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  1. I'm fairly sure guns have been mentioned in previous updates. They're primitive. And will apparently be balanced in such a way that they won't overpower other weapon types. Inaccurate and very slow rate of fire.
  2. I would imagine terms of surrender are set by the noble who (hired? deployed?) them, not the Walkers themselves. If he wants everyone salughtered to make a point, they will oblige. If all he wants is capitulation as quickly as possible, they can do that too.
  3. Spell effects in the videos are cool. I'm assuming the animations are probably work in progress.
  4. The chanter phrase "Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra" wards off questionable science fiction premises.
  5. Any chance the art team could whip up some more wallpaper for us? I'd love to have the beach scene at a higher res.
  6. Ah, yes. The legendary +2 Putter of Doom. And, BTW, I would pay good money for a die-cast PoE A.R.M. wheel.
  7. Other than the fact they're borh developed by Obsidian, I think it's safe to say there's very little relationship between SP:SoT of PoE. Different engine, dfferent lead designer, different design goal, etc. Relax. It'll be a very PC gamey game.
  8. In case it hasn't been mentioned yet - please add getting rid of the mouse pointer on screen when the controller is active to the bug fix list. It's a bit annoying.
  9. Eh. I voted against additional stretch goals and would happily do so again. Frankly, I even think the Endless Paths is a bit silly. Great story/characters, solid mechanics, and polish polish polish. That's a good game. Not content for the sake of content.
  10. Details... http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64737-update-69-pillars-of-eternity/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64736-new-stretch-goals-for-companions-and-wilderness-areas/
  11. End hemisphereism now! C'mon... think of something better to complain about. All calendar and time references are for California, USA. Do the rather simple math(s) to translate to your region.
  12. There are two gaming PCs in my house. One sits next to my TV with a 360 controller wireless receiver attached, and one sits under my desk. I love using the Steam Box (which is how I think of it) for lots of games, but there are certain types of games that just work better with keyboard & mouse. The thought of trying to play an Infinity Engine-style game with a console controller makes me very, very sad.
  13. I'd rather the team focus on what's in the Kickstarter goals and release the game as planned. Any cool new ideas should be saved for the expansion.
  14. Err... wha? Ok, I'm going to go with the assumption that the OP was meant as satire.
  15. All across Obsidian, heads are banging on desks. "Why did we tease this before it was ready?"
  16. Domain resgistered on Oct. 9. Well before the name become publically known. Probably legit.
  17. The little details in that room are pretty incredible. If that level is maintained in all areas, I'm a little concerned I'll be too busy staring at the backgrounds to actually play the game.
  18. Loosely based on 15th-17th century earth tech but, of course, PE world isn't really historical earth. Technological innovation doesn't have to follow earth's pattern. It would be easier to manufacture guns in a world with printed schematics, but not necessarily a requirement.
  19. Of course, if the next update is anything less than the digital equivalent of the second coming, we're all going to riot. No pressure.
  20. Heh... are people getting impatient already? Deep breaths. We've got at least 18 months to go.
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