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  1. RE: the Nazi economy. Functionally the Nazi economy was capitalist; it worked in cooperation with leading industrialists with the state's primary role being a suppressor of any organised labour. Policy wise under Schacht they pursued radical Keynesian policies of high public spending with large deficits and under Göring they shifted to a (rather poor) war economy which was sustained by having the private sector controlled by price, wage and financial controls.
  2. Another + 1 for a lore appropriate name generator/list of lore appropriate guidelines. Nothing more tedious than going to the game's wiki, looking up a bunch of character names, typing them into a baby name website so I can find their cultural origin and then scouring through a list of names just so I can find something lore appropriate.
  3. 1. Sleep. 2. Groan and try to get someone else to sort it out. 3. Not bother. Definitely don't see a trend there. No siree.
  4. Going off one of your Codex posts Aloth is now in, yes?
  5. Custom portraits are in. That said, I probably won't be using one. I've liked what I've seen of the art-style so far.
  6. Some nice screens but I was really hoping for some more portraits and maybe another lore dump. Oh well.
  7. + 1. I doubt I'd be able to write anything though. My time is limited and most of the old-school CRPGs I've played are popular enough to be covered by someone who is no doubt far more qualified than I. I suppose there's Ishar, but who the hell liked Ishar?
  8. I've been playing some Summoning in the background whilst I fail spectacularly at Dwarf Fortress. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtrLUVTZ4gk It fits well enough. EDIT: No idea how you guys put the actual video in the post.
  9. You're throwing support behind Modi who is part of the right-wing, ultra-nationalist ("Selfless Service to Motherland"), populist, paramilitary, traditionalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. People often throw around the label "fascist" quite liberally but in the case of the R.S.S it is, at the very least, not totally out of the question.
  10. Seeing that you're supporting India (a country with one of the greatest gaps between rich and poor) shifting even further to the right-wing, I find that hard to believe.
  11. I too will echo the sentiments of everyone else by saying 8 is a fine number. I doubt all of the companions will 'mesh' appropriately so we will probably have to use 2 or 3 HoH followers and I have no problem with that. I will go against the grain however and hope we get Forton over some Drizzt Do'urden godlike.
  12. The neo-liberal will occasionally pay lip-service to socially progressive ideas however at the end of the day it is 'free trade' and the freedom to exploit that are the top priority.
  13. I could've sworn the wiki had more information but looking at it now it only says Islanders have Polynesian and Japanese elements to their clothes, whereas coastal aumaua don't. I didn't think we knew the attribute bonuses of any of the races (bar godlike). Knowing their attributes would be preferable but admittedly my original question was just in relation to lore.
  14. Woops. Thought this was the Dragon Age thread.
  15. As far as I can tell these are the only subraces we don't know the difference between so I figured I may as well ask.
  16. Zilch seeing as you can play as a qunari/kossith/vashoth/what-ever-the-****-they-call-them-now.
  17. A neo-liberal and some conservatives are arguing about the rights and welfare of women and minorities. That's bound to be productive.
  18. At the moment the two main classes I'm interested in are monk and chanter. Race wise I typically roll dwarf however if there's an interesting looking new race (such as the aumaua) I'll usually give that a whirl. So first up I'll probably being playing an aumaua chanter with a dwarven monk as a custom Hall of Heroes companion. Although now that I think about it I'll probably scrap the dwarf because a dwarf monk sounds silly. So dwarf chanter as my PC with an aumaua monk HoH companion. But I was really keen on that aumaua chanter as my PC. I dunno. As for the rest I'll pick up whoever m
  19. Given Bioware's supposed emphasis on characters, character appearance and the desire to have these games span over decades all the while keeping large chunks of the cast I'd have thought it natural to show the time progression between each game via the aging of cast members. Guess fappableness trumps that.
  20. Isn't Leliana meant to be about 40 by now?
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