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  1. Even if Obsidian doesn't, I'm sure someone will. Shouldn't be that tough.
  2. Go look at the original Kickstarter tiers. Some of the physical options are, in fact, called "retail". I assume that's just meant to mean they were intended to be similar to a retail box.
  3. Anything's possible, but P45 was an incredibly common chipset in its day. I think it's pretty unlikely it flat out doesn't work with Win 7. Is it possible you were trying to install using a 64-bit disc? That would probably explain it complaining about the CPU. You have a 32-bit chip that needs 32-bit Windows 7.
  4. Just like an IE game, then. The Uebergrogs should be happy.
  5. Yerp. Shoving RPG elements into an action game doesn't make it an RPG. Personally I loathe the combat mechanics in Souls games. Sorry Bloodborne.
  6. It's difficult to plan that kind of thing. Release dates get rescheduled all the time. Could have been worse... like Witcher 3. All things considered, going up against a console exclusive isn't too bad.
  7. Not sure what they were talking about. I played it release day and didn't hit a single bug that I can remember. Might have been some problem exclusive to consoles.
  8. I was about to update my computer a little over a year ago, but the CPU won't support Windows 7. That doesn't make a ton of sense. The CPU requirments for Windows 7 are basically any x86-compatible CPU capable of at least 1GHz. As noted earlier, if you can't run Win 7 you definitely won't be able to run PoE. Do you happen to have the CPU model number handy?
  9. More to the point, PoE system requirements are much higher than Windows 7/8 requirements. If you can run the game you use a newer OS.
  10. PCGamer starting in a few minutes.. http://www.twitch.tv/pcgamer
  11. He's a programmer. You can't expect them to read.
  12. And I'm watching. Ok... definitely gonna turn it off after the first few minutes. Definitely. I swear.
  13. Oh, come on. The ultimate success of a game may not be defined by first week sales, but it's undeniably extremely important. As a Publisher/Developer, not doing everything possible to maximize launch day impact would be idiotic.
  14. Hah... Talk to WL2 backers about how well physical item fulfillment went. I suspect their European distribution contacts alone make involvement with Paradox well worth whatever percentage Obsidian is paying them.
  15. Done and done. I might skim a couple of reviews, but other than that I'll be avoiding all PoE media.
  16. Stuff for Euro backers was shipped to Paradox. They'll be shipping it from (presumably) Sweden. Calm down.
  17. I can appreciate pedantry. Also... I actually had to look up "Azbuka". I've always just called it Cyrillic.
  18. To be clear, the embargo is still partially in place until the 26th. Edit: added tag for vaguely spoiler-ey stuff.
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