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  1. Any chance we can get turn based combat this time? Pretty please with sugar on top:) I love the story of poe and tyranny, but the cluster **** of real time with pause fighting is just so chaotic and annoying that i stopped half way trough both games.
  2. Never found it, oh well i survive the extra 5$. Unless i can change the pledge now and get it?)
  3. As much as i do look forward to this, i got a little scared by South Park : Stick of truth. I have loved obsidian games for years i was realy disapointed by the no way to rebind keys in sp. I don'r know how movement will be handled in poe. But since it's made for pc in the first place, i realy hope we will have all the features expected off a pc title. We leftys feel neglected sometimes , so i hope you have that in mind
  4. I got a similar issue. My payment has gone trough, but it still sits on pendding. Maybe becouse of the holliday? Hope it get fixed soon. OrdersAny orders you've made are shown here. CreditAny account credit will be applied to new purchases. Your account credit balance: $0.00 Purchases Order Placed Order ID Total Status Payment Fullfilment December 28, 2013 11:12 AM D80HHCBBS3OUU $51.00 Confirmed Paid Pending
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