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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKaXY4IdZ40&ab_channel=whitneyhoustonVEVO
  2. When the game is running, only four cores are used, my logical cores are not. Hmm, that's odd. I just gave it a spin, and it's happily using all 8 "cores" on my machine.
  3. I haven't done any CPU benchmarking on PoE. How multi-thread aware is Unity 4? Unless raw MHz is the controlling factor, any fairly recent i7 is going to beat an i5.
  4. There are big chunks of PoE lore available in backer updates and in the little bits of the guide book we've seen. Frankly, I think it's much more interesting than anything I remember from D&D. The religious/metaphysical/quasi-scientific treatment of souls has a lot of potential, and the setting seems very detailed and plausible without being dry. We'll see. I think the world they've created will make most people happy.
  5. Not just DA. I also think the Witcher games are extremely mediocre, the Elder Scrolls series is a pox on gaming, and I'd rather stab myself with rusty garden shears than play a Souls game again. Basically, most things people choose to call RPGs kinda suck. Awaiting my cred points...
  6. Pixel density is screen size combined with resolution. Your 13" MBP at native res has higher density than a 24" 4K. Whether you'd actually want to play games at native res is a different story. Tiny UI elements and much GPU pain.
  7. Cuz higher pixel density. Wish granted. You'll have to translate that from Apple marketing speak to real-world resolution for me.
  8. Dost thou not cherish our great and benevolent social justice overlords? Couldn't give a damn, actually. There are much better reasons to hate that game. If you're going to make a tactical RPG, you reeeaaaally need to make the combat suck less ass.
  9. Interested in seeing this, but the digital version is in all tiers $35 and above I believe. Sadly, I just don't have room to collect physical books anymore.
  10. A lot of people keep saying this. As if PoE is just another one of those little, under-the-radar games, being released by some indie studio no one's ever heard of. You all are underestimating....everything. It's far more accurate to say that PoE happens to be the next RPG..... from the same company that gave us Fallout New Vegas, and South Park Stick of truth. It's also accurate to say that advertising budget or not, the game has gotten an unusual (almost disproportionate) amount of press coverage over the past 2 years. Far more than the Kickstarters it's being compared to (D:OS, Wasteland 2) So it's fairly safe to assume it's going to sell more than both of those games, and it's going to do it quicker. Yeah, but it's not modern (first person 3D) Fallout or South Park. I can't claim to know what the total market is for isometric 2D party-based tactical RPGs, so all I can do is compare it to recent releases in broadly the same genre. Again, I'm hopeful, but a million is a lot for this type of game.
  11. It's... different. Seems like it will snap onto nearby targets a lot faster than it would before, but it also seems to stand around doing nothing sometimes. Also you can now escape combat by casting withdraw on your last character and the AI will go back to it's starting position. It seems to be more agro-aware. My priest was targeted for casting Divine Terror. Don't remember that happening before.
  12. Yeah, surprised they're not holding those until release date. I wonder if Obsidian is aware of this. Guess they are now.
  13. Is it my imagination or has enemy AI improved?
  14. Bad reviewers (i.e., most of them) will rush through and post something on release day for the CLIKS. Responsible reviewers wait for release code and post a review the following week.
  15. Uhhhh.... bullsh*t. FWIW, I think clicking individual corpses is silly and pointless. But I agree it should be optional.
  16. Works from anywhere for me. Edit: There's a menu option to allow stash access from anywhere.
  17. Obviously we all want and need to manage inventory and assign gear to party members. Looting is not inventory management. One click to stash, then distribute gear from the stash. Clicking on individual corpses adds nothing to immersion for me but, hey. YMMV.
  18. Could you convene a meeting of RPGCodex and collectively explain what looting individual corpses adds to game play?
  19. I think the OP implied he's manually managing fan speed? Unclear if he meant CPU/case fans or GPU fans. In any case, I think by "overheat" he really means "hotter and noisier than I'd like it to be."
  20. Eh... a million is a lot for a smallish game without a real advertising budget. I believe it took Divinity: OS about three months to hit 500,000 units sold with probably comparable word of mouth and very favorable press coverage. I'm hopeful, but I honestly have no idea how the general gaming public is going to react to PoE.
  21. Did they not already say physical copies of the documentary won't be made? I'd say it's highly unlikely that decision will be reversed.
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