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  1. The third season had a massive tonal shift (different writer or something) and lost most of the fanbase. The story continued properly through a line of comics however. So unbelievably wrong. There is already culturally enforced gender roles so the setting is already sexist.
  2. You said my advocating of depicting sexist structures as sexist makes me sexist. Thus if we use this logic Obsidian's choice to depict their setting with racism, slavery, war and so on clearly means they themselves are supportive of these things. The fact that this is the second time I've explained this to you leads me to believe you are not actually reading my posts at all. Certainly would explain the frequent misinterpretations.
  3. Me neither so fair enough. That is what it is about. Yes as you pointed out women within the peasant structure exhibited forms of power within their own social spheres however this does not mean they had total power or were somehow the dominant force in these spheres. EDIT: Not gonna lie Gronir. Too tired to try and dissect/translate one of your posts.
  4. Seriously I can't even begin to even. EDIT: Since you expanded your point. Like I said, I don't want it to merely depict feudal societies as sexist and that's it because that's lazy. What I want is to "show the misogyny of feudal society all the while exploring its actual impact on females by still showing their agency under the oppressive system." Obviously not everyone would like this but also obviously not everyone would not like this. (God my grammar is getting worse as this discussion continues) Naturally the argument here would be underlying structures in which
  5. Well I can at least say I tried to sensibly respond to you. Nonetheless you're more than free to view Obsidian as crypto-fascist neo-nazis for already including racism, slavery, war, murder and so on. BECAUSE WHY ELSE WOULD THEY HAVE THESE THEMES!? EDIT: I can certainly appreciate a rebuttal in the vein of Tajero's but if I can only expect readings along the lines of Bryy's I'm really hoping the Mods will simply come in and crush this discussion. EDIT II: And now that said mod closing is inevitable... In no way shape or form is that how I worded it nor did I say these wer
  6. I’m afraid this one will have to be more brief since I’ve really only got so much free time to yell on forums. The reduction of men = hunters, women = gatherers is obviously an incorrect simplification. In reality men would of course do both as women would also be stuck with the burden of pregnancy, thus yes, men would eventually gain a monopoly on the means of production. An incorrect reading on your part. I’m not denying these oppressed females still played an important role in their spheres, rather that their roles were still inherently oppressed and exploited Third my a
  7. A very crass reduction of my point. What I advocate is not necessarily for all videogames, merely any videogame set in a feudal setting that wishes to properly represent the oppressive nature of feudalism. I believe I’ve already summed up my position quite nicely: Worth noting is that the whole historical field of gender studies is focused on the last bit of what I said. I.e. Investigating the lives, thoughts and agency of women who lived under these various oppressive systems. Assuming how you define it they won’t be equal at all. They will have the exact same bas
  8. Before I begin my responses I feel it worth mentioning that I can’t help but feel in people’s rush to argue completely against my point (or more accurately what they think to be my point) they’re doing a disservice to the effort Obsidian has put into crafting a coherent setting. Based on everything we’ve been shown Eora isn’t simply an “anything goes” setting with a fantasy backdrop (like some are crudely portraying it as), rather Obsidian are trying to ground the setting as much as possible and genuinely pay attention to the implications of various existing structures. Again, going off w
  9. The lack of appropriate child mortality rates in feudal settings is indeed quite annoying. Good to see you're on board! And seriously **** this board's quoting system.
  10. ”Subjecting those who have been historical victims of misogyny to simulated misogyny”. I suppose you’d rather sweep the horrors of feudal society and its impact on women under the rug wouldn’t you! It’s much safer to dismiss those tragedies, silence the voices of those victims, best they be forgotten lest they hurt your modern sensibilities! What are you some kind of holocaust denier? Why aren’t you demanding the absence of racism or class conflict? Do you not care that you are subjecting those who have been historical victims of racism and class exploitation to simulated racism and class ex
  11. Quite a crass depiction of my point. You chauvinistically assume all women do not wish to explore themes of sexism inherent to feudal societies and you naively believe people only play as their own sex. Anyways I too am tired of this argument (for tonight at least) and am going to bed.
  12. I fear my main point is missed because we can't get past this. Yes, it is not Earth however the primary races are still incredibly human and the structures in place are still clearly analogous to already existing historical structures (i.e. slave societies, feudal societies). The impact of souls, the length of elven lives and the possible existence of gods obviously would have an impact on how these structures develop and persist (hence why I'm merely voicing my critique as a potential problem [see first post]) however so far they still seem to be largely similar. They have a level
  13. Oh don't worry I'm not suspecting malice on your end or anything. More or less. Misogyny and patriarchy were an inherent part of the feudal structure and rather then merely sweeping that under the rug I'd rather actually explore those themes (along with all of the other similar themes mentioned by Obsidian).
  14. I wasn't arguing from a position of "historical accuracy". I was arguing from a position of structure. I.e. Reactionary attitudes towards women are an inherent part of the feudal structure. Nevertheless just because the structures in place actively discouraged females from being able to do said things that doesn't mean females doing these things was in of it self impossible. There's a legion of difference between a backwards feudal society having total equal rights and an individual within a primitive backwards society going against cultural norms.
  15. Advocating? I have never seen such a thing. Instead the setting will say "Oh but we don't have social problem X" all the while still having the internal contradictions. None the less, as you are a firm believer in the "fantasy ergo anything" mentality whereas I am completely the opposite I believe we simply lack enough common ground to bother continuing.
  16. And yet you advocate the elimination of the sexism that is inherent to the feudal system. It'd be almost as silly as depicting a feudal society with the qualifier of "Oh but class conflict doesn't exist". It just doesn't make sense. I honestly don't even know what you are trying to say here meaning you have no doubt missed my point as well (as I have missed yours). I'm not demanding PoE be an afternoon special with a new moral lesson for each town. Rather the institutionalised discrimination inherent to the feudal system (race, class, sex, etc) and how it manifested would be sho
  17. No. I'm stating that institutionalized misogyny, patriarchy and gendered roles are all inherent to the feudal system and thus if Obsidian wishes to craft a realistically coherent feudal society it is only natural they reflect the misogyny inherent to feudalism. Institutionalised discrimination doesn't simply "spring up" because individuals are ****, rather it is rooted in a long history of material forces. Again, no. Like I said before, patriarchy is inherent to any feudal society thus all of the societies would be misogynistic to varying degrees. Thus I'm not simply advocati
  18. In pre-feudal, pre-slave societies there may have been matriarchal societies, however what few references we have of such societies are almost entirely mythological and used to demonstrate the "horrors" of women being on top. And here's where I think you're simply missing my point. I'm not advocating stat penalties for female PCs, class limitations, ability limitations or what have you. Rather I'm advocating that the setting itself depict the primitive reactionary values inherent to feudalism and its consequences on the population. That does not mean the female PC is silenced or nece
  19. Depicting inherently bigoted, oppressive and sexist systems as bigoted, oppressive and sexist is not antagonizing. Of course it can. Plenty of fantasy settings dismiss the logical structures present in primitive systems in favour of creating what amounts to an idealized modern world with fantasy coating. Pillars however seems to be examining the logical structures present in societies (institutionalized racism, class conflict and so on) and actually exploring them.
  20. Here's a contentious con I didn't mention. Although I'm confident in Obsidian's world-crafting ability I fear they may feel the need to inject some unrealistic levels of social progressiveness to make the setting more palatable. By that I mean, it is quite a common trend in fantasy games to have near total gender equality (among other things) despite it being a feudal setting. Personally I find it incredibly jarring having a system as inherently oppressive and bigoted feudalism, a system that thrives on gendered roles and patriarchy, somehow attaining levels of equality that the modern
  21. Can't speak for others but as an 'anti-romancer' I have no major issue with the romance content itself. Sure a lot of Bioware's romances are juvenile but for the most part they're easy to ignore and in the few instances when they're not completely horrible they're actually a decent tool to help further define my player-character. What I take issue with is the type of fans the inclusion of romance attracts.
  22. PC is toss up between druid, chanter or monk. Party will simply be whoever makes the most sense plot wise for the first run through.
  23. AssCreed's setting is little more than the delusional ramblings of a conspiracy nut. See their take on WWII (AN ORGANISED PLOT BETWEEN CHURCHILL, STALIN AND HITLER TO CREATE A NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!1Q)
  24. Pro + Isometric party based game with RTWP. + The classes: All of them seem to be incredibly distinct from one another and not merely rehashes of 3 core classes (e.g. Mage, Rogue, Warrior) + The Adventurers Hall: After a few playthroughs I like to just experiment with different party builds rather than LARP. + The lore: I love the effort Obsidian has put into crafting a coherent, cohesive setting that accounts for the long history of interactions between races, cultures, languages and so on. No matter how enjoyable the combat of the old I.E. games may have been an incoherent se
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