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  1. but the wholesale injection of righteous gaming at the expense of fun ???
  2. Kinda hard for me to say what you consider "worthy of 1.0". I finished it two weeks after release and none of the bugs existing at the time bothered me enough to stop playing, so we're obviously not on the same page here.
  3. Are you seriously comparing the production values and programming resources of a AAA console/PC first person RPG with literally hundreds of people on the project to PoE? Good lord. Don't be an idiot. You clearly aren't into this style of game, which is fine... but that's on you for not doing much research before buying.
  4. Companion AI is hard. I wouldn't expect that soon. Couldn't give a crap about it personally, but I agree that if the goal is to increase the appeal of the game to a wider audience, it's probably a good idea.
  5. Is it confirmed that this will be the version used for backer discs?
  6. If you don't play the IE games the way Sensuki does, you're not doing it properly. If you kinda like PoE, you're a "casual".
  7. Step 5. You probably haven't entered the password.
  8. I agree. That is the real difference. Note that a company buying another company at a bankruptcy sale doesn't necessarily need to honor the agreements of the previous license holder. The usage agreement is not between the license holder and the distribution platform. It's between the license holder and the user. Distribution platform agreements are a separate issue, and publisher drama is equally likely to force either GOG or Steam to remove games from availability. This has happened in the past, but I have yet to see either of them pull access to games you've already purchased. Let's just say that if we're betting on which platform is likely to still be around in 10 years, I'd bet on Valve's deep pockets.
  9. I don't recall whining - perhaps you're thinking of someone else. That was directed at those actually bitching. Sorry for not making that clear. Speaking of clear, let's be clear that you don't actually own any software you've ever bought. You have nothing more than a license to use it, DRM or not. The only real difference is lack of DRM makes enforcing a license revocation effectively impossible.
  10. Didn't we vote on having physical copies sent without discs? When did that get changed to, "the box will ship once the discs are finished being pressed"?
  11. Ok, sure, Apple knew they had competition and acted accordingly. Having enough market share allowed them to negotiate successfully. This is entirely about DRM. If you choose Steam when Gog is an option you are telling Steam, loud and clear, that the features are more important to you than DRM. That's fine, maybe the features are more important to you and nobody is calling you a bad person for doing that (or, at least, I'm not). If Gog improves their service and keeps out DRM, it will be a no brainer to choose Gog. Likewise, if Steam starts feeling the competition from Gog (or someone else) they will most likely drop the DRM and they will become the obvious choice if they still have an advantage in their feature set. That's a reason to choose Gog when there is an option even though they aren't as far along with their feature set. Obviously, YMMV and you should do whatever works for you. For me, DRM needs to die ASAP and throwing money at something means it never dies. Heh... it's odd that Amazon, with a much smaller market share of digital music buyers at the time, managed to negotiate DRM-free music from the beginning. Apple didn't give a sh*t about DRM until they started losing business. Let's not pretend they didn't have the clout to make it happen from the get-go if they had wanted to. But, yes... I freely admit I'm in bed with the forces of darkness in this scenario. Sorry, I just don't care enough about DRM to opt for an inferior feature set in cases where one of those features is something I really want. Anyway, the POINT is... do what you want. Just don't whine about your choice after the fact.
  12. Possibly because dev resources are not infinite and they have more critical things to deal with. They've said from the beginning that there will be a stand-alone patching process for physical disc backers. Hardly surprising that that system is not in place yet given no discs have been sent out. Can that system be used by GOG people eventually? Maybe, but I don't think they should be falling all over themselves to cater to people who made a conscious decision to use a service with glacial patch verification.
  13. Im curious as to why you hate steam so much care to elaborate, personally I dont buy from GoG simply because my credit card cant be used on foreign websites, I actually like GoG a lot Speaking for myself, I don't hate Steam, but DRM needs to die. Here's a real life example: Apple, to their credit, stopped allowing DRM in the iTunes store as soon as they had enough customers to make that demand. Well, no. Apple got rid of music DRM when they noticed their customers moving business to Amazon who never had it. This isn't about DRM, this is about GOG's service not being remotely as mature as Steam. We'd all prefer DRM-free but, right now, if you select GOG you're doing so with the knowledge that DRM-free means you're giving up some features. One of those being expeditious patching. I like GOG. I have many games on GOG. When the PoE expansion comes out, I'll probably buy another copy on GOG. But, right now, with patches coming out probably weekly, I don't want this game on GOG.
  14. There's now a "graphics quality" slider in the Graphics options.
  15. Your companions may or may not have been affected, depending on if you loaded a save from their origin map. I made a point to note down stats before the patch. Both Eder and Kana definitely changed for me.
  16. Guys, come on. You knew the deal going in when you opted for GOG. Their patching process is dog slow. You can't whine about your choice now. Not really I'd hazard a guess that more people than not were unfamiliar with differences in the patching processes between the distribution systems Is it our fault for assuming no difference and not researching it ahead of time? Sure it is There were several "Steam vs GOG" threads here before launch discussing the differences in great detail. In any case, I doubt many who opted for GOG were newbies to the service. A choice was made. Own that choice and move on.
  17. Really? You don't play many games. Guys, come on. You knew the deal going in when you opted for GOG. Their patching process is dog slow. You can't whine about your choice now.
  18. You're not speaking for 99% of the player base. If I weren't reading the forums, I wouldn't even be aware of the bugs. Mainly because I never double-click to assign items and I tend to run with a single quick save, so my reloading is limited. The only bug I've actually noticed during play is the cage cursor issue. Which is annoying, but hardly game breaking.
  19. Same. I don't think any of the standard (i.e., not signed collector's edition) boxed copies have been shipped.
  20. Guys, the shipping status is broken. Ignore it. When your stuff ships, you'll get an email.
  21. Well, but they didn't even seem to start shipping to Europe yet, so we pay a lot more for a lot less service. And what's strange.....all the unboxings on you tube are from Europe. Have not seen anyone do a collectors unboxing yet however. I assume most of the unboxings are "review" copies? Those unboxings are all retail copies. I haven't seen anything from an actual backer. I very much doubt any boxes were shipped to reviewers. Just Steam keys.
  22. Got a shipping confirmation for one of my orders (a t-shirt), but not the order with the game box. Was hoping it would be in one shipment. Oh well.
  23. Gah... I reported this issue two or three beta revisions ago. Annoying it wasn't already in the bugbase. I've found that toggling cage cursor isn't necessary to (temporarily) fix it for me. Just alt-tabbing to desktop and back will reset the cage.
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