to have this unstable region as a no-fly zone. I assume it is now?
  13. All the while shedding the occasional crocodile tear.
  14. Don't really have much time to be making large posts so this will have to be brief. If anyone is genuinely interested in continuing this I'll make some larger posts in a couple of days. Is the implication here I'm a hippy dippy pacifist? Perhaps you should actively investigate it. I don't mean that in a mean way mind you. It's just that, going off your post, you really don't know the opposing side's claim. Very wrong. I'm not advocating the soviets get a "free pass" nor did I invite people compare the Soviet Union in the 30's through 50's to any modern western libe
  15. Well that sure educated me. Again, I'm not denying movements 'existed', movements still exist today, what I'm saying is they were not nearly as big and lacked the level of mass support of previous 'movements'. I'm reminded of a quote from that 90's movie Bulworth: B: Do you know who Huey Newton was? …Why do think there are no more black leaders? Nina: Some people think it’s because they all got killed - but I think it has more to do with the decimation of the manufacturing base in the urban centers. Senator, an optimistic energized population throws up optimistic energize
  16. It would be incredibly intellectually dishonest to compare the Soviet Union in its supposed "glory days" to your standard modern Western liberal democracy. At its time of greatest successes it was attempting rapid industrialisation, undergoing and recovering from a famine, prepping for a war with a major fascist state, fighting a world war with a fascist state and then recovering and re-industrialising after said war (in which it bore most of the damage). It'd be tough to live through that no matter what the political system.
  17. No kidding. Massive wealth inequality, poverty, huge incarceration rates (especially for minorities), sexism, racism, slavery, child-labour, exploitation of the third world, imperialist wars... Its all still there. Such as? I'm not denying movements existed but these were primarily aiming for tiny concessions and reforms with hardly the level of mass support previous movements had. This is hardly a contentious claim; leftists complaining about the modern state of the left is basically a cliché. EDIT: And props to anyone who can tie this back into the thread topic.
  18. I played a friend's copy and although it's fun it has still got that annoying "I have no idea what's road or what the hell is going on" problem when you first run through a track. Also no Diddy or Funky? dafuq!? Also, also, we've had 8 Mario Karts but only 3 F-Zeros. What the hell Nintendo?!
  19. Sorry, just not fond of revealing personal info on the net. I'm in my early twenties. This shouldn't detract from my point.
  20. By the late 80's the "mainstream left" had already been in disarray for decades. Throughout the Stalin era the Soviet Union represented a successful alternative model that was rapidly rising and showing signs of actually surpassing both the U.S and Britain however in 1956 with Khrushchev's "secret speech" he revealed the 'true horrors' of the so-called 'Stalinist system'. With the opening of the archives it has been more or less proven that most of these claims are outright fabrication but that need not matter, for the rest of the world this 'proved' that what the 'capitalists' had been say
  21. It's always strange when people regurgitate this. The Soviet Union's dissolution hardly represented some dramatic triumph of capitalism over communism. From the Khrushchev era onwards there had already been a right-ward shift in party policy with a gradual dismantling of collective ownership in the countryside, the abolition of the "dictatorship of the proletariat" in favour of "the state of the whole people" and so on. The Brezhnev era brought in the kosygin reforms which unashamedly embraced further privatization and Gorbachev's perestroika and glasnost were an attempt to shift from a sta
  22. I could go into a tirade about the economic circumstances such women frequently come from and the concept of male-gaze. But I think I've had enough of those types of discussions for one day.
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