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  1. I've tried on a couple of different systems (both fairly high end) and the game seems CPU-bound. I'm not sure GPU matters much above a certain threshold. Right now, I'm sitting at an i7-4790K / GTX 770 running at 1920x1200. Running around town I rarely drop below 100FPS. In big fights with lots of enemies and spell effects, I've seen it get into the high 50s. Never as low as 45.
  2. I'm not sure about *best* experience. I suppose it depends on how violently you sing the song... Even without tasting it, I suspect it's the best thing ever inspired by an 80s hair band.
  3. Even Microsoft finally ended support last year. It might be time to move on.
  4. I've had this conversation with some dirty millennials people I work with. Basically the argument boils down to, "WASD? ouch, my poor fingers" and "yeah, but auto-aim".
  5. I find it baffling, too, but I assure you it's a common opinion among people who grew up on console games.
  6. *shrug* I play it much the same way I play IE games, which means a lot of manual pausing and micromanaging party members. Not a chore in my opinion.
  7. Not to continue beating this dead horse, but in the spirit of helpfulness... You might want to verify your system specs. Apple stopped making 32-bit Macbook Pros before 2011. If the problem is really just a 32-bit OS, that can be solved by installing Yosemite (64-bit). And upgrading RAM to 8GB couldn't hurt.
  8. He is not a game reviewer, Check my previous post which is the last one on the 1st page. I read it. I was agreeing. Moral of the story, don't spread FUD from random neogaf posts.
  9. Herp derp. Given the specs he quoted, he seems to know less about hardware than game reviewing.
  10. This is the guy's system specs: "2011 Macbook Pro booted into windows via Boot Camp - so for all intents and purposes it is a Windows machine. 4GB RAM - 1GB nvidia gfx card. 32 bit Intel CPU." YIKES, that's a terrible system. No wonder he got crashes. Hang on... this is what an IGN editor was using to review the game? Not sure I buy that. Edit: Also... missed the obvious. A MBP from 2011 would not have a 32-bit CPU.
  11. The truly consumer-friendly option would be to simply not base reviews on pre-release code. If more sites followed that policy, embargoes would be irrelevant. Of course, most won't do it because they want day 1 site traffic. The only place you'll find the "gold" version is on physical media. All digital versions will very quickly be patched. It's a fair enough to say that "release code" doesn't mean much in an age when day 1 patches are the norm, but that doesn't change the point that reviewers should be basing their evaluation on the consumer experience. For the most part, they simply don't because their priority is site traffic not providing helpful information to people who buy games, I don't blame Obsidian/Paradox for ginning up a "review code" patch and going the embargo route. They kinda have to. That's how the game is played. It's up to consumers to recognize the economics of game reviewing isn't at all consumer-friendly, and adjust their habits accordingly.
  12. Sensuki has established fairly clearly his position on engagement mechanics and movement penalties. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the balance of opinion on this thread is not going to change his commitment to modding out the stuff he doesn't like
  13. Please don't make me explain the concept of opinions. It's early. I haven't had coffee yet.
  14. I am 100% convinced that most people will play the game and not even notice what Sensuki et al. perceive to be catastrophic problems with movement. You've filed your report (incredibly rudely, as usual), and you're going to mod the game to your liking. Fair enough. Given that, it really doesn't matter if anyone agrees with your position. Move on.
  15. @badler Not a problem if you can't answer, but I'm curious how many review codes were sent out.
  16. I hope your signed copy was hand delivered.
  17. But, but... I'm special. Why can't I open open my presents now? WHY WHY WHY???
  18. The truly consumer-friendly option would be to simply not base reviews on pre-release code. If more sites followed that policy, embargoes would be irrelevant. Of course, most won't do it because they want day 1 site traffic.
  19. Pretty much what Anthony Davis said on RPGcodex, then. Streaming of Act 1 allowed on Monday.
  20. BG1's bit was cheesy even in the late 90s. Now IWD1... that's a cool opening.
  21. Not yet. Someone march into Badler's office and poke him repeatedly.
  22. We live in a world with youtube and twitch. If you can't figure out whether you'll like a game by watching someone play it, nothing anyone here says is going to help.
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