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  1. I think the god challenges are a cool idea, but I haven't tried any of them yet myself. I think making sweeping changes to strategic aspects of the game is the way to implement more challenges going forward. I would like to see more challenges like these: all per-encounter abilities become per-rest empower disabled resting only allowed in rare "safe" zones, inns, etc pillars 1 style health/endurance system all "supernatural" type mobility abilities disabled (martial class teleporting, dashing through things, etc) I will probably never play the magran challenge, the abydon challen
  2. Understood and fair. I was trying to address criticism from the first game that combat music was too in your face, too repetitive, too attention grabbing. It's a process, maybe next game will strike the right balance. I haven't gotten to play deadfire yet because I'm still replaying the first game, with, uh, two different parties. But one thing that's stood out to me recently in playing pillars 1 is how jarring it is to be running around listening to the lovely ondra's gift theme and then suddenly get blasted with the combat music, which is waaaaay louder than the walkabout music. I us
  3. Steam. Right click game in library, click on properties, go to the betas tab.
  4. It stands for crowd control, which basically means aoe disable. To stun them, petrify them, put them to sleep, turn them into sheep, etc.
  5. I can confirm this also, I've gotten the Maneha/Caroc "your hands remind me of an old lover" banter 4+ times in a row. The Sagani/Caroc banter about snares has also played over and over again, just not consecutively.
  6. I've noticed a couple minor things in 3.0/3.01, but nothing serious. I think the game's in a pretty good place. They do have version 3.02 in the works, and probably more after that.
  7. Happening repeatedly in the Valewood, both the xaurips and the bears have run to melee with me and just kept running in place, never attacking. Did not happen with the wolves or bandits. If I move, they seem to find their footing and start attacking. Dropbox link to dxdiag, savegame, output.log, and screenshot of the combat log showing only me attacking for the first few rounds of a combat: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qvh8039k5tjmaag/AADOSp3Y4H42Os6FYokTX8yka?dl=0
  8. I thought the Wiz8 level scaling implementation was excellent, and I'd be happy to see it in poe2, but from what's been said so far the White March one seems like it could be good too.
  9. US, regular edition, envelope, box squished just enough on one side be disappointing, but no crushed corners or anything.
  10. lol @ shivv'ass & beerdfolc I do see your point about the linguistics, but you have to keep in mind that if they made everything plain English (Duke vs Duc, etc) loads of people would complain about just how BORING and BANAL it all is, and how they've done all this BEFORE, and why couldn't obsidian be more CREATIVE? I agree it's hard to have memorable place names when the names are in Engwithan (after 90 hours in the game I couldn't remember any of them just now when I tried to), but I've also never heard any of those words before, ever. I probably didn't remember Umar Hills that
  11. In about 90 hours I only found one bug I would consider significant, and it was fixed in the first patch. I did have the issue with save/load times taking longer and longer, but that seems to have been fixed in the second patch. I can't remember finding any issues in the ~15 hours I've spent with the latest version
  12. +1 He first complains that the races/classes/defenses/etc are too much like dnd, then later complains everything is not enough like dnd. Considering how incredibly long the review is, it's pretty amazing he never manages to back up any of his points with anything other than some hand waving and his own, poorly-explained opinion. He never bothers to cite specific mechanics or designs that are superior to the ones in poe, or talks about ways to improve the systems, he just hand waves that "in good games, xyz is not like this." The game isn't perfect, but it is a good game, and in many way
  13. I thought both the big cities were pretty well designed, and nicely distinct from each other in feel/culture/appearance. They weren't perfect, but my preference for more content would be to add more village hubs (Dyrford, Friendly Arms Inn, Beregost), smallish areas with their own plotlines (Gilded Vale, Umar Hills, Windspear HIlls, Trademeet), or expanded faction and/or stronghold quests.
  14. Maybe the souls are not enough to make a new god Oh probably not, I just was hoping for some sort of "gain personal power" option, because I specifically avoiding swearing to any of the gods in case there was such an option. Having some players get a bunch more soul power probably doesn't fit into the rest of the plot they have planned.
  15. I agree. I also agree that the resting system isn't perfect, but do you have an alternate solution? I really prefer the PoE system to something like nwn2, where the ability to immediately recover all health and abilities made most of the game extremely easy, or kotor, where you could just pause for 30 seconds after every combat to recover all your force points. In both systems you could always complete every dungeon or area in one go, and both those games were pretty easy, even on hard. Also, it would be COMPLETELY AWFUL to have to return to an inn to rest every time. That s
  16. I was really, really disappointed there was no "consume the souls yourself and become godly" option
  17. I'm incredulous that anyone could not have enough of the mundane crafting ingredients. I had 40+ of everything except the rarest items by the end of the game, and that was just from picking every plant and looting every corpse I came across. There are also multiple shops that sell them for cheap, including one in your own stronghold, AND two stronghold upgrades that generate free ingredients for you every day. I was pretty sparing with my enchantments, though, and I didn't craft much until the end. I also went down halfway through the mega dungeon immediately, and probably got a lot of
  18. I've found a few more issues while playing today. 1) The priestess of magran in the ducal palace, Fryga, acted like we'd met before when we never had. I didn't speak with her at all, ever, went and killed the drake and got the artifact randomly without knowing it was a quest, then later met her after completing defiance bay and going to twin elms. She let me complete the quest just fine, but she acted like we'd talked before, and I had no idea what visions she was talking about, or anything. Forgot to actually save any evidence, sorry. 2) when talking to the dragon hunter, right bef
  19. Hi, I've found a trivial but persistent issue. For some reason when I load a game, my Eder frequently starts with half endurance. He has full health, and he was full endurance prior to the save (in game time), but when I reload his endurance starts out below full, then quickly regens. It doesn't always happen, but it's happening for me every time I load the included save. Haven't noticed it happening to any other characters or enemies. Seems like it might be related to an issue another guy reported: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74908-injured-enemies-when-loading-save/ Relev
  20. Actually I don't think there ended up being any, I wrote that as a precaution before I wrote the post, but maybe a mod could move this to a more appropriate forum then.
  21. Hello devs/others, I just wanted to offer my feedback on the game. I haven't gotten all the way through yet, I'm only about 55 hours in, and level 9 (the next plot quest in my queue is "Undying Heritage"), but I wanted to leave a lot of my initial impressions type feedback now, while it's still fresh in my mind. I normally don't play games on release (I held out until Witcher 2 EE was released to play it at all, despite loving the first), and I'd been planning on waiting till the expansion to play PoE, but my excitement got the better of me. It's been 2.5 years! I've read every kickstarter
  22. Oh, and I almost forgot, my friend found this one and made a video on his twitch channel to show me. I didn't get a save or anything out of him. He encountered it while in a cave following Durance's questline, if that matters. He said this only happened once when he paused the game. He was fighting merrily, paused, the drake started freaking out, he unpaused and it resumed its normal behavior. The issue did not return when he paused again, it was just the one time. He was unable to reproduce the issue, although he did try. Issue 15: drake on svef. http://www.twitch.tv/ukju/c/6428877
  23. Happy to help edit: McPartyson - oh, I guess I've noticed that too, I think I just took it in stride because I'm so used to dealing with the pathing from the IE games, and I micro my party constantly, etc. Seems like a general pathing issue that just affects everything
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